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Cervical Massager - Here are the best: opinions and contraindications

Cervical massager

The best professional neck massagers on Amazon? Here are our opinions but beware of any contraindications

Have you ever heard of the neck massager?

If you work a lot at the PC, you have had some whiplash, or you are simply over 30the first little pains in the neck begin to appear. At first you ignore them but then they start to shit and they don't go away. Yes, CianfruSilvio been there and understands you.

But some time ago the neck massager arrived! At first it seemed like just another way to waste money, but since I got one my life has changed, or almost.

Before I bought it, however, I did some learning, which I am pleased to share with you.

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Best neck massagers on Amazon

Because CianfruSilvio likes to take a beating in Muay Thai classes, he got a cervical contracture. I thought it would go away, but after wasting months of time and money at the osteopath's this pain in my neck wouldn't go away. Contractures are a bad thing.

Hanging out on Amazon I saw the cervical massager and intrigued me. I have seen several. Here are the bestin my opinion.

Renpho neck massager: the one I bought

See the chick in the picture? There, I did the same as soon as I put it on the first time. It is as if there were a guy behind you giving you a nice massage with his little hands (without happy ending). It has heads that rotate and change direction every minute. It also warms up the massaged area. It disconnects automatically after 15 minutes.

I preferred it to others because of the huge amount of positive reviews, because it has a power cable of approx. 2 metres and especially because I can also put it on my arms, legs, feet and wherever I want. It even has an adapter for the machine so you can massage yourself while swearing in traffic.

I tried this neck massager for a few days and my opinion is very positiveThe pain is lighter. I will update this article later and let you know how it goes after weeks of use.

Dawoo neck massager: the cheapest

Very similar to the previous one, and even has a handy handbag. I did not take it essentially because I read that the cable was shorter than the previous massager, but still an excellent purchase. This is also great for loosening muscle contractures throughout the body.

Sheon cervical collar massager

Unlike the previous ones this is more specific for the neck. It cannot be used on other parts of the body but certainly is more compact and lighter than the others. It has a 1500 mAh battery and therefore you don't have to stay close to the socket power to use it, also because there is usually always some mobile phone plugged in.

Also good as gift idea for office colleagues stressed and contracted like you.

Donnerberg neck massager: the most professional

This neck massager is similar to the first ones, but of clearly superior quality. He is German, but German is not included. But they give you 7-year warranty. If you consider how many sessions at the osteopath or physiotherapist you will save, you will see that it will pay for itself in no time.

Neck massage cushions

In addition to those we have seen, there are also other types of masseursnot only for the neck. Ideal for those who are living contractures.

Renpho massage pillow

It is the same brand as the first one I recommended, but it is definitely more practical and compact. Does not have the encumbrance of armrests and can be placed in the seat of the chair to be massaged while pretending to work in smartworking or during boring calls on Meet.

Medisana massage chair

If a simple massager does not satisfy you, take a full session. You can place it on the chair or directly on the car seat. The traffic to work will not be so stressful.

Cervical Massager: Opinions and Contraindications

As you have seen on Amazon there are masseurs for all tastes. One has to evaluate the use to which one puts it and buy the one best suited to their needs and habits.

In any case it is good not to use them too much, could inflame the muscle and increase the paininstead of relieving it. In fact, almost all the devices I have recommended have a 15-minute timer and switch off automatically. I know that are a delightand if it were up to me I would keep it on 24 hours a day, but better to be good and use it with caution.

Obviously in the case of persistent contractures, perhaps resulting from trauma, or in more serious cases it is always good to get advice from a doctor or physiotherapist.

However, given the fairly insignificant cost of these cervical massagers, in proportion to a cycle of sessions by a professional, it is good to try them out and see how it goes.

As far as I am concerned, this masseur has become my new drug. But past the age of 30, a man's tastes change. I used to look for tools to distil beer illegally, and now I'm looking for cervical masseurs instead. Bah.

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