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Amazon Prime Video: how it works and how to sign up for free!

Want to watch unlimited TV series and films? Try Amazon Prime Video for free and find out how this streamig platform works.

Have you ever heard of Amazon Prime Video? It is one of our favourite services! It is the first Amazon's streaming service.

But how does it work? How to register and how much does it cost? You can have free? We will find out in this article!

Prepare the popcorn, unlimited films and TV series are waiting for you! Make sure you don't finish all the TV series in one night, because then going to work or school will be complicated!

How does Amazon Prime Video work?

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the services included in the Amazon Prime.

This is the main screen of Prime Video once the login. As you can see, it works like a real portal where to find film e TV series always up-to-date. New films and new seasons of TV series are uploaded every month. In addition, you can create your Video List where you can save all your favourite content.

By subscribing to Amazon Primein addition to free shipping, you can look at the Amazon Original series exclusive and thousands of blockbuster films and TV series at no extra cost. Yes, it is already included in the subscription and you don't have to shell out extra money.

Amazon Prime members can now add channels such as StarzPlay, Infinity, MUBI, Noggin, Juventus TV, and History Play to all devices equipped with the Prime Video app, including Smart TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablets and online on Prime Video

How to access Amazon Prima Video?

amazon prime video login

To access Prime Video you must enter your data (email e password) as if you were accessing Amazon normally. The credentials are the same! You will not have to remember any more useless passwords, even if you always put the same one on each site.

Remember: only users who have Amazon Prime can take advantage of this streaming platform and watch films and TV series for free.

If you don't have Amazon Prime yet, find out how it works and subscribe now

How many devices can be registered on Prime Video?

At Amazon Prime Video you can register up to 3 devices e account. In the image below you can see how it works. 

amazon prime profiles

Each device corresponds to a person or a family member. Everyone can save their favourite films and TV series in peace. So Amazon will offer the best for you, without your home being ravaged by your girlfriend's cheesy TV series. Be careful though, you cannot view the same content on more than one device at a time.

To register and watch the content you can go to primevideo.comor install the relevant apps for iOS, Android, Fire and Smart TV. You can do this already starting today!


How to watch Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video works on any device, all you need is a connection to internet or one smart tv. Today many smart tv have already the integrated Prime Video applicationIf not, just download it.

Also for PCs, tablets and telephones download the application and log in to start watching the films and TV series of Prime Video.


Amazon Prime Video: how much does it cost?

Amazon Prime Video subscription costs EUR 36 per year. Be careful though, this tariff includes many other services. In fact, with only 36 euros a year you get not only Amazon Prima Video, but also:

  • unlimited shipments with delivery within 1 working day, on 2 million products and in 2-3 days on many more millions; 
  • Prime Readingto access a selection of eBook regularly updated; 
  • Amazon Music to listen to more than 2 million brani, and hundreds of ad-free playlists;
  • many other benefits and daily discounts for subscribers to Amazon Prime.

To obtain these services immediately, SIGN UP FOR AMAZON PRIME.


Amazon Prime Video Free

You want Amazon Prime Video for free on your devices? Amazon allows you to try FREE FOR 30 DAYS the service Prime which also includes Prime Video. For a full month and with no obligation to renew, you can have Prime Video Free!

How? Just choose the FREE TRIALenter your Amazon account and start watching films and TV series.

If after a month you are not satisfied, or you have already finished all the TV series (probable), you can cancel your subscription and without additional costs will not be renewed. 


You can cancel your membership at any time!

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When are there discounts on Amazon 2023?

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