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Newborn boy gift: what to give for the birth of a baby boy?

newborn male booties

Gift ideas for newborn boys: all the best gifts for the birth of a baby boy.

You are looking for a gift for a newborn boy? If in your family or among your friends a boy but you don't know what gift to choose for the newborn, we will explain what you give for the birth of a child.

Thanks to our advice, you will no longer have to worry about what to give at birth and enjoy this moment full of joy and happiness. Useful gifts, toys or original gift ideas, in this guide we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

We have selected the best gifts for newborn boys useful, original and fun. Choose your favourite and we are sure you won't go wrong because you will find the ultimate answer to the question: what to give a newborn boy?

Newborn boy gift: useful gift ideas

When a newborn male, i gifts best that new parents can receive are useful gifts, i.e. items that they can use in everyday life. Parents usually prepare a birth list where they tell friends and relatives all the things they might need (like a lot of money for nappies). However, some parents do not prepare a birth list and here a question arises: what to give when a newborn? We have tried to answer this question, starting by selecting the useful male birth gifts to the child and the parents.

Bath thermometer

bath thermometer Gift newborn male

The first useful gift idea for when a baby is born is a bath thermometer. The temperature of the water is very important and in the first months of life should always be monitored, so any new parent will appreciate this gift, so avoid dipping your little finger in the water. Practical and cute the Nuk baby bath thermometer will become a valuable ally at bath time. It is available in three colours, choose the one you like best. 

Male newborn dummy holder 

dummy holder

A great classic but always topical is the Blue dummy holder. The one we have selected for you is really cute and practical. Soft colours and a navy pattern make it suitable for summer (although it is now a distant memory) but it can be used all year round or you can choose other colour variations. A gift beautiful but also very useful, it ensures that you never lose your dummy and prevents it from falling on the floor and getting dirty, which happens like every five minutes. Moreover, it is an inexpensive baby gift, costs less than 10 euro!

Newborn manicure set

newborn manicure

Another gift very useful for the birth of a child is the baby manicure setIn fact, even though they are small, they grow feline claws. We have selected this cute Baby manicure set complete with 4 pieces. Inside the kit you'll find nail clippers, scissors, a file, tweezers and a handy case that allows you to take the set on trips or away from home. You can choose different characters, but the penguin seemed to us the most suitable for a boy. The manicure set is made of stainless steel and anti-allergic, which is essential since it will be used for a newborn baby.

Portable steriliser

sterilises dummy gift newborn male

Lo Portable steriliser is an idea male birth gift perfect. It helps parents keep their newborn baby's dummy clean wherever they are quickly - it only takes 3 minutes - and without having to boil it every time it falls to the ground. It safely sterilises any dummy with ultraviolet light and is not harmful to babies. Very practical for travelling, it can be recharged with a USB cable or batteries. This is also agift idea for the birth of a baby useful and original because not everyone knows the usefulness of the steriliser and do not include it in the birth list

Cheap baby monitor 

baby monitor

The gift that every new parent desires is the Baby monitor, one of the most useful gift ideas we have given you so far. The baby monitor camera serves to monitor your baby when you are not in the same room or while he or she is sleeping. It is a Wifi baby monitor of the latest generation that detects the baby's movements. Installing it is really easy and its infrared LED light allows you to see everything clearly even in the dark when the baby is asleep. 

Portable travel changing mat

portable baby changing table gift ideas baby boy

The portable changing table is one of the most useful gifts that can be done for the birth of a newborn. It solves the problem of nappy changing outside the home, is practical and can be taken anywhere. Children know when it is the worst time to go to the toilet. It is light and compact and can be carried with the comfortable shoulder strap or strapped on, and can be used safely for up to 24 months. It has a nappy pocket and is made of certified, waterproof material that allows it to be cleaned effortlessly at all times. It is agift idea newborn male really useful that will be really appreciated especially by the new mother

 Baby cot reducer

cot reducer

One of the fancier gift ideas but at the same time useful is the cot reducer. We found for you this delightful Cot reducer for baby boy that is sure to please the giver. It has a refined style that fits all cot models and colours of the baby's room. It is a useful birth gift because larger cots often need a booster during the first months of a baby's life. babyand it's not like you can change the cradle every week. It is made of 100% anti-allergy cotton and can be machine washed entirely without any problems. This was our latest proposal among the most useful male birth gifts you can find on the web.

