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Amazon Black Friday 2022: date, offers and updates

Black Friday Amazon live deals official date

Black Friday 2022 is coming! Find out the official date and how to stay up-to-date on all the best offers with

Also this year the week of the Amazon Black Friday 2022! What crazy offers are in store for us? Will we again be forced to sell a kidney to buy everything we want?

We anticipate that there will be crazy offers this year and we will follow them LIVE for you on our telegram channel dedicated to Black Friday. Only with will you stay up-to-date on all Amazon offers, but now let's start with everything you need to know about Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday Amazon: what is it?

The Black Friday did not originate in Italy but in America, although for some years Italians have also been obsessed with it. In American tradition, 'Black Friday' means the first day of shopping for the Christmasand coincides with the day after Thanksgiving. Usually department stores give crazy discounts and people fight to get in. These are the foreign traditions that we like and gladly import. However, what is special about it is that it is a day entirely dedicated to discounts, offers and markdowns.

black friday amazon deals

Of course, the world's largest e-commerce also participates in this day of crazy discounts. Right on Black Friday, Amazon will also discount the 80% thousands of products in all sectors (in particular, watch out for offers tech, gaming e beauty).

Take advantage of this full day of offers to get ahead with your Christmas 2022 presents or simply to buy that thing you've really wanted for a long time, like that inflatable doll for those cold winter nights. But when will Black Friday 2022 be?

Black Friday 2022: when will it be? OFFICIAL DATE

This year the Black Friday 2022 is about to arrive and the first crazy offers are starting to appear on Amazon, which you can follow on the our telegram channel. Obviously also this year it will be of Friday. Also thanks to my 'the pen is on the table' level English, I can tell you with certainty that Friday means Friday, so I guess it is Friday.

The 25 November 2022 is the date of Black Friday in Italy but because making money is good, Amazon is starting Black Friday a week earlier i.e. 18 November. The Monday following Black Friday, i.e. 28 November, is called Cyber Monday, another perfect day for discount shopping at Amazon and finish what little money was left on the Postepay.

In summary: endless discounts from 18 to 28 November!

TIPS: if you have to shop techusually on the Monday of Cyber Monday you can find even better prices than on Black Friday!

Here you can see all offers or you can follow the our dedicated channel and see only the best

Deals on Amazon: why does it pay off with Prime?

When it comes to Black Friday on Amazon we have some experience by now and we can assure you that the best deals are always reserved for Prime customers! Why not sign up now?

TIPS: you can also activate the free month trial on Black Friday 2022 and then deactivate it without paying anything!

But what are the benefits of being an Amazon Prime customer?

  • unlimited shipping with delivery within 1 working day on 2 million products and within 2-3 days on many millions more; 
  • Prime Videowith TV series and films to watch in streaming;
  • Prime Reading, to access a regularly updated selection of eBooks; 
  • Amazon Music to listen to more than 2 million tracks and hundreds of playlists without advertising;
  • many other benefits and daily discounts for subscribers to Amazon Prime;
  • special discounts for BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY.

SIGN UP FOR AMAZON PRIME NOW BY CLICKING HERE  to take advantage of all the benefits on 25 November 2022, Amazon's Black Friday.

Black Friday 2021 offers: how to stay up-to-date?

There is only one answer to this question: follow the CIANFRUSAGLIE.NET channel every 5 minutes > TELEGRAM CHANNEL FOR Black Friday 2022!!

For each item there is even a little graphic that shows you the price history. So you can see for yourself whether it really is an offer or not. 

If you want to follow Black Friday live, join the main telegram channel of that will allow you to easily access only the best offers of the "Black Friday' 2022 without going crazy on the web and cracking up with laughter.

Join our group! Don't miss out on a single offer this year!!!!

From 18 November we start with discounts... and lots of bad jokes 😀

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On telegram it is possible to find channels via the search bar. But this only works for public channels. You can use our guide to the best telegram channels to find the best channel for each category, including private ones not visible to everyone.

How to get Amazon discounts on Telegram?

You need to subscribe to a number of channels that unearth offers and discount codes every day. In particular, I recommend the channel Discount Codes and Coupons and the channel that uncovers price errors on amazon, i.e. Offering. Also take a look at our guide on best bidding channels on amazon.

What is the best free prepaid card?

There are now a lot of prepaid cards. After trying out a number of free prepaid cards I can recommend Buddy Bankwhich also gives a bonus to those who sign up, Hype or Revolut. If you want to use cryptocurrencies then I would definitely recommend Coinbase. Finally, if you don't want to have all these cards with you all the time, you can have just one that combines them all, namely Curves.

When are there discounts on Amazon 2023?

There are special events when Amazon offers crazy discounts on hundreds of products. Surely the most important is the Black Fridaybut there is also the Prime Day which is no joke. But we can say that every day there are timed offers, which end on that day and which we report in the our telegram channel. Another way to save money on amazon are the discount codeswhich allow you to get a discount directly in your shopping cart. Also for discount codes and coupons we have created a dedicated telegram channel.

How reliable is Amazon?

Amazon is an extremely reliable site, indeed, as they say it is the most customer-friendly company in the world. Shipments always arrive, otherwise you receive an immediate refund. In addition, if the product arrives wrong or has any defects, it is exchanged immediately and without cost. Occasionally, however, amazon, or the sellers who work on amazon, get the price wrong. Join our telegram channel finding all the price errors and buying products at prices never seen before.

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