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Amazon Prime Wardrobe has arrived: free clothes, you only pay if you keep them!


Amazon Prime Wardrobe turns your room into a boutique fitting room! Get clothes for free and only pay if they fit.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe has finally arrived in Italy!

After the United States and the United Kingdom, the service also lands in our beautiful country. What if I were to tell you that your room will be transformed into a comfortable little test room without the typical chaos of a shop, without the shop assistant making you anxious and hovering around you? Let me forewarn you that this is not the mundane e-commerce service of traditional purchase and return. Read on and every secret will be revealed.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe: what is it?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is a service reserved for Prime subscribers which allows you to experience free garments and clothing accessories and only pay for them if you decide to keep them. A service that gives you the opportunity to try on high-fashion items before making payment. It is a real virtual fitting room, just take a 'walk' in front of the amazon windows and in a few clicks order the garments you like to try them on. If they don't fit, you can conveniently return them (maybe not too sweaty). 

TRY > LOVE > BUY: this is the slogan of the new Amazon Prime service. And are you curious to try it out? But let's see how it really works Amazon Prime Wardrobe

 How does Amazon Wardrobe work?

 If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime the service is finally active.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe in three simple steps:

  1. Select articles from the best brands of clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories for women, men, children and babies.
  2. Choose up to 8 articles and try them out for seven days. You only pay for what you decide to keep.
  3. Return online using the same package and the prepaid return label provided by Amazon.

Et voila the clothes were delivered directly to your home, you didn't pay anything in advance and you only paid for what you really liked because you could wear it first in the comfort of your own space! In addition, customers can take advantage of proportional discounts to the number of articles they will have decided to keep.

Why is Amazon Wardrobe really innovative? 

The pandemic period of COVID-19 accelerated digitisation and the trend of online shopping is still growing strongly. Everything can be purchased in just a few clicks: from everyday shopping to household items, from personal services to clothing. And it is precisely here that many of us are having problems.

The clothing presented in the online store is always perfect and it can only be so because otherwise it would not be bought. When you scroll through the photos on the app or website of this or that shop, your first thought is "It will look great on me!" or "The size is definitely right!".

Inebriated by this positivity you place your order, pay and after much waiting the parcel finally arrives.

Knock knock knock.

Who is it?

It is disappointment knocking at your door. And in that shirt you look like a sack of potatoes from the fruit and vegetable market.

What happens now? The scenario is stressful, to say the least. In the best case scenario, the return is free and hassle-free, but when you are not so lucky, you have to work hard to send everything back and get your money back. The conclusion is always the same: you have spent money on something that, had you had the chance to try before, you would never have bought.

And here comes into play Amazon Prime WardrobeYou will be able to have a selection of your choice of articles of interest such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery and more delivered to your home. You will be able to look and see yourself in the mirror, try on a thousand combinations without the hurry of the shop fitting room and without impatient people waiting their turn. Your room turns into a personal dressing room where you can try on and try again the garments before deciding whether or not to buy them.

And if you don't like them? You return them safely without having to advance anything.

You will not have to wait weeks and weeks for a refund, because there will be no need: Prime Wardrobe eliminate all these problems, you can first try and then pay for the products you wish to keep.

Amazon Prime: all the benefits

In addition to the brand new Amazon Wardrobe service, with Amazon Prime you will have many other advantages such as: 

  • unlimited shipping with delivery within 1 working day on 2 million products and within 2-3 days on many millions more; 
  • Prime Videowith TV series and films to watch in streaming;
  • Prime Reading, to access a regularly updated selection of eBooks; 
  • Amazon Music to listen to more than 2 million tracks and hundreds of playlists without advertising;
  • many other benefits and daily discounts for subscribers to Amazon Prime.


Amazon offers: how to stay up-to-date? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find all Telegram channels?

On telegram it is possible to find channels via the search bar. But this only works for public channels. You can use our guide to the best telegram channels to find the best channel for each category, including private ones not visible to everyone.

How to get Amazon discounts on Telegram?

You need to subscribe to a number of channels that unearth offers and discount codes every day. In particular, I recommend the channel Discount Codes and Coupons and the channel that uncovers price errors on amazon, i.e. Offering. Also take a look at our guide on best bidding channels on amazon.

What is the best free prepaid card?

There are now a lot of prepaid cards. After trying out a number of free prepaid cards I can recommend Buddy Bankwhich also gives a bonus to those who sign up, Hype or Revolut. If you want to use cryptocurrencies then I would definitely recommend Coinbase. Finally, if you don't want to have all these cards with you all the time, you can have just one that combines them all, namely Curves.

When are there discounts on Amazon 2023?

There are special events when Amazon offers crazy discounts on hundreds of products. Surely the most important is the Black Fridaybut there is also the Prime Day which is no joke. But we can say that every day there are timed offers, which end on that day and which we report in the our telegram channel. Another way to save money on amazon are the discount codeswhich allow you to get a discount directly in your shopping cart. Also for discount codes and coupons we have created a dedicated telegram channel.

How reliable is Amazon?

Amazon is an extremely reliable site, indeed, as they say it is the most customer-friendly company in the world. Shipments always arrive, otherwise you receive an immediate refund. In addition, if the product arrives wrong or has any defects, it is exchanged immediately and without cost. Occasionally, however, amazon, or the sellers who work on amazon, get the price wrong. Join our telegram channel finding all the price errors and buying products at prices never seen before.

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