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The best antivirus software for PCs: which to choose and which are the most reliable?

best antivirus for pc

In this guide we will find out which are the 6 best antivirus software to protect your PC and where to buy them safely.

This guide will help you sleep soundly! No, we are not sponsoring a new chamomile tea, but we will tell you which ones are the best antivirus for PCs.

Surfing in absolute security is also crucial because today we perform so many actions from our PCs, not to mention those who work on them almost exclusively. 

In this guide we analyse the 6 best antivirus for PCs on the market today that can protect us from threats such as viruses, malware and personal data theft. Working safely on your PC is what we should all want and if you are still undecided on which one to choose, read on!

PC antivirus: what is it for and how does it work? 

Antivirus in a PC serves to protect it from possible threats and to safeguard your data and your work. Today, you just can't do without it. Without getting too technical, we can say that the antivirus analyses every file, programme or web page that is used by your PC and reveals what could be a danger. 

antivirus for pc

Each antivirus has 'virus signatures' (some more advanced, some less) that are a kind of archive of all malware information and are activated to signal potential problems. 

Unreliable data are immediately reported and if they are web pages, access to them is prevented, or at least marked as dangerous. 

Protecting our devices is the main function of any antivirus and, especially if you work a lot with your PC, you certainly can't give it up Having a good antivirus also allows you to effectively protect your personal data and security. 

Best antivirus for PCs: what features should they have? 

Before showing you what we think are the 6 best antivirus for pcit is fair to understand what the selection criteria were. In fact, we chose antiviruses that met certain characteristics. 

Here are the 4 features antivirus software must have today: 

  1. Ease of use: we consider it first because it is really very important when downloading an antivirus to understand how it works. A good antivirus must be easy and intuitive to use; we are not all experts, but since it is so important to protect one's own computer, we must all be able to use it. The best antiviruses have simple interfaces or have several versions. 
  2. Speed: An antivirus must always be fast in scanning for possible threats. Speed is very important. An antivirus should never slow down the performance of your device. 
  3. Coverage against malware: It seems obvious, an antivirus must protect you. However, it is very important to have an antivirus that is able to truly detect all possible threats and has advanced malware detection systems, including web malware. 
  4. Good value for money: Among the best antivirus products that we recommend in a moment, you will find perfect examples of products with good value for money. The best antivirus for PCs always have a cost, but it is important that it is not too exaggerated. 

Now let's see which are the 6 best antivirus we recommend for the security of your PC. 

The best antivirus for PCs: which one to choose?

best antivirus for pc which one to choose

To choose a antivirus one has to be very patient and sometimes it is not so clear from the product descriptions what we are really going to buy. 

No fear! Precisely for this reason we have selected the 6 best antivirus for pc that will allow you to keep your work and data safe without stress. 

On all licences below, Junk also gives you a discount of 10% until 4 December with the code BLACKCIAN10.

Ready to discover the best antivirus? Let's start right away.

1. Kaspersky 

Kaspersky is the antivirus that is already making many users around the world sleep soundly. It is a really well-known antivirus and its fame is justified by its crazy performance. It offers maximum protection against threats such as antivirus, malware and data theft. 

Kaspersky is chargeable and you can activate a subscription that is renewable every year. There are many sites that sell the subscription to Kasperskybut we recommend Mr Key Shop to really make sure you download an original 100% licence code at a great price. Just send us an email and you will receive everything ready to install. 

The Kaspersky antivirus is also particularly popular because, being entirely in Italian, it is very easy to use and the platform is really intuitive. Assistance is always free of charge. 


Another colossus in the world of the best antivirus for PCs is Avast. The 2022 version is the most up-to-date and allows full protection of your device. Make sure you always buy an original licence as a warranty, it is quite moderately priced. It guarantees complete protection of your devices, careful password protection and scanning for serious threats such as ransomware or other viruses that sometimes go undetected. 

Among the company's most interesting products is the Avast SecureLine VPN 2022  which is used to surf in total anonymity. This integration is really useful especially if you are used to using public Wi-Fi networks with free access. 

3. Bitdefender

Bitdefender  is another excellent PC antivirus. This antivirus protects over 500 million systems and is already used by many to ensure their own computer security for their devices. There are different versions and it also offers a service entirely dedicated to mobile for Android. There is also a licence entirely dedicated to the Mac. 

The interface is completely in Italian and is also very easy to use. It is also installation is very simple

4. McAfee

In its version 2022 it is one of the best antivirus for PCs. McAfee 2022 antivirus best protects your devices and your privacy. It offers many packages and there are customisable professional solutions that are great for those who work a lot with PCs or have a large company. 

It allows devices to be defended against malwareviruses and other threats information technology. It has a Total Protection solution that is renewed annually and today is definitely the most popular option. McAfee also protects mobile devices from malicious apps and protects data when surfing on mobile devices. 

5. ESET 

ESET is a historic brand that guarantees authority and reliability. Also for this antivirus, there are different subscription plans that can be adapted to all requirements for all devices. 

The tool is really easy to use, the interface is very simple and it installs without occupying too much memory on the device. Among those proposed, it is perhaps the most complete antivirus for PCs. It offers 16 levels of protection to defend more than a billion Internet users worldwide. One of its most appreciated features is certainly its speed, but it is also considered to be among the most 'ruthless' against threats (even those not yet well known) that the web hides from us every day. 

6. Norton 

Last but not least, Norton Antivirus. In recent years you hear more and more about it because it is one of the most recognised and popular antivirus brands. One of the best aspects is the price, because there are really advantageous packages. The basic package offers, for example, protection against spyware, viruses, malware, ransomware and 2 GB of PC backup in the cloud as an additional preventive measure to protect your files. 

One of the most widely used features, however, is Secure VPN, which allows you to surf safely even when you are not sure of the network you are using. It also offers tools to easily and more securely generate, store and manage passwords, credit card data and other online credentials.

And have you ever tried one of these antiviruses? Which one will you choose? For us, they are the best on the market! 

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