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Coinbase: What is and how does the cryptocurrency trading site work?


Do you snooze on the sofa? Why don't you start making something of your life and invest in cryptocurrencies with Coinbase? Find out how it works!

Today we are not talking about gift ideas, but we have something more interesting for you to discover. We have been using Coinbase and we are thrilled! Have you ever heard of it? It is the cryptocurrency trading platform world's most famous and we at we decided to try it to become as rich as Elon Musk.

We opened a virtual wallet, which is like a real bank account, and started this journey to discover cryptocurrencies. Do you know what they are? Before understanding what it is Coinbase and how it works, let's start with the basics and see what a cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency?

La cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, so don't think of filling your pockets with cash like a petrol station. You have to imagine cryptocurrency as a digital representation of an economic value and can be used on the web, in authorised platforms such as Coinbaseas a medium of exchange or for the investments

The name consists of two parts "crypto", i.e. hidden, and "currency". It is therefore a hidden currency. This means that you can only use it if you know a certain computer code. You don't have to be a hacker to use cryptocurrencies, rest assured, today sites like make it so easy that even Mrs Cettina who works at the municipality can do it on a Windows 97. 

Coinbase: what is it and what does it do?

For buy, sell e exchange cryptocurrencies you can use Coinbase. He was born in 2012 in San Francisco and has now become one of the most important sites of exchange. The digital currencies it accepts are bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash e litecoin. So really a lot for those who want to experiment with this site. 

The site has as its sole purpose the cryptocurrency trading and has already been chosen by many people precisely because of its simplicity. Even those who have never invested or used digital currencies can do so with this platform. 

The site's home page reads: "We are building the cryptoeconomicsa fairer and more accessible, more efficient and transparent financial system, made possible by cryptocurrency. We started in 2012 with the revolutionary idea that anyone, anywhere in the world, should be able to agetting into bitcoins the easy way and secure. Today we offer a reliable and easy-to-use platform to access every aspect of cryptocurrency'.

La Coinbase platform wants to make cryptocurrencies and bitcoins accessible and easier to use for everyone, and does so for real. Today Coinbase is a large reality and has broken many records in the industry, take a look at this chart!

co-base data

As you can see, the data speak for themselves. He has a very breakthrough and interesting of the world of economics on the web and that is why we at also started using this site. Are you intrigued?

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS COINBASE or continue reading this review. 

Who can use Coinbase?

Really anyone can use Coinbase! If CianfruSilvio can do it, so can you. It is not only very simple but also very reliable. Just having a current account and the desire to discover this new world, and that's it. To use Coinbase straight away, you can open a cryptocurrency portfolio today, without wasting much time. In fact, all procedures on the site are very fast.

enter coinbase

Once you have opened your wallet and linked your account you can start buying and selling digital currencies controlling everything from theCoinbase smartphone application. In the beginning, if you still don't know how it works, you don't need to make big investments just plan your purchases and sales over time. 

Coinbase: how does it work and how to buy cryptocurrencies?

We have already mentioned that Coinbase is very easy to use. To start using the platform and buy cryptocurrencies, all you need to do is create a profile, then access the "Buy" e choosing the type of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase. 

To sell cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, you need to access the "Sell". Based on the consideration of the local currency, the cryptocurrency price and the Euro equivalent of the sale will be deposited into the Euro account of Coinbase. Have a Coinbase portfolio is almost like having another bank account where you can manage cryptocurrency transactions and trading. 

Don't you trust it? Coinbase reminds you that: "The cryptocurrency deposited on our servers is covered by our insurance policy". Don't worry and open a Coinbase wallet now

h3: How much does it cost to open a Coinbase wallet? 

Access Coinbase and opening a portfolio is free. However, when you make withdrawals, purchases or sales you will pay a slight commission. The cost varies by country and period. In Europe for a purchase or sale it charges a fee of 1.49%. On purchases via credit/debit cards, Coinbase charges 3.99%, while for transfers via bank transfer, there is no charge for a deposit, but €0.15 for a withdrawal. In general, they are fairly low commissions

Have you been intrigued by the world of cryptocurrencies? Investments in digital currencies are the future, don't stay out of it!

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Then tell us about your experience in a comment, we look forward to reading your reviews too. If you want to continue looking for unique and original gift ideas, come back to our Blog.

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