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Amazon business: how does it work and is it worthwhile?

Find out all the benefits of Amazon Business, how it works and who can open a profile now for free.

Hai a company or are you a professional with VAT number? Then all you have to do is read our guide to learn more about the secrets of  Amazon Business, Amazon's professional account with which you can quickly, conveniently and discounted purchase all the products you need for your business. Yes, that's right: it is as if inside the service there is another great Amazon for business professionals just waiting for you. In this article we will guide you to get a clearer idea of what it is  Amazon Business, how it works, to whom it is recommended and what its advantages

What are you waiting for? Let's get started! Learn more about theFree Amazon Business membership

Amazon Business: what is it and how does it work?

amazon business

Amazon Business is one of the services of the largest online e-commerce: a real marketplace designed exclusively for companies and professionals with a VAT number that will make your online purchases much simpler and faster, provided you have professional and business needs. Need work tables? Stationery? IT? A new oven for your bakery? Thanks to Amazon Business, you can find millions of products at competitive prices than those of the online retailer in its classical form. 

If you are wondering how it works know that it is very simple to use, first of all you have to create an Amazon Business account and then you can really do a lot of things with it.

The functions and benefits of Amazon Business are:

  • Creating internal groups in the same account: when the expenses to be made are different for each area of your company;
  • Receive electronic invoicingWhen you place an order on via this service, the invoice is both electronic and downloadable in PDF format;
  • Integrate Amazon Business at online management to monitor expenditure;
  • Pay with credit card of the American Express, Visa, MasterCard circuit or by debiting the company account;
  • Buying professional products from warranty by 12 months, compared to 24 months for a normal consumer.

These were just the six main things you can do with Amazon Business but there is still much more to discover, first REGISTER FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE. If, on the other hand, you want to use this tool for work and need more specific functions, there is also Amazon Business PrimeLet us see together what it is.

Amazon Business Prime: what is it and how does it work?

We all know Amazon Primethe fast delivery service that also gives you access to the streaming service Prime Video and the music listening of Amazon Music. But what is it? Nothing more than its version for professionals. If you decide to activate the plan you will have access to: the delivery planning service, the progressive discount service and the Amazon Guided Buying tool.

In the latter case, if you are the head of a company and each of your employees has access to an Amazon Business account, you can monitor their movements, even blocking purchases of certain products and favouring others with special tools. However, what you are surely asking yourself is: how much does it cost? 

There are no less than 4 versions of Amazon Business Prime

  • With the plan Basicby giving access to only 3 users, you will pay 36 euro per year + VAT;
  • With the plan Smallfor a total of 10 users, you will pay 100 euro per year + VAT;
  • With the plan Mediumfor 100 users, you will pay 250 euro per year + VAT;
  • With the plan Unlimited (unlimited users, meaning you are very rich), you will pay EUR 2,000 per year + VAT.

As you can see, the cost is annual, so nothing too expensive, but you will get a lot of benefits. See who can activate the Business profile .

Who can make a Business Profile?

Companies of all sizes, public and private entities and the self-employed with VAT registration: here are who has access at the service of Amazon Business. It is a marketplace totally designed in a logic B2BNot only can those who sign up benefit from a different, cheaper and more professionally adapted marketplace, but they can also put their products on sale, thus generating a quick, direct and extremely functional way of reaching potential customers. If, for example, your company produces work tables, it can also find in the Business service a market in which to become competitive and gain visibility and customers from all over the world. Understood?

 The benefits of Amazon Business

In fact, if you have come this far, you will agree with us that the advantages by Amazon Business exist and they are many. It is, in fact, one of the most comprehensive and interesting B2B services that exist online. Why do we advise you to activate the plan? Simple: if your wish is to automate supplies frequent, simplifying purchasing and keeping everything under control, Amazon Business is the one for you.

If you also intend to schedule deliveries, constantly access progressive discounts, free delivery for millions of products, and the movement analysis tool on your professional account, then the Prime plan is definitely for you. I costs are content and absolutely proportional to the size and need of different types of activity. A universe that is functional, practical and waiting to be discovered. 

To activate Amazon Business easily and in seconds, simply click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are there discounts on Amazon 2023?

There are special events when Amazon offers crazy discounts on hundreds of products. Surely the most important is the Black Fridaybut there is also the Prime Day which is no joke. But we can say that every day there are timed offers, which end on that day and which we report in the our telegram channel. Another way to save money on amazon are the discount codeswhich allow you to get a discount directly in your shopping cart. Also for discount codes and coupons we have created a dedicated telegram channel.

What to give and spend cheaply?

There are many low-cost gift ideas for those who want to spend little. For example a box of chocolates, a anti-stress book, or others cheap junk. Or take a look at our lists of gift ideas for spending less than 20 euro, 10 euro, 5 euro and (for the cheap) less than 2 euro.

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