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The 10 best hiking backpacks for men and women: how to choose and which one to buy?

best hiking backpacks amazon

Nature (and fatigue!) lovers, we have selected the 10 best hiking backpacks for you. All the top models for women and men for sale on Amazon.

If you are reading this guide, you are probably looking for the best hiking backpacks to choose the right one for your needs. Whether you are a professional or a simple enthusiast who has hardly parted from his beloved sofa, it is important to always start with the best equipment. Your backpack is in fact a bit like your adventure companion and that is why it must be comfortable and suitable for your physique.

Remember that you will have to carry it with you for the entire route: whether it is a light Sunday walk or a more demanding trek with high inclines. When choosing the trekking backpack you should take a few factors into consideration: is this a day walk or an overnight trek? In which season will I use my hiking backpack most? What can I absolutely not give up? If you already have the answer to these questions, you only have to continue.

In this guide we will try to help you gain clarity so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor walks. 

Best hiking backpacks: how to choose? 

best hiking backpacks amazon

But how to choose the best hiking backpack? First of all, it depends on what kind of trek you have in mind, your physical structure and the seasonality. But let's see together what are the key factors to take into account when choosing your trekking backpack.

  • The duration of the excursion

Depending on the length of your hike, it is important to take only the essentials with you. No backpack full of things you will not use. A multi-day trek with an overnight stay requires an ergonomic rucksack with a capacity of 50 to 60 litres, a fairly rigid backrest and a solid belly band, which helps to spread the weight over several points. For a light trek of only a few hours, on the other hand, a 15 or at most 20 litre rucksack with a well ventilated backrest will suffice.

  • The season

How does that saying go? Crazy March, out comes the sun, take your umbrella. The same goes for trekking, but all year round: you have to be ready for any weather eventuality. In summer, prefer light rucksacks and breathable materials, suitable for hot weather. In winter, on the other hand, you need a backpack with rucksack cover rainproof integrated and a larger capacity. The case of winter trekking backpacks for mountaineering is different: their design is simpler, to give you freedom of movement, but inside they have compartments for all your equipment.

  • Comfort

When choosing the best trekking backpack, we advise you not to forget comfort. It may be useful to carry out a load test before trekking to avoid unpleasant surprises on the way. It is important to check the comfort of the backrest and prefer an adjustable backrest, especially in high-litre backpacks, and make sure the shoulder straps are well padded. Also very important is the ventral strap, which serves to distribute the weight better and give you greater stability.

It also checks that it is equipped with compression straps to secure the backpack full and fundamental in even weight distribution.

After our advice we are sure you are ready to discover the best hiking backpacks for you or a loved one. It could in fact be a great gift idea for hiking enthusiasts and walks in the open air.

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The best hiking backpacks for women 

We know that the first temptation would be to buy the backpack with the most attractive design and in your favourite colour. However, when buying the best trekking backpacks, we advise you to check the comfort of the backrest and the padding of the shoulder straps (neither too soft nor too hard), the presence of side pockets, and the capacity suitable for the type of trekking you love. 

Here are the 5 best hiking backpacks for women to buy now at Amazon:

Coloured Trekking Backpack

best women's hiking backpacks 1

Looking for a trekking backpack that is colourful but does not compromise on quality? Here it is! One 40-litre coloured backpackdesigned to meet your needs: high quality fabrics, waterproof and scratch-resistant, it is equipped with a pocket system to better separate personal belongings inside. The shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable, giving you maximum support and comfort during the most adventurous treks. Another strong point? Lightness. This is a trekking backpack that combines practicality with design, with a capacity of 40 litres. 

Compact women's hiking backpack

best women's hiking backpacks 2

With trekking equipment, one must be pragmatic: the compact hiking backpack is what you need for your next adventures. The backpack has a capacity of 45 litres and is equipped with a compartment for your laptop, as well as numerous pockets to hold all the equipment you need. The shoulder straps are designed for maximum comfort and balanced weight distribution. The materials are breathable, so you will always be comfortable and dry. The backpack is also perfect for cycling and hiking.

