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Baby girl birth gift: what to give?

Baby girl birth gift

The best guide to gifts for the birth of a baby girl you can find on the web: useful gifts and original gifts for newborn girls.

La birth of a newborn child is always a great joy (not so much for the wallet), yet there is often something that worries all the relatives and friends of the new parents. What is the best baby girl gift? Choosing what to give the newborn and the new mother. Has your friend just given birth or has yet another cousin just become a parent? You no longer have to worry about the gift, enjoy the party, we have selected the best birth gift ideas 2020.

In this guide you will find all the best baby girl birth giftsso if the bow is pink you are in the right place. If it's a boy, on the other hand, discover all the gift ideas for the birth of a baby.

Original baby girl birth presents 

Generally, new parents prepare a birth list where they indicate all the useful things they would like to have for their newborn, in order to avoid duplication or churning out more children to take advantage of. If you are about to become a mum or dad, on Amazon you can create a customised Birth List, to share with relatives, so they can organise what they can give you. We advise you to follow the birth listbut sometimes they are just boring! The young and friendly aunt certainly can't give yet another dull dummy, and so we have selected some baby girl birth gift ideas. Let's discover together the best baby girl birth gifts and follow our advice if you want to make a welcome and truly original gift for the newborn baby. 

Baby Impressions Frame 

Baby Impressions Frame

One of the gift ideas for babies plus original is the kit for moulding baby's hands and feet in clay. This kit, complete with frame and tempera for decoration, allows you to make a perfect mould of the baby's feet and little hands. This kit is among the most complete on the web because it includes: the frame, non-toxic clay for the mould, a tempera kit and a set of stencils with letters and numbers to decorate the frame and enrich it with details. P.S. the child is not included in the package. You will be giving a keepsake by creating a special and fun moment for the whole family. A gift for the birth of a baby girl really sweet that any new parent will appreciate.

Newborn baby music box for bedtime 

Newborn babies' music boxes

The carillon with night light Bubzi is one of the cutest gift ideas for the birth of a baby girl. It looks like a soft toy but is a very useful object. The unicorn music box helps to put the newborn baby to sleep, relaxes her during the delicate sleep phase and also relaxes the parent trying to get her to sleep. The music box has 10 different relaxing songs (no, there are no Cristina D'oena songs) but it can also simulate a gentle chirp or the mother's heartbeat to put the baby to sleep in complete relaxation. It switches off automatically and is very convenient for new mothers who struggle to put their babies to sleep. Moreover, it can be taken anywhere because it is practical and lightweight. Bubzi is also a night light that projects coloured lights to soothe newborns. Any parent will love this gift and is perfect in this version for the birth of a baby girl. 

Funny baby socks

newborn girl socks set

Babies are funny, small and cuddly (like CianfruSilvio). Why not give fun stockings to a newborn baby? This set of funny socks for newborn girls contains six pairs of socks, all of them colourful and with a soft toy attached, making them original and fun. The bee, the strawberry, the bunny and many other characters make these socks very cute. A set of socks is the perfect gift for those who wish to make a original gift to a little girl but does not want to spend much, they cost little more than 10 euro

Baby girl manicure gift set

newborn manicure set

I gifts mentioned so far are original gift ideas for baby girl and a manicure set doesn't seem to be that original, but this one we have selected for you is too beautiful and you can't find such pretty ones around! The owl-shaped newborn manicure set is truly an original, practical and very nice gift. The beautician friend will be amazed. The manicure set is made of stainless steel and anti-allergic, which is essential as it will be used for a baby girl. The owl manicure set contains nail clippers, scissors, tweezers and a file. All the tools are contained in a practical owl-shaped case, making it practical for travelling or taking it out of the house with you.  

