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Gift 10 euro girl or friend: + 25 cheap gift ideas

bags with girl gifts for 10 euro

If you are stingy but forced to give a gift to a friend or girlfriend, we have selected 25 women's gift ideas up to 10 euro

Sometimes (let's say often) women are hard to please and find a 10 euro gift for a girlfriend or friend seems almost a mission impossible. But not for us!

We have created a list with more than 25 gift ideas under 10 euros per girl to look good even if you are poor, or simply because you want to save more money to shoot up at aperitifs.

What counts, in fact, is the thought and not how much we spend, because the moment, the experiences, remain, everything else goes. So whether it's her birthday or her unbirthday, and you're looking for a gift that will make her smile, but always fit into the mantra gift 10 euro friendyou have landed in exactly the right article.

If you don't know what to choose, go for a small gift, a fun present, chewing gum (no maybe not this one), a cinema ticket, a tour of a museum or a nice cocktail on offer, always remember that the best gift we can give to others is time, and something material too!

Women's Gifts under 10 euros

Finding gift ideas for a woman, girlfriend, friend or relative was not easy, (finding a woman, in general, is not easy either) but we did it! Also, if you think gift-giving is difficult, try finding ideas gift 10 euro girlis a real feat! But don't worry, we've taken care of everything.

Rest assured and do not fear, because we can promise you one thing for sure: if you thought you had to spend a lot of money, too much, we assure you that this is not the case. And if you've gone wrong and are also lacking in inventiveness, you've come to the right place and, once you've read this article, you'll have plenty of ideas for a 10 euro woman gift.

The gift 10 euro friend perfect and inexpensive exists, which is why we have selected for you 25 ideas for women's gifts under 10 euros. In this way you will surprise them with thoughts thought up and designed especially for them: from make-up brushes to the travel beauty case, from the very useful and sustainable thermal water bottle to the charcoal mask and electric brush for facial cleansing and much, much more. Women!!! CianfruSilvio has arrived!!!

What are you waiting for? Here are 25 ideas 10 euro gift woman perfect for you updated to summer 2023!

1. Make up brushes

bamboo pens women's gift ideas 10 euro

Have you heard your girlfriend complaining because she can't find the perfect make-up brushes for her face and doesn't know how to smear this make-up on her face? That's a good thing because you can give her the Bamboo Make-up Brushes. These are a set of professional brushesextremely soft and delicate, handmade with high-quality materials able to provide incredible touch and feel. They are long-lasting and non-frayingideal for any type of product: liquid, powder or cream. So you can splash whatever you want on your face.

2. Thermal water bottle

2. Thermal water bottle gift ideas woman 10 euro

If your friend just can't do without her proper hot five o'clock tea even away from her living room and loves the environmentally sustainable solutionswe offer you a very useful Filntronic Thermal Water Bottle capable of keep the drink hot or cold for up to 12 hours! It is a canteen made of the highest quality 18/8 stainless steelIt is highly resistant to corrosion, rust and can hold up to 500 ml of any beverage. When travelling, you can store it conveniently in your bag next to your PC because the cap is 100% leak-proof. A choice perfect for the environmentfor your wallet and for her, at a super affordable price

Want more green ideas? Here is our guide at eco-friendly and sustainable gift ideas.

3. Lip Smacker Coca Cola

3. Lip Smacker Coca Cola women's gift ideas 10 euros

Who doesn't like Coca Cola, especially with a litre of rum? If you then think that this version of the unmistakable taste is not even fattening, it becomes a perfect gift idea! Coca Cola Lip Balm by Lip Smacker is a creative lip balm thought up in a small glass and guess what? Yes, that's right Coca-Cola-flavoured! A kind and ingenious thought to make happy all the girls who hate the cold cracks typical of certain times of the year.

 4. Heart-shaped baking tray

 4. Heart-shaped baking tray

You are an incurable romanticyou just can't help but show it, and like every human being on the face of the earth, you get off on a cake made with love by your beloved, what then better than a beautiful Heart Shaped Pan? If you're surrounded by do-it-yourself cooking enthusiasts, then you've really hit the jackpot! This heart-shaped mould is delicious and ready to bake! They'll love it, we're sure: we already do. A gift for herbut especially for you.

More culinary junk can be found here: Gift ideas for kitchen lovers

5. Travel Beauty Case

5. Travel Beauty Case gift ideas woman 10 euro

If not even a pandemic can stop his wanderlustyou certainly won't. Want some advice? Give her a comfortable, portable Travel Beauty Case (that's how he gets out of the way). Perfect for women always on the move, contains pockets of different shapes and sizesIt fits comfortably into a backpack or hand luggage. Once at its destination, the Beauty Case becomes immediately adaptable to the environment thanks to a strong hook that will keep it hanging in the bathroom. An organised toiletry bag, functional, multi-compartmentperfect for all women who leave nothing to chance.