What to give a newborn boy? 6 original gifts

We continue this roundup of presents for birth with the original baby boy gifts. You will find perfect ideas if the new parents have made a detailed birth list and have already received all the most useful items for their newborn and the only solution is to give a toy. There are many toys for infants malestoys, which can be used from 0 to 6 months, but which can stay in the child's street for much longer (but if he is over 30, it is worth explaining to him that maybe it is time to get a job). After all, a toy always brings joy and happiness to every child who receives it, and even if it is still a baby, sooner or later it will be able to enjoy it. We have selected the three best toys to give to a newborn boyLet's find out together. 

Cradle toy carousel 


La cradle carousel is a great classic among birth presents. The Electric Teddy Bear Cradle Carousel is really well made. It gently accompanies the baby's sleep and stimulates it with gentle lights and sounds. No more parents with two hours of sleep a night! The slowly spinning teddy bears and lights create a beautiful effect on the ceiling that will greatly relax the baby. This Fisher Price cot toy transforms into a desktop music projector or a carousel pram, in fact, it is easy to assemble and adapts to any size of cot or pushchair. It is agift idea newborn male really beautiful and not very expensive, it costs just over 30 euro but will accompany the child's growth until the first years of life. 

Baby doudou plush toy


Lo Cuddly toy doudou is the latest trend among birth presents. Doudou are soft plush toys designed to always accompany newborns in their first months of life. The cuddly soft toy will accompany the newborn during play and at night giving them peace of mind. This one we have selected for you is one of the most beautiful and well-packaged ones you can find on the web. Made of a soft, hypoallergenic and easily machine washable fabric. Perfect gift idea for a newborn baby and will also help calm babies during the delicate teething phase when they bite everything more than a shark. We're sure you'll make a big impression with this baby gift. It will quickly become the favourite toy of the newborn baby who receives it. 

Folding and portable playground


La Fisher-Price foldable and portable playpen is a very nice toy to give as a gift for the birth of a newborn baby. From a very young age, the gymnasium allows them to develop motor skills and a sense of space. This version is very cute, full of colours and designs depicting numbers and animals. this pattern is particularly suitable for a boy but is also good for girls. The bow is enriched with three rattles and can assume two different positions, in fact it can be raised for tummy up play and lowered when the baby is on his tummy. The three rattles are removable and can also be attached to the cot or pushchair. In addition, it is an inexpensive male newborn gift ideacosts less than 25 euro.

Fun bibs for boys

nice bibs

Surfing the web, we found the most original bibs to give as a gift for the birth of a baby boy. I Little Detail Bibs are beautiful and have really original prints, for children who care about style right from the start. Made of 100% cotton, they do not irritate the skin and are machine washable. A baby wearing one of these bibs certainly doesn't go unnoticed! They can be worn everywhere but are also suitable for special occasions where the baby can be elegant even if very small. These bibs are the perfect gift for every occasion, but especially for births if you want to surprise the new parents with a very special and original object.

Baby Lion bathrobe

lion baby bathrobe

What could be sweeter than a newborn baby wrapped in his perfumed bathrobe? Maybe a Sicilian cassata. But surely a newborn baby wrapped in a Lion-shaped bathrobe! For pugnacious little children this is a perfect gift idea. This hooded baby blanket with a cute animal design is a lot of fun. There are many types and colours, but we think the one with the lion is the bathrobe for boy most original you can find on the web. This was our latest proposal among the baby birth gifts we uncovered on the web for you.

Gold baby gift

And then there is a great classic. You can give a few gold necklaces or bracelets as birth presents for a baby.

Instead of the usual crucifix, today we propose this personalised necklace with the nameso you can look great without spending a fortune at the jeweller's.

Baby boy gift ideas

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then take a look at our list with more than 30 gifts for boys.

We are sure that you will find the right gift, or else give him the money and he will go and buy whatever he wants.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many options of gifts for children depending on age and interests. Some ideas may include books, construction games, board games, plush, artistic sets or handicrafts, educational electronics or experiences such as a museum ticket or one day on a farm dtactics. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for children.

What to give a child who has everything?

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