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Best friend Christmas gift ideas: guide to the perfect present

best friend christmas gifts

Looking for Christmas 2022 gift ideas for your best friend? Make her happy with a special gift!

The most anticipated (and for some dreaded) time of year is upon us! Soon a real Race for the perfect Christmas presentand your wallet has already started to shake. Getting the right gift for everyone will become your next goal. But there is a gift that you really can't go wrong, that of your best friend.

Le best friend Christmas gift ideas we have selected this year are really beautiful and there is something for everyone. Is your best friend a sports fan, a book lover, a technology enthusiast or is she into ecobio products or CianfruSilvio jokes? No problem, we have an original gift idea for everyone!

If the your best friend loves the Christmas why not give her a special surprise? Give her a Advent Calendar 2022, there are so many beautiful ones, it is the best way to look forward to Christmas. Now relax, read our guide to Christmas gift ideas for best friend 2022 and choose the right gift in advance and without stress, we are already stressed enough as it is. 

Christmas gift ideas for your best friend

We have selected the 10 best Christmas gift ideas for best friend. We know she is an important person, so we have searched for only the most beautiful and original gifts. You can find them all available on Amazon. Ready with your Christmas shopping?

Cat Thermal Water Bottle 

Cat Thermal Water Bottle

La canteen is a must among the gift ideas this year, but only your best friend will have this fantastic Cat-shaped thermal water bottle. Isn't it too cute? We think so! Yours cat friend (everyone has one) will fall in love with it, also because this water bottle doesn't destroy the upholstery in the house or make his needs everywhere. It keeps drinks hot and cold for more than 12 hours. Whether your best friend goes to school, university or the office, her water bottle will be the most envied. 

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Natural Candle Set

Candle Set

We continue our Christmas gift ideas with a gift fragrant and naturalwe are talking about the Soy Wax Candle Set, which is also perfect for vegans. These candles all have a different natural fragrance: gardenia, jasmine, French vanilla and lavender. They are made with natural aromas, natural essential oils, and are therefore also a gift for organic lovers. It is a gift that will help your best friend relax her mind and body, especially in the bathroom. It is good for a friend by any age.

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 Christmas hand creams

How cute is this hand cream set? This iChristmas gift goddess is for your  beauty addicted best friend paycheck in every cosmetics shop. These hand creams give deep moisturisation and protect even on the coldest days. The packaging is really pretty and colourful.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker

La Sony Bluetooth speaker is a gift idea for those who love technology without compromising on fashion. It has a water-resistant design and the charge lasts up to 16 hours. The included strap makes it easy to carry, and it is available in 6 different colours, so you can surprise your friend with a gift that will have her favourite colour. The small size should not deceive you because thanks to the sound diffusion processor with extra bass, the speaker has a power you cannot imagine, only hear. It will become the companion for the adventures and carefree evenings you have with your friend. best friend.

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Disney Lip Smacker

 Disney Lip Smacker

This Christmas gift for the best friend is really economic but very cute: Disney lip smacker. This lip smacker is really beautiful, there are lots of characters but Minnie is the most loved. If with your best friend you have decided to only exchange a little something for Christmas, this lip balm is perfect. The important thing is not to give yourself expensive gifts (I mean yes, even) but to love yourself, always remember that.

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Jade face roller

Jade face roller

You and your best friend you care a lot about body care and face? This is the gift perfect: Jade stone massage roller. Do you know what this is? It is a facial massage roller made from the natural jade stone that acts on the skin of the face and tones down 30-year old wrinkles. The main benefit of using the jade roller is the reduction of wrinkles and for this very reason it is a perfect Christmas gift even if the your best friend is no longer very young (but don't tell her that). It is easy to use around the eyes, nose and mouth and has a wider roller for larger areas such as the forehead, cheeks and neck.

Hot chocolate kit

chocolate set Christmas gifts

This Christmas gift idea is really tasty and is suitable for real chocolate lovers! Yes, there is a hot chocolate kit for those who can't help but make their mouths sweet every day. If your best friend is always stopping in front of bakeries or chocolate shops, then you have found the perfect Christmas present for her! The kit includes 6 mixtures different to prepare the hot chocolate. Each mixture is enclosed in a beautiful coloured paper cup. The kit is also suitable for your vegetarian friend because all you have to do is mix the chocolate with a vegetable drink or water and you're done. We're sure she won't let you taste any of it, but if she does it just means she loves you very much (more or less). Did you like this gourmet Christmas gift idea for a best friend?

Room diffuser 

Room diffuser

Has your best friend not yet bought a room diffuser? Give her one for Christmas 2022. Essential oil room diffusers are a perfect gift idea. This model is really the top. It has an automatic switch-off and its dehumidifying function will clean the air in any room (yes, even in the bathroom after eating legumes). How nice is it to have a room all perfumed? This diffuser will allow you to perfume every room in the house with the aroma of your favourite essential oil.

Hair clips

hair clips gifts friend

Each of us has a friend who cares so much about the hair careand it is certainly the same for you. If you are looking for a gift idea that will suit her, you have found the right one! This hair accessory kit includes 20 acrylic resin hair clips and hairpins embellished with pearls, stones and other details that make them refined and usable for different occasions. With this kit you are sure to please your friend who will be spoilt for choice every morning as to what to wear!

Upright iron

 Upright iron

Your best friend will love you! Why? This year you will give her an object that will solve her life forever, finally gaining independence as a mother. What are we talking about? Obviously the Vertical Iron. Don't tell me your best friend loves ironing, we don't believe it. This Christmas present will be a turning point. The Vertical Iron allows any garment to be ironed in seconds and harnesses the power of steam at 110 degrees (touch to believe). Moreover, it is perfect for anyone travel because you can put it in your suitcase, it is really compact. 

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Solid Shampoo Set 

Solid Shampoo Set

Your best friend is in her period eco-friendly? Here is the perfect gift: Solid Shampoo Set. This set contains moisturising oils and shea butter and leaves the hair soft and fluffy. Solid shampoo is now a real trend. It is suitable for all hair types and washes them gently without stressing the scalp. Giving a sustainable gift is really important, did you know that this solid shampoo lasts up to 4 months and reduces plastic production considerably? We think your best friend will never do without it again and will thank you forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, such as a hot-air balloon ride or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

What is an original gift for a woman?

A unique experience, such as a flight in a hot-air balloon, a cookery course o a dinner at a starred restaurant. Or, a unique design object, such as a artistic lamp or one mermaid tail. Finally, you can take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for her.

What to give a woman who already has everything?

An experience, such as a cooking course or a relaxing massageor a personalised gift that shows you have taken the time and effort to look for it. It is said that the thought is enough. Other examples of women's gift ideas could be a photo album or a handmade painting. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 women's gift ideas.

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