6. Detangling brush

6. Detangling brush gift ideas woman 10 euro

Does your girlfriend keep complaining about too many knots in the middle of her thick hair? Also CianfruSilvio would like to complain about this but is bald! If you really love her and want to solve this problem for good, give her a Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush. Perfect for all hair types, it achieves impressive results on dry and damp hair. It is a brush with an anti-static property that gives hair shine and strength. Particularly recommended for women with thin hair and for those wearing extensions! Very low priceguaranteed success!

7. Exfoliating Gloves

7. Exfoliating gloves gift ideas woman 10 euro

Smooth, impurity-free skin is the hidden dream of every woman and i Exfoliating Gloves are a great cheap gift to get it! Made from a natural, rough material, perfect for a good scrub down in the shower. They are cheap, practical and reusable. The product consists of two gloves with a bar of soap inside that is ideal for peeling and exfoliation of dead cells, promoting blood circulation! The small cotton cord allows the bag to be hung in the shower or bath for subsequent applications! 

8. Set of opaque liquid lipsticks

8. Set of opaque liquid lipsticks

'Find someone to ruin your lipstick, not your mascara,' write wise women, usually under a half-naked photo. But if you give it as a present, that's even better. What to give, then, if not a practical Set of Opaque Liquid Lipsticks ? The product consists of four matte lip glosses. These are opaque lipsticks that contain high-intensity pigments, moisturising ingredients that always make the lips soft. They leave no marks on the glasses, do not fade and are long-lasting! A comfortable and beautiful set to wear at a bargain price.

 9. Charcoal mask

 9. Charcoal mask gift ideas woman 10 euro

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a skin care lover, the one that suits you is the Belei Charcoal Mask! You will enjoy a deep cleansing experience on your face that you wouldn't believe with sandpaper. Through a formula with activated charcoalthe Belei mask cleanses and purifies poresits matting effect will leave the clean, even skin. Allow her to indulge a moment of relaxationgood music, a nice warm bath and an extraordinary charcoal face mask for you! What's left for you? Convenience and pure satisfaction

10. Face Cleaning Brush

Face Cleansing Brush Gift 10 euro girl

Imagine you are lying on a couch, your eyes are closed, a relaxing tune is playing in the room and someone is massaging your face. Nice, huh? You know that with the Electric Facial Cleaning Brushes can you give exactly the same sensation? The brush is electric, waterproof and adjustable in speed. In addition, it is ideal both for deep cleansing of the skin and for massaging the dark circles under the eyes. Through gentle, light massages, it improves the circulation of the dark circles and gives them more radiance. It is the perfect gift, our Purchasing Team is absolutely certain of it, and it is suitable for all skin types! What are you waiting for? P.S. cot and relaxing tune are not included.

11. Fitness elastics

Fitness elastics gift ideas for women 10 euro

If the chick is into sports, here's the right idea for you: the Fitness Elastics by Amonax! Le four bands of Amonax resistance are the only ones that have the exercises printed directly on them, even though they are now all fitness youtubers/influencers and that kind of stuff. They are durable, made of natural 100% latex, versatileThey can be used to tone and strengthen legs, buttocks, abs and arms, for stretching, mobility exercises, rehabilitation and physical therapy! Four different resistance levels (Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy) are available, They measure 30 cm and are comfortable to carry everywhere!

12. Girl gift earphones

12.  Earphones gift ideas woman 10 euro

On the train, on the tram, on the metro, in the car, on a ride to the park or in front of the sea: what can never be missing is the perfect soundtrack! If what you are looking for is a gift for music lovers everywherethe answer is one: Earphones ! This product is recommended by our experts because they have an absolutely superior, clear and full sound. They are great earphones for sport thanks to the magnetic disc that is attached to the neck and prevents them from being lost, they are compatible with all smartphones, PCs and more.

13. Scrub Brush

Scrub brush gift ideas woman 10 euro

Another round of skin care! Ready? When sandpaper isn't enough, here's the brush Natural fibre scrub for the dry body brushing! It allows you to take care of your skin by performing peelings and scrubs whenever they wish! It is very useful in cases of cellulite, water retention and poor blood and lymphatic circulation. The brush has a beechwood handle and tampico bristles (don't ask me what it is)! This is also a perfect skin care gift!

14. Room Perfumer

gift ideas woman 10 euro perfumer

Do you know any fans of room candles? Do you love going to your friend's house and smelling your favourite fragrance? Here: this gift idea will satisfy both your needs! The Airwick Botanica room perfumer is the answer! The pack contains an Airwick Botanica room stick perfumer, fragrance Sandalwood (unfortunately there is no white sock variant) and Caribbean Vetiver. The best and guaranteed way to delight your senses and those of your friends. The perfumer can last up to 45 days and is also an environmentally friendly product because all fragrances are made from natural ingredients, carefully selected to respect our planet.

15. Ecological Gift Pads

15. Ecological gift ideas for women 10 euro

Care for the environment can no longer be a trend, it must become a