About CianfruSilvio

Hello Cyan,

Between one (obvious) joke and another, I am sure you have wondered who is behind it all.

Who's behind junk.

Let me tell you...
Name: Silvio
SurnameManno (better known in the local news as CianfruSilvio)
Age30 years (and they all feel it)
HobbyIn my spare time I dabble in the most useless objects, with the sympathy of a knee... in the worst possible place.

I am a former accountant who now works in a software company, and I have to get up early in the morning to schedule all the posts of the day.
Now you understand why I sympathise...

You also understand why I start posting at shameful hours on Saturday mornings, especially if it has been a legendary alcoholic Friday.

Well... Now that I have told you a little about myself, I want to tell you how (and where) Junk was born.

Let me tell you...

It all started a few years ago, it was 9 July 2016. 

I was still a greenhorn student at the Faculty of Economics in Catania. Yes, now you also know that I am a terrone.  

I lived in a kind of hovel I used to call a roomin a student house.

At that time I was scraping together some pocket money working in the evenings in a call centre.

I used that money to pay my rent and to have a few low-quality beers at kiosks around Catania.

"Mbare will you give me a Castello?"

Typical phrases you can hear around the kiosks here in Catania.

But back to us...

One bad afternoon, I was scratching around on the (broken) sofa. We were talking between roommates about more and less.

Between burps and various insults, the discourse fell on the quick-easy-gratuitous method of becoming a billionaire. 

Usual student talk...

But we needed a garage. A garage?

Well yes, like any self-respecting billionaire our idea had to start there. We didn't have it, though we had our sofa (broken down and bought on Subito.it for 30€) and that was enough for us to dream about.

Eventually someone uttered the word that changed everything... "Telegram"

At the time I did not know of its existence and asked my flatmate to tell me more about it. So I found out that it was a practically unknown social network, where total anarchy reigned.

I threw myself into it and opened my first channel from there.

Junk? Eh no...

First login on Telegram, at first glance it seemed like an upgraded whatsapp.

But it was already much more, especially in terms of channels.


The great thing about channels is that you can write any crap without anyone being able to reply.

And so I decided to open the first channel and call it.'Out of Curiosity'

Trivial choice, isn't it?

You must be wondering what I used to post to my followers back then....

I'll satisfy you right away...

I post curiosities, funny gifs and absurd news. 

In those years we grew a lot, also because there were only a few of us on Telegram who had a channel.

But shortly after opening the channel I wanted more. 

And so my Wolf of Wall Street nature took over, and from absurd news I moved on to absurd objects.

After some time, also due to work and the gym (I do kick-boxing, but I basically punch people in the face), I could no longer dedicate myself to this channel...

It was then that it popped into my head to have a look at the bidding channels. 

To my surprise I discovered that were all boringly identical. 

I wanted to create something that would revolutionise the way we recommend crazy objects. At least it would have made it fun and more human....

That was the idea that started it all....

It was the origin of what today is Junk.

But it was not long before telegram too was flooded with a myriad of bidding channels.

From there I decided to create my own channel, to fill it with cheap crap.

I initially wanted to call it 'Bitching' but it sounded bad. 

Only later did I decide to call it 'Junk'.because it made the point without offending the politically correct bigots.

That's how the channel was born, and I honestly didn't think I would find myself in the midst of a tribe of 25,000-plus Cyanfrus.

This I have to tell you...

Now I manage to scrape together a little more money, but I still drink one euro Castello beer at kiosks in Catania to stay humble.

In short, there are the extremes to open a company in Silicon Valley but I have limited myself to the channel... for now.

Now I want to share with you my plans for the future, because they also involve you (if you want).

Per I have so many projects in the pipeline that all the old men in the workers' club in my country are not enough.

What I am sure of is that I would like to get to know you and all those fools who read the crap I write every day. 

First I will start with the'meet the Cianfrusacci who live in Cataniawith whom we can have coffee.

I hope the group is not all 25,000 from Catania, otherwise I'd better buy myself a bar.

What else...I would also like to make the channel known on other social networks or with other tools, so I can stalk you like you do with the ex.

You must be wondering why I want to do this?
To sell more?

Definitely not. 

We all have projects in life that allow us to escape from a job we don't like or from a routine that enslaves us.

I realised that I like to share bullshit and make the day of those who read it better. 

With you, or with whoever you like (recommend Junk to your friends, if you really want to hurt them)...

If then, I can do it by find the items you need at practically bargain priceseven better.

As I get to know you and all the other crazy people who (incredibly) read me better, I can understand what you like and need and help you more and more!

See you soon Cianfrusaccio


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