Cats or puppies as gifts: Ethical choice?

puppies as gifts

One often finds various advertisements on the Internet on "cats as gifts" o "puppies as gifts" and it can be tempting to take them for oneself or to make a loved one happy.

Gifting a pet may seem like a sweet and caring gesture, but as in all things, there are pros and cons to consider. In this article, we will explore the reasons why some people may consider it right or wrong to give dog or cat puppies as gifts.

Giving cats, puppies or other pets: pros and cons

Giving a kitten or a dog to the person you love may seem like a loving gesture, but it is not that simple. A number of factors must be considered for the well-being of the puppy and its recipient. But let us see them together:


  • Love and companionshipPets can be an excellent source of love and companionship for people. They can be the perfect companions for those who live alone, like some elderly people, or for those who are looking for a playmate for their children.
  • Stress reductionPets can help reduce stress and anxiety. Spending time with a pet can increase levels of oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes well-being.
  • Teaching responsibilityGiving a pet to a child can be a way of teaching them responsibility. Children learn to take care of something that depends on them for survival.


  • Commitment: a pet requires time, attention and constant care. Not everyone is ready to make this commitment. Giving a pet to someone who is not ready or does not have the capacity to take care of it can be detrimental to the animal.
  • AdaptationPets need time to adapt to their new environment and family. Gifting a pet can be stressful for the animal and can cause anxiety or fear.
  • Costs: Having a pet involves ongoing expenses. There are the costs of meals, vet visits, medical care and accessories. Giving a pet to someone who is not ready or does not have the capacity to bear these expenses can be detrimental to the animal.
  • The risk of abandonmentWhen people realise that adopting a pet requires commitment and resources, they may decide to abandon it. Animals should never be abandoned. For no reason.

Cats and dogs as gifts from private individuals

What we have written concerns puppies that come from kennels or perhaps from pet shops. But a separate discussion must be made when these are donated by private individuals.

One aspect we have not considered, in fact, are the starting conditions of the puppy. It often comes from an unfortunate or abandoned situation. In that case, giving or adopting a puppy may be the only solution to save and care for it.

What to do when you receive a puppy as a gift?

Now let us put ourselves in the shoes of someone who receives a new four-legged friend as a gift. It is not always easy to understand the newcomer's needs in order to put him at ease straight away. But this is where the National Animal Protection Agency comes to the rescue. created an audiobook where he explains how to welcome a new puppy into the home.

In conclusion, giving a puppy must be a considered choice. It is not like buying an object, which you can return. However, as we have seen, it can have many benefits, for the puppy and for the recipient.

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