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BuddyBank: 30 euro welcome and another 30 if you bring a friend

BuddyBank 30 euro bonus

All the information on how to get the 30 euro BONUS that Buddy Bank gives you now! Bring a friend and the gift doubles! Receive up to €210

BubbyBank gives away 30 euro? So de bang, no sense. I'm not freaking out, and if you know me You'd think it's my uncle's wine that makes me talk. Everything I will write is true, guarantees your new friend BuddyBank. It is an online account promoted by Unicredit, at no costOnce active, you earn immediately 30€ real without deposit and you can use them for any kind of purchase or withdraw them from your nearest Unicredit ATM, even without a crowbar. In short, just sign up to win money, it sounds like a fairy tale, but it's all true.

I'll tell you more, the good news doesn't end there! Or rather they start right from the next paragraph, but let's first summarise how the BuddyBank bonus works with the following infographic.

buddybank bonus
buddybank bonus

BubbyBank: what is it for?

Since we are talking about BuddyBank, it is only fair to define the ground rules from the start, so clear pacts and long friendship. Take a look at the requirements and prerequisites for entering this fabulous world.

First of all, you must have at least 18 years, it is necessary to send a document (any type is accepted, maybe even fake ones). It will take 3-4 working days to process your request and you can request free physical card. More good news? Bonus credited on opening without any deposit. The only sore point? The offer expires on 30 March 2023.

How to get a 30 euro bonus from BuddyBank?

Follow these simple steps to enter the fantastic world of BuddyBank.

  • First thing to do is download the application by following this linknothing faster;
  • Copy and paste the invitation code 5C7800 when registering, if you want to go even faster use the ever-popular shortcut CTRL+C followed by CTRL+V which solves half the world's problems;
  • Fill in the various fields by entering the required data;
  • Make a video registration or log in with SPID credentials to enable verification of the data entered;

Please enter the code: 5C7800 otherwise no 30 euros.

30 euro bonus BuddyBank: when does it arrive?

Within 30 days of opening of the account, do a transaction of at least 10 euroThis unlocks the Best Buddies bonus.

As explained in the regulation, within 15 working days money arrives in the account, to be spent buying useless things, such as those in the our blog.

Here are all the clarifications on the dedicated BuddyBank promo page.

The magic of CianfruSilvio will make 30 euros appear in your newly opened account and a Buddybank card (if you apply for one) within a week of opening your new account and activating it from the app (no, you won't have to go to the bank and fight with old men to do it). It's cool and all spotted fescion.

BuddyBank support and hotline

Yes, all good but as long as there are no problems. To be honest, it's a card that never gives you any worries, but in case your account blows up or they block that 1 million euro transaction you made, you can always turn to support by pressing the 'b' button at the bottom, centre, of the app.

The service operates 24 hours a day, but in case you want to make a complaint or appeal in a verbal and diplomatic manner, there is the Unicredit Customer Satisfaction and Claims hotline 051.6407285.

New Best Buddies Buddybank initiative no longer 40 euro

There was a time when BuddyBank used to give 40 euros without too many frills, good times. People would open accounts at (bleep) and grab the bonus. Now they have revised this a bit. You have to have 60 euro in your account to share the code, and the bonus is unlocked with a minimum transaction of 10 euro. Either way, you're up.

Best Buddies bonus: how to get it?

All Buddybank current account holders can view their invitation code if they have an account balance greater than or equal to 60€. This code will be visible until the end of the validity of the initiative set for the 30 March 2023.

What happens next is very simple. The buddy (translated mbare in Catanese) who opens the new account receives his €30 welcome bonus within 15 days of the actual account opening date and can in turn make invitations as a buddy. The buddy in question can make up to a maximum of 6 bonuses corresponding to earnings of 180€. If a seventh person is invited, the 30€ bonus will only be credited to the buddy friend and not also to the inviting buddy.

So what are you waiting for to turn your friends into buddy friends? Literally everyone stands to gain!

Download now BUDDYBANK and receive up to EUR 210!

Frequently Asked Questions

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