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Mother's birthday gift: what can I give her? 10 gift ideas

mother's birthday card and gift

Mum's birthday gift? No problem! Here are 10 perfect gift ideas for your special mum.

If you are looking for presents for mum for her birthday, sei nel posto giusto! Sappiamo che non è sempre facile trovare il regalo perfetto per una persona così speciale, che vi fa ancora il latte con i biscotti al mattino anche se avete 40 anni, ma grazie alla nostra esperienza abbiamo scovato le 10 idee regalo perfette per rispondere alla fatidica domanda: what can I give my mum for her birthday?

Continua a leggere la nostra guida perché siamo sicuri che tra quelle selezionate ci sia l'idea regalo giusta per la tua mamma!

Gifts for mum for birthday

La mum is one of the most special people in our lives. What is it they say? Mum is always mum! Nothing could be truer. Besides, she makes the best lasagne in the world. That's why it's important, whenever possible, to remind her how much we love her. The perfect occasion to do so is the birthday. In questo giorno il primo vero regalo che ogni mamma vuole ricevere è l’affetto dei propri figli, poi viene tutto il resto.

If you don't want to show up with the usual bouquet of flowers (always appreciated, but not for ten years in a row! as if it were a botanical garden), we have selected for you the best gift ideas for mum's birthday. Stop stressing to find original gifts, segui i nostri consigli e la stupirai. Se il compleanno della tua mamma è ancora lontano, abbiamo un consiglio per te: non aspettare che sia il suo compleanno per fare un bel regalo alla tua mamma, falle una sorpresa o regalale un po’ del tuo tempo.

What to give your mum for her birthday?

This is the question that every year every child asks: what to get mum for her birthday? You cannot deny that she is one of the most important people in your life and that is why every year on her special day you make a point of giving her a nice present. A gift that will make her as happy as gift ideas we have selected for you.

If you have a slightly higher budget or if you simply want to give her something truly unique, take a cue from the selection we are about to propose. They are gifts suitable for birthdays but not only, every day is good to surprise your mum. Let's see together what to give your mum and if you are looking for more gift ideas on our blog we have selected the best gift ideas for women of all ages

Now we begin with the selection of presents for mum's birthday 👇👇

Cheap and original mum birthday gift ideas

Among the thousands gift ideas that we dig up on the web for you every day, we have selected the best cheap and original gifts suitable for mum's birthday. You don't need to spend a fortune to make one of the most important people in your life happy, the most important thing is to show that you have thought about her.

We start with the 10 cheap and original mum birthday gift ideas. They are all still available and you can buy them with fast delivery at favourable prices. 

Password Notebook

Password Notebook

The first birthday gift idea that we propose will surely make your mum. How many times have you had to reset all the passwords on your mother's phone, or how many times has she called you because she couldn't remember one? Although she usually always puts in my or my sisters' date of birth, mine always manages to get irreversibly locked. To solve this problem here's the perfect gift idea: the Password Notebook for the Forgetful. In this cute notebook your mum she can write down all her passwords and always have them at hand. It is a gift for her, but you will certainly appreciate it too - no more calls to remind her of her passwords. Only cons: the mums touchy ones might take offence... but they will soon forget.

Mum's definition mug

mug mum

The cup is always a great classic of the gift ideas but this one we propose for the a mother's birthday is very original. Here is the mug for mum with nice definition will bring a smile to anyone who unwraps it. The mug bears a nice (and absolutely true, but don't tell him) definition of the word "mum": Mum claims her position as Creator and her decision-making power. If she has decided to give you to the world, if you upset her she can decide to make you disappear. The perfect mug for all mums who always say 'How I made you I'll destroy you' usually wielding a slipper in their hand, even though they would never do it (maybe)!

Good morning spoon

good morning spoon

Do you live away from home or study abroad but don't want to give up saying good morning to your mum? Here is the perfect gift, a Good Morning' breakfast spoon. A spoon that will wish her a sweet good morning, even if she is diabetic. A simple and inexpensive gift but which has great value. A sweet gift and perhaps one that a mother does not expect. The product is made of high-quality stainless material. The engraving will not fade even after many washings. The spoon measures 17.8 cm.

Thermal cup 

 mum's birthday giftThermal mug

La thermal mug for tea or coffee is a real cuddle. The thermal mug allows you to always have your favourite beverages hot (let's say piping hot) and to enjoy them to the full. It keeps drinks both hot and cold for more than four hours and is very light, so it can be taken anywhere. È the perfect gift idea for a mother to show her all your warmth (the warmth of the cup of course). It is also a gift for a mother eco-friendly will surely appreciate. 

Face roller

roller jade birthday gift mum

The Jade roller for facial massage is a real beauty trend of the moment and this makes it a perfect gift idea. Treat your mum to a moment of pampering, thanks to this tool she can have a full facial skin massage. This is a great tool, especially for skin that is no longer very young (catch that euphemism) because it prevents the face from losing its elasticity and radiance. In fact, one of the main benefits of the roller is the reduction of dark circles and bags under the eyes. The jade roller, made from a top quality stone, has anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-swelling, anti-reddening properties and reduces skin ageing imperfections with constant use. In its rose quartz version it is really very elegant, suitable for give to a mum

If you need to make other gifts or these ideas have not convinced you, we have selected the 10 best cheap gift ideas for womenwe are sure you will find the perfect gift here. 

