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Amazon price errors: Here's what they are and the Telegram channel where to find them

woman shopping through price errors on amazon

A price error occurs when the supplier makes a mistake in entering the product he is offering for sale. There is a channel on Telegram that reports them before the supplier notices and corrects the price!

Have you ever heard of the Amazon price errors? Maybe not, but if the EUR 300 hoover you wanted so badly suddenly costs EUR 30, it can't just be by chance.

If something like this has ever happened to you, it means that you have probably caught a Amazon price error

It happens when a seller unintentionally lowers the price of a product, which for a few hours (or at least until he or she notices it) is sold at a discount of up to 90%. 

Our CianfruSilvio created a Telegram channel dedicated where every day are reported in real time all Amazon price errors

👉 Join the Telegram channel with the Amazon Price Errors

In recent years we have seen wireless headphones for 99 cents, sports equipment for a few euros or smartwatches for less than five euros. 

Many have already done big business. And wouldn't you like to be next?

In this guide, we explain what price mistakes are, how to find them, how much you can save and which is the best Telegram channel to subscribe to so you don't miss a single one. 

What are Price Errors?

The price errors on Amazon happen when the seller of a product indicates the wrong price for an item, which is usually lower than the actual price. Those who like to shop on Amazon and are always on the lookout for offers can also take advantage of this opportunity to save big. 

When they occur, the pricing errors become an excellent opportunity for consumers to buy even very expensive products with a 'discount' to 99%

Among the Amazon price errors most common are of course the manual errors that the seller makes when entering the price.
See, for example, what we published a few weeks ago on our telegram channel, where we published a car compressor for only 5 euros!

The seller tried to convince us to return it but it is still there waiting 😂

It can also happen that a price error occurs because the product page is not updated after a promotion or because a coupon is wrongly applied. Usually, if a product is already on offer, the coupon cannot be applied, but thanks to price errors, this can also happen. 

You should know that pricing errors do not only happen on Amazonyou can sometimes come across one of them even on Ebay or other e-stores.

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How much can you save?

amazon price errors

Every price mistake hides a real bargain! 

Thanks to an Amazon price error, you can save even up to 80% - 90% on the selling price. The discount applied is not planned or agreed upon, so prices can be really crazy. 

Sometimes you get a saving of 100% and receive the product completely free. This case is rarer but can happen. For example, if a coupon is incorrectly set, it can reduce the cost of the product to zero. 

Buying a product on Amazon without paying is what we would all like, but to increase your chances of succeeding, you need to know exactly how to find the price errors. 

Another thing you should know is that if the seller realises the mistake, he can ask Amazon cancellation of the sale. This way you do not lose anything. You will receive a cancellation email and your money will be refunded. 

Useful tips before buying an incorrectly priced product on Amazon

Purchasing a product through a price error is certainly a good deal but care must be takensometimes it is not as simple as it appears. There are some sellers who have realised how much it can increase the visibility of their product if the price is lowered, so it can happen that this process is forced. It happens during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, i.e. when users think they are getting the best bargains, but they are not, in fact, the discount is only apparent. 

5 tricks not to be fooled

To avoid falling into these traps and to become a true savings pro, we provide you with 5 useful tips to bear in mind when looking for pricing errors

  1. The price error is always applied to a single productIf the price is too low and the absurd discount is applied to all products of a retailer and not just one, it is unlikely to be a price error. They could have hacked that retailer's profile or it could be a scam. It happens especially with well-known products. We advise you not to buy when you notice something strange. 
  2. Compare the price with other similar products: sometimes what seems to you to be a price error (or if someone points it out to you as such) may not be but the real market value of that product. To understand this, compare the price with that of similar products or on other e-stores. 
  3. Read the reviews before you buy: although it is very obvious not to buy a low-quality product. Read the reviews well and only buy if it is a good product. If it has a lot of bad reviews, the price decrease could also be due to this and not a mistake. Sometimes you see reviews of Bluetooth headphones, but on the product page of dog beds. Maybe the seller is exploiting the reviews of one product to sell another. To be cautioned.
  4. Check the price history: Install the chrome extension Keepa which shows you whether the offer is really good or if it is fake. Thanks to this extension, a graphic appears on the Amazon product page showing the price history. If the graphic has a slump, it is probably a price error.
    keepa price error
  5. Find errors on dedicated Telegram channelsLooking for price mistakes on Amazon on your own is really difficult, but that doesn't mean you should rely on the first one who tells you he knows how to do it or sign up for all the groups on Telegram promising you crazy discounts. Choose an official channel that has been active for many years, like ours Telegram channel OFFERS which has already saved so many people. 
    Activate notifications and don't miss price error posts like the one in the picture

    telegram price error

These were our 5 tricks to follow before buying, now we will see where to really find the price errors and tell you more about them on our dedicated Telegram channel. 

How to find mis-priced products on Amazon?

Let's start right away with what nobody tells you: finding price errors on Amazon is not easy if you don't know where to look or rely on a good Telegram channel which reports them daily.

To be able to find the price errors on Amazon you would have to spend the whole day sifting through the various products in the hope of noticing an unjustified price drop. 

In addition, sellers often realise within a few hours or minutes that they have made a mistake because they generally see orders for that product spurt immediately. This means that you should be really quick to notice the mistake and buy the item immediately. 

Catching a price error on Amazon alone is almost impossible. The best method for finding price errors is definitely subscribe to a dedicated channel on Telegram

Dedicated Telegram channels

When you want to save money, the Telegram groups are excellent allies. There are, in fact, channels entirely dedicated to offers and coupons that help you to always keep up and not miss any discounts. 

This is also valid when it comes to finding price errors on Amazon. 

But how do such Telegram channels work? It's very simple, here's what you have to do: 

  1. download Telegram on your PC or smartphone;
  2. synchronise your phone number, choose language and profile picture;
  3. sign up for dedicated bidding channels by searching for the name using the search bar (membership is always free);
  4. Wait for reports of price errors in the chat and click on the links provided to go directly to the product page. 

As you can see, it is the best method of finding Amazon deals because you don't have to do anything, just buy the product if you are interested. 

Zero fuss - only saving🤑

The best Telegram channel for finding Amazon price errors

A Telegram channel which deals with pricing errors e lightning offers must always be up-to-date. There are many channels that peddle offers that later turn out not to be correct or that report price errors too late, when the seller has already realised and remedied them. 

To avoid unnecessary registrations, search on the Telegram channel

It works thanks to a bot that guarantees continuous updates and reports price errors in record time!

best telegram amazon price errors

The Channel OFFERS also reports price mistakes on Ebay and the best Black Friday time offers. In one channel you can find reports of the best time offers. 

Our dedicated Telegram channel allows you to take advantage of the best offers before anyone else, even time-limited offers lasting only a few hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find all Telegram channels?

On telegram it is possible to find channels via the search bar. But this only works for public channels. You can use our guide to the best telegram channels to find the best channel for each category, including private ones not visible to everyone.

How to get Amazon discounts on Telegram?

You need to subscribe to a number of channels that unearth offers and discount codes every day. In particular, I recommend the channel Discount Codes and Coupons and the channel that uncovers price errors on amazon, i.e. Offering. Also take a look at our guide on best bidding channels on amazon.

When are there discounts on Amazon 2023?

There are special events when Amazon offers crazy discounts on hundreds of products. Surely the most important is the Black Fridaybut there is also the Prime Day which is no joke. But we can say that every day there are timed offers, which end on that day and which we report in the our telegram channel. Another way to save money on amazon are the discount codeswhich allow you to get a discount directly in your shopping cart. Also for discount codes and coupons we have created a dedicated telegram channel.

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