 Best 30L women's hiking backpack

best women's hiking backpacks 3

If you are looking for the best 30 litre women's hiking backpack this is probably what you are looking for. it comes with a wide range of accessories such as an external water bag and a hook for trekking poles. Shoulder straps and chest strap are adjustable to best suit your physical frame. Overall, it is a light and manageable trekking backpack, designed in durable nylon and intended for trekking, mountaineering, hiking and camping. 

Ultralight backpack for women 

best women's hiking backpacks 4

Practicality first: one compact and lightweight 35-litre backpack perfect to accompany you on your next adventures. The backpack is made of thickened nylon, which makes it durable and water-repellent. The s-shaped straps are designed to fit different body sizes and to evenly distribute the weight. Another added value is the design: it is an ultra-light and ergonomic backpack, but not lacking in capacity. Inside, you will find a large number of pockets and compartments to store all your personal belongings in a practical and tidy manner. 

Best women's 50 L hiking backpack

best women's hiking backpacks 5

If you are concerned about the weight and comfort of your backpack, we want to offer you the best 50 litre trekking backpack. The backrest is designed to distribute the weight evenly and is equipped with reinforced straps and adjustable straps. What makes it particularly suitable for long treks is certainly its capacity: it can hold your tent, sleeping bag, equipment and everything else you might need. Remember, however, to take only the essentials with you, to keep the weight down as much as possible. The internal pockets are perfect for storing everything neatly and functionally. 

Best hiking backpacks for men: the 5 best sellers

Are you ready for the next adventure? We want to help you choose between the best hiking backpacks to make the most of your trip. We have selected for you only the backpacks best sellers and with a excellent value for money for meno. Don't believe us? Let's see them together.

Men's hiking backpack: bestseller 

best men's hiking backpacks

There is a reason it is the men's hiking backpack bestseller! Lightweight and foldable, perfect for storing when not needed. You can conveniently fold it up and take it with you on your travels. The 35 litre capacity makes it perfect for outdoor sports, without sacrificing the comfort of taking what you want with you. The backpack is waterproof throughout, so you can always carry your equipment dry. The excellent value for money should also not be underestimated.

70L trekking backpack

best men's hiking backpacks 2

If you are looking for a very roomy backpack for multi-day treks, we recommend this one 70-litre trekking backpackIt has numerous compartments for storing your belongings and an integrated rain cover so that you are not caught unprepared by changes in the weather. 

The backpack is equipped with widened and thickened straps to minimise pressure on the shoulders and provide good support. With backpacks of this size, it is important to consider practicality and a balanced weight distribution.

 Compact men's hiking backpack

best men's hiking backpacks 3

If you are wondering whether it is possible to reconcile good capacity with an attractive design, our answer is yes. One compact hiking backpack and capacious, with an impressive 45 litres, designed for trekking, hiking, travelling and camping. Compact is not synonymous with small or uncomfortable... on the contrary! This model allows you to organise your personal belongings in a functional way, thanks to the internal and external pockets, and also provides you with excellent performance in terms of safety. There is a reflective mark on the backpack to make you visible even on night trails. 

50 L trekking backpack

best men's hiking backpacks 4

How about one 50 litre trekking backpackwith an additional 5 litre expansion bag and large storage pockets? Did we catch your attention? If that wasn't enough, add some more really interesting features: padded shoulder straps, a foam lumbar pad for better back support and a sweat-proof back ventilation system. Add the rainproof outer cover and what can you say? All that's missing is the date of your next adventure.

Men's 60L trekking backpack

best men's hiking backpacks 5

We have one more proposal for you. A low-cost but no less functional hiking backpack. It is a 60 litre trekking backpackmade of water-resistant and scratch-resistant oxford fabric. The backpack has two separate main pockets and several side pockets. But the most interesting feature is its weight: the backpack itself weighs less than a kilo and is designed with thickened s-shoulder straps for better weight management on the back and shoulders.

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