Special tea sets

Special tea sets

The first gift idea for mum that we propose will take you by the throat, it is a Special Tea Sets. That's the way to calm down. A unique selection of teas from Vahdam Teas is also very popular among the stars. Vahdam Teas is an award-winning tea brand that makes delicately flavoured and refined drinks suitable for all ladies. A special feature is the delicious luxury packaging that makes it a perfect gift idea. It is a real gem, don't miss it. 

Cheap cordless hoover

wireless hoover

You know what the gift that every mum vorrebbe? Che le pulizie di casa le facessero sempre i figli! Ma non tutti ne hanno voglia, quindi perché non regalarle chi lo fa comodamente al posto tuo, un aspirapolvere senza fili di ultima generazione sarà un gift more than welcome. So it can comfortably wake you up on Sunday morning. There are several models, but we have selected the one that remains the best value for money: the hand-held hoover. Ha 3 livelli di potenza aspirante regolabile e una potenza aspirante massima di 21Kpa e per questo garantisce una pulizia perfetta. È leggero e facilissimo da usare anche per le mamme non più giovanissime.

City backpack

For a mum dynamic and always on the run the perfect gift is the City backpack. A stylish yet comfortable and roomy backpack. You can use it for work but not only, it is also perfect for a walk in the city centre. Available in different colours, we chose beige because it is the shade that best suits any outfit and is the most elegant. The main compartment has two roomy pockets and is enriched with additional pockets where you can find space for the thousands of things every mother carries in her bag: phone, mega wallet with all her loyalty cards, diary, handkerchiefs, keys, etc. Auseful and functional gift ideawe are sure it will become your favourite bag in no time. 

Face serum

Face serum

It is important for women of all ages to take care of their skin. That is why we have selected one of the world's bestselling skincare products as the perfect gift idea for a mother: organic face serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acidwhich, however, is not good for preventing colds. A very high quality product but at a reduced price you can give it as a gift for less than 20 euros. It revitalises tired skin and thoroughly moisturises the face, giving a more relaxed look. Rich in antioxidants, it contains only ingredients of natural origin. It is the perfect gift idea for mothers of all ages. 

Coffee machine

coffee machine

Our latest gift idea is a kitchen accessory, give your coffee break like a bar to your mum. La Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee machine is one of the best-selling and most popular among consumers, especially for its low price. Small and compact, it can be placed in any kitchen but what makes it a perfect gift idea is its ease of use. If your mum struggles with any form of technology, no problem. It only takes a single gesture to prepare a long espresso as good as the one at the bar. A true pampering, an appliance that every mum would like to have in their kitchen, so why not give it as a gift and make them happy?

50+ Mother's Birthday Gifts on Amazon

Non hai trovato quello che cercavi? Allora dai un'occhiata alla nostra lista con più di 50 idee regalo su Amazon. Siamo sicuri che troverai il regalo che la farà contenta, mal che vada vi arriva una ciabatta in faccia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I give my mum for her birthday?

Every mother is special! So our first tip is to choose a gift that makes her feel special and reflects her passions. We have collected lots of original ideas in our guide to birthday presents for Mum which you can read on our blog. If you want some more ideas, you can also choose from beauty gifts for muma short trip or excursion out of town, a gourmet dinner or giving an experience to do together. Among the trends of the latest season are beauty boxes, scented candles, room diffusers or the lady's smartwatch. In short, there are so many ideas, try to choose the one that can make her really happy and don't forget to give her at least a little of your time (this is what she will appreciate most!).

What to give a mother-to-be?

If you do not know what to give a mother-to-be, you should first think of something that will make her feel loved and pampered. Among the best gifts, in fact, you can choose a massagea day of relaxation or a nice jewel (great classic that never goes out of style). Or you can give her useful items that she will need when she has the baby: bath set, meal setbottles, baby bottles, changing mats, a book explaining the language of babies and many other ideas that you can find in our Amazon shop. The important thing is to give her lots of love and support too!

What to give on Mother's Day?

For someone as special as your mother you need a special gift, so our main advice is not to choose trivial gifts. Always aim for original Mother's Day gifts (such as the beauty gift ideas for mothers). You can also opt for do-it-yourself gifts for mum or a personalised gift showing that you have put in the time and effort to look for it. The important thing is to show your affection!

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

What is an original gift for a woman?

A unique experience, such as a museum ticket, a culinary experience o a trek on etna. Or, a unique design object, such as a artistic lamp or one mermaid tail. Finally, you can take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for her.

What to give a woman who already has everything?

An experience, such as a cooking course or a relaxing massageor a personalised gift that shows you have taken the time and effort to look for it. It is said that the thought is enough. Other examples of women's gift ideas could be a photo album or a handmade painting. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 women's gift ideas. We are sure you will find the right gift, if not, it is also fine a whole lot of nothing.

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