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Christmas gift ideas for him: original gifts for boyfriends and friends

christmas gift ideas for him

Christmas 2022 gift ideas for him: friend, boyfriend or relative. Original gift ideas immediately available on Amazon!

What to give your boyfriendhusband, lover or best friend? Le Christmas gift ideas for him are the most difficult to find. Every year when with the Christmas anxiety about presents also arrives!

One of the questions most often asked is: what the f... what do I give them? Making a Christmas gift to a man is never easy, it seems like every year you give the same things, like that scarf that has been recycled every year since '72. That's why we created this guide with all the Christmas gift ideas for him updated. You will find most original Christmas gifts and all the latest trends.

Christmas gift ideas for him: the most original!

Sometimes it is not enough to just find any gift for him, you have to look for an original Christmas gift idea to amaze him.

Let it be your boyfriend or one of your friendsome people are really demanding. Then there are those people who already have everything and never know what to give for Christmas. But don't panic.

We at have selected the most original Christmas gift ideas for him on the web. If you want some more ideas take a look at our guides to the stupid gift ideas and the funniest gifts on the web. You will find many gift ideas for luthe original and entertaining.

Let's start right away with the best gifts for men. Ideal for boyfriends, friends, cousins and even that neighbour you just can't stand but who picks up your parcels of Amazon Prime!

Christmas jumper

Christmas jumper

Let's start with a much-loved classic (although more by girlfriends than by him): the Christmas jumper. This Christmas jumper is perfect for wearing on the evening of Christmaseveryone will have their eyes on your boyfriend at the family dinner, especially your father's. Christmas jumpers are warm, comfortable and cuddly. Red colour and reindeer Father Christmasbut there is one small detail: the reindeer is smoking. A classic jumper but with a nice detail that few will notice (like the stoner cousin). If you're looking for more fun gift ideas we have published a complete guide on our blog (sorry girls, the model in the photo will not arrive at your home!!).

Gym bag

Gym bag

Your boyfriend is a true sportsman? Why not give a Nubily gym bag new. This gym bag is really comfortable and functional. It is made of ultra-durable polyester and has the innovative shoe compartment, which allows you to isolate the stink from all the other stuff you bring to the gym. This duffle bag has 11 different pockets including the main compartment, 2 side pockets, 2 front/back pockets with zips. A true sportsman will be delighted with this Christmas gift

Men's perfume


Here is the best-selling men's fragrance in 2020. We are talking about the Paco perfume by Paco Rabanne. This perfume has conquered thousands of men, and oversold on board Ryanair. That is why it is a perfect Christmas gift even if you don't know which perfume is your or your friend's favourite. It is a citrusy and aromatic fragrance created in 1995. A historical fragrance but still very current and liked by many. 

Wallet cover

Wallet cover

This Christmas gift idea will appeal to those who hate wallets or going out with their pockets always full (usually of receipts). La Wallet Cover is the perfect solution. It is a truly innovative phone cover with two pockets to hold money and credit cards or documents to carry with you at all times. Rechargeable covers or wallets are some of the most popular gifts from the tech world. 

Work or study backpack

Work or study backpack

This Men's Backpack is ideal for work and study. Whether a younger boy or a man, with this Christmas gift you cannot go wrong. È the Christmas gift idea for him perfect: convenient, practical and functional everyone wants one. Inside it has the possibility of inserting a powerbank to easily recharge any device while out and about in bars or at work. It has two main compartments: one is in the front, for important documents; another is in the back, for books. It also has compartments for laptops (up to 15.6 inches) and ipads inside.

Sports watch


L'Casio watch is an evergreen. Suitable for any type of man, it is the favourite watch of many, including CianfruSilvio. It is a sporty digital watch but can be used for any occasion. The youthful design is especially suitable for young guys, but also for 30-year-olds. A gift idea for boyfriends that will surely make him happy. 

Football lover's pillow

Football pillow Christmas gift ideas for him

Your he loves football but likes to sleep just as much? This football-shaped cushion then it will be perfect to balance sleep and cheer for the person for whom it is intended. In addition to being made of soft fabric, this pillow is a versatile gift because it can be used for reading, watching TV, or simply to let people know that yes, there is someone there who really loves football!

Star Wars Bathrobe


This is the gift that all Star Wars lovers are waiting for and is also one of the most original Christmas gifts of all time. We are talking about the Star Wars Jedi dressing gown. Your boyfriend coming out of the shower with his lightsaber (i.e. the shampoo pack) will feel inside the film that made millions of viewers dream. "May the force be with you!", this is the most famous line from the film. If you know someone who really loves this saga on Amazon, the Star War advent calendarsto look forward to Christmas together with their favourite characters.

Bluetooth hat

Bluetooth hat

The EVERSEE Bluetooth Hat is a real novelty! We had never seen one before and we are sure that those who will receive it at Christmas will be surprised and excited by this innovative accessory. Bluetooth hats with headsets utilise Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With the EVERSEE Bluetooth wireless hat, you can answer calls and listen to music without taking your phone out of your pocket when it's cold, skiing, skating, hiking or just walking around town. Perfect especially when people around you are listening to music of mer...

Pizza socks

Pizza socks

Le Pizza Socks are the perfect Christmas gift for fans of colourful and fun socks, especially if they are Neapolitan. But they are also popular with those who consider pizza their favourite food. Your boyfriend has a unique style? Enrich him with these socks and if he always dresses in a boring way, a pair of crazy socks are the rperfect Christmas gift. Imagine how surprised the person receiving them will be. Pizza Socks Box until the last moment looks like a box with a hot pizza inside, only after opening it to our eyes something woven appears, but it is exactly like a pizza. You have to take a Pizza Sock in your hand and unroll it to understand what it is. A truly original Christmas gift for him. Definitely more appreciated than a pizza with pineapple.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What to give a special man?

What to give a man who already has everything?

Some gift ideas for a man who already has everything could be an experience, such as driving a sports car, a wine-tasting experience o a flying lesson with a professional instructor. Other options could include a beard care kit, a whisky tasting set or a case of barbecue tools. Finally, take a look at the list with more than 50 original and fun gift ideas for him.

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, such as a hot-air balloon ride or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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