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Kinder Easter Egg: Best Amazon deals

children with easter eggs

Easter is approaching and you are looking for a kinder easter egg? Here are the best ones on offer on Amazon.

Your son expressly asked you the Easter egg Kinder again this year? Although by now he's forty years old and should be looking for a job to buy his own? It will be for next year, in the meantime make him happy by choosing one of these on offer on Amazon.

Easter is approaching, and there are plenty of Easter eggs in circulation. Even the hawker under the house has a full bonnet. We too of we have compiled a ranking of best easter eggs. But if your child really doesn't want to know, and wants it more for the surprise than the chocolate, the Kinder Easter egg is perfect.

Here is our selection, so you can find the most suitable one to give as a gift.

Kinder Easter Egg: price and offers

The price of the Easter egg generally varies from year to year, but it is not fixed. The price of the Easter egg is also set according to the size and weight of the chocolate. Sometimes, for special collaborations, the price can even go up.

We see in general thehe price of the Kinder Easter egg on average this year:

  • Kinder Egg 41 grams - MINI: 5 to 7 euros
  • Kinder Egg 150 grams - Gransorpresa : costs between 9 and 15 euros
  • Kinder Egg 220 grams - MAXI: costs 15 to 20 euro
  • Kinder Egg 320 grams - Giant: costs 19 to 25 euro

Of course, prices may vary depending on the offers you can find on the Kinder Easter eggs at Amazonlook here 👇

Kinder Egg for Child

We start with Easter eggs for your child, but also for your husband who feels like a superhero when he can carry all the shopping bags in one trip.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an Easter present to have fun with the whole family, here is our guide on most beautiful do-it-yourself Easter gifts.

SpiderMan egg

psiderman's egg

Here it is the Kinder Maxi Spider Man Easter egg for that brat of a son of yours who climbs everywhere as if he were doing parkour. In this maxi pack there are 220 grams of chocolate that you will eat because your child is more interested in the surprise.

StarWars egg

kinder star wars easter egg

Pass to the dark side of chocolate with this Star Wars Easter egg. In fact, it is so dark that they put dark chocolate in it. Try it for that alone, and yes, even for the surprise. Perfect to give to your little Jedi.

Kinder Maxi Easter Egg

kinder easter egg

LKinder Maxi egg is one of the children's favourites because it combines lots of bi-tasting chocolate with a great surprise. Each year an iconic character, film or cartoon is chosen that your children will love.

Marvel Easter egg

kinder marvel easter egg

Even if it pisses you off like the Hulk, make your child happy with the Avengers' egg. Inside you will find a surprise of your favourite Marvel superheroes. By the way, Did you know we did an article with all the Marvel-themed gift ideas? Run and have a look!

Kinder Easter Eggs for Girls

Now let's talk about the princess of the house who, even though she is now 20 years old, for you she will always remain your little girl and therefore the easter egg is hers. Here is our selection.

Kinder Maxi Egg Girl

kinder maxi easter egg

Speaking of princesses, we could not fail to put the Kinder Maxi egg with surprise from child. An egg that conquers with the sweetness of the delicious chocolate that is now a kinder trademark.

Frozen Easter Egg

In our ranking we could not miss the Frozen egg. By now, all little girls want to become ice princesses, and with the price of gas skyrocketing, they soon will be.

Stranger Things easter egg

Everyone wants it this year! Kinder has launched the most anticipated egg ever, starring one of the best-loved Netflix series ever: Stranger Things. It is a Kinder GranSorpresa Maxi Easter Egg220 gram fine milk chocolate egg with surprise. Here's where to find it 👇

Kinder GranSorpresa Maxi Easter Egg, fine milk chocolate egg with Stranger Things surprise

Easter eggs on offer at Amazon

Couldn't find the Easter egg you were looking for? Have a look at our list with all offers on Easter eggs. There is something for everyone, even for the slightly overgrown thirty-somethings who don't want to give up the egg.

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