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Best man gifts: what to give? 10 original ideas

best man gifts

Have you chosen who will fill that role on your special day but don't know anything about best man gifts? Don't worry, we have 10 great ideas here!

As if the wedding gifts for newlywedsalso have to think about the gifts for the groom's best man!

The best man is the most important figure at a weddingafter the bride and groom, of course. In some cases, the choice can be very difficult: who to choose as best man of love? Who to entrust with this very important role. We at don't have the answer, you have to take care of that, dear bridegroom. 

We can help you at another juncture and even that, trust us, is no easy feat to choose the perfect best man gifts

Discover all the best gift ideas for a best man. Let's get started!

10 gifts for the best man

Choosing a best man for women is almost as difficult as choosing gifts for him! The person is usually a friend or relative of the groom. A trusted person who must ensure that the groom has no worries during his most beautiful day. In addition to organising the bachelor party and making sure that everything goes according to plan during the preparations, he has to look after the very important wedding rings. In short, no small job.

To repay him for all these efforts, we have come up with a series of ideas gift for the perfect best man. As always, there is plenty of variety to please all tastes.

Whisky set

whisky set best man gifts

How about a drink with your best man before the big day? Gift this set of whisky glasses accompanied by 100% natural granite stones. Thanks to these stones, the liquor will stay fresh without getting watered down. The set includes 2 glasses e as many coasters e a pliers to place the 8 cooling stones: all stored in an elegant wooden box. A drink with your best man always rises to the occasion!

Best Man cufflinks 

cufflinks best man gifts

Are you at a wedding and wondering who the groom's best man might be? Easy! Chat with the guests and if on anyone's wrists you see a pair of Best Man cufflinks you can stop looking! A exquisite object and tasteful gift from the bride and groom to the best man of their love. The pair of square buttons is made of metal. La practical folding rod in the back makes them a convenient and practical accessory to be housed in the cuff of the shirt and together a elegant object to be worn with any dinner jacket.

Bluetooth Headsets


You were already thinking about it, but hadn't yet researched what kind of headphones to give your best man. We recommend the JLab Go Air Pop from thin profile that fit perfectly in the ear creating a perfect seal for a crystal-clear sound. The sound can be tuned according to personal preference with the modes Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost EQ. Le wireless earphones automatically connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and offer 8 hours of playback e 24 extra hours thanks to the charging case.

If you don't like this model, you can always choose one from our LIST OF THE BEST BLUETOOTH HEADSETS.

Smartbox Motors

smartbox motors best man gifts

Your best man is and will be one of the most important people in your life. Share a special, adrenalin-filled moment with him. The Motors and Passions box set is the perfect choice for them to live an exciting and fun experience. It will have up to 3 and 3 months to decide whether to make a sports driving in go-karts or in a racing car or experience a thrilling adventure like hang gliding.

Best man shirt 

best man gift shirt

He organises the bachelor party, but you can decide how he should be dressed! "This is what a cool witness looks like"is what the T-shirt you will give to your best man. Made of cotton at 100%, is available in various colours and sizes. Only advice: buy it in advance because you don't know when you will be 'kidnapped' to celebrate your bachelor party!



With this gift, your best man will thank you enormously. Because he will no longer have to struggle with the usual awkward and bulky wallets. It can hold up to 12 cards flowing smoothly and allows a structured access to banknotes thanks to the high-tech clip holding them still and safe. The I-CLIP portfolio makes simplicity the standard: is small, light and versatile.

Electric corkscrew 

corkscrew best man gifts

If you want to tell your friend that you have chosen him to be the best man at your wedding, take our advice: bring a bottle with you and, to open it, give him this beautiful professional corkscrew. The package also contains a aluminium knife, a bottle stopper, a wine pourer and the USB charging cable. Black, lightweight design and easy, comfortable grip. . Maximum time 7 seconds to open the bottle and you can celebrate the happy news together.

Find out more: Gifts for wine and beer lovers

Beer making

beer making

Maybe your best man prefers beer to wine. No problem because has a solution for everything. The DIY beer set makes it possible to produce craft beer comfortably at home. The guide explains all the steps to make an excellent beer characterised by a light floral note of citrus. In the end, he can enjoy it with you and friends from an original keg!

Best man's watch

watch best man gifts

By now you know him all too well. Your best man is a chronic latecomer and you fear that he will also be late on your wedding day. You can avoid this by giving him the Armani Exchange watch. The black colour of the dial and band make it sophisticated and elegant. Key features include: 42mm round case realised in steel, water resistance up to 50 metres and quartz watch movement.

Mini drone


For recording aerial photos and videos there is nothing better than the mini Tech RC drone. It is small in size and has an autonomy of 20 min. A light signal will warn when the battery is about to run out, but don't worry because the package includes another battery so the flying experience won't stop. Best to give it to the best man before your wedding day so he will learn how to use it in time for your wedding. The operation is very simple and it will take very little to understand its use.

Now that you have read our gift ideas for the best man, you can tick off another item on your wedding to-do list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you give to a man who has everything?

When you have to give a gift to a man who has everything there is always someone who goes crazy, but finding the right idea is much easier than you might think. For example, have you ever thought of a dinner with tasting? Or to race car ride? Indeed, giving an experience can be the perfect gift for a man who has everything. If you're not crazy about this idea, you can also take a look at our original gift guideswe always unearth interesting goodies that few people know about. If it is the birthday of a man who has everything or you are celebrating an anniversary, our advice is to always choose a gift from the heart, he will appreciate whatever you decide (if, on the other hand, what worries you is spending too much for someone who already has everything he will not appreciate, opt for one of the best low-cost gift ideasso if he's not happy, at least you've spent little).

What to give a special man?

What to give a man who already has everything?

Some gift ideas for a man who already has everything could be an experience, such as driving a sports car, a wine-tasting experience o a flying lesson with a professional instructor. Other options could include a beard care kit, a whisky tasting set or a case of barbecue tools. Finally, take a look at the list with more than 50 original and fun gift ideas for him.

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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