Sportable terilizer


Lo portable steriliser rose is aperfect gift idea for the birth of a baby girl. It helps parents keep their newborn baby's dummy clean wherever they are quickly, taking only 3 minutes. It safely sterilises any dummy with ultraviolet light and is not harmful to babies. So you avoid throwing it in the bleach every 15 minutes. Very practical for travelling, it recharges with a USB cable or batteries. This is also a useful and original gift idea for the birth of a baby girl because not everyone knows the usefulness of the dummy and does not put it in the birth list

Baby duoduo straccetti

The duoduo straccetti are the latest trend among original birth gifts. They are soft soft toys designed to always accompany newborns in their first months of life. The Nino Mickey Duoduo soft toy is one of the most beautiful and well-packaged ones you can find on the web. Made from a soft, hypoallergenic and easily machine washable fabric. Perfect gift idea for a baby girl not only because it is very pretty but it is also a useful object, it is used to soothe babies especially during the delicate teething phase, and you can also use it to teach your baby how to dry the dishes. We're sure you'll make a big impression with this baby gift. It will quickly become every newborn's favourite toy.

Useful baby girl gift ideas

We have seen which are the best original gifts for the birth of a baby girlWe now offer you a selection of the 5 best useful gift ideas for a newborn girl. We are sure that with these gifts you will make the parents in particular happy and they will appreciate the choice. This selection of gifts is also useful to understand what to give to those who have not made a birth list, these are useful items that all newborn babies really need.

We see the 5 useful gift ideas for newborn girls!

Teddy bathrobe

newborn bathrobe

Let's start with the bath, one of the best moments in the first months of a newborn baby's life. In fact, look how happy the baby in the photo is. A moment of cuddling and relaxation for the newborn and parents. For the birth of a newborn baby girl you can give a cute but useful bathrobe with teddy bear ears and snout. Every newborn baby wrapped in this cute bathrobe will warm the heart. It is made from 100% natural cotton, which gives the fabric incredible softness. Every baby girl will feel super cuddled in this bathrobe. 

Portable changing table 

portable changing table

The portable changing table is one of the most useful gifts you can give for the birth of a baby and makes every mum. It solves the problem of nappy changing outside the home (in fact, children know when it is the least appropriate time to do it), it is practical and can be taken anywhere. It is light and compact and can be carried with the comfortable shoulder strap or strapped on, safely, and can be used up to 24 months. It has a nappy pocket and is made of certified, waterproof material that allows it to be cleaned effortlessly at all times. It is areally useful baby girl gift idea that will be truly appreciated. 

Cradle mobile 


The cradle mobile is a great classic among the birth presents. La electric cradle mobile with pink rattles we have selected is really delightful and suitable for the birth of a baby girl. It can play more than 150 different melodies and projects light in three different colours. Light and music will allow the newborn to relax and fall asleep in no time, or maybe she will wake up even more with the disco effect, hard to say. It is easily mountable and fits any size of cot or pram and is battery-operated. It is a really useful gift idea and contains two gifts in one, in fact the rattles are all removable and transportable as individual toys. In addition to the carousel the newborn He will then also have four more toys to take with him at all times. 


Baby monitor 

baby monitor

When it comes to useful gifts for newborns one cannot fail to mention the baby monitor. The baby monitor camera is used to monitor your child when you are not in the same room or while he or she is sleeping. The one we have selected is one of the models most bought and used by the new parents. It is a Wifi baby monitor latest generation that is activated when the baby cries or detects movements of the newborn. Also good for jealous husbands who want to check on their wives. It has optimal vision even at night and allows night vision up to 5 metres. Of those selected so far, this one among the baby girl birth gifts is the most technological. 

Sissy cot reducer

cot reducer

The last birth gift for a girl we have selected is a delicious cot or cot reducer. Larger cots often need a booster during the first few months of a baby's or girl's life, even though they will then grow out of sight and start wanting a mobile phone or moped. For a baby girl this is really one of the nicest and cheapest ones you can find on the web to give as a gift. It is made of 100% anti-allergic cotton and can be machine washed entirely without any problems. It exists in many other variations and colours, choose your favourite.

We recommended the Best gifts to give when a baby girl is bornthe most original and the most useful, now all you have to do is choose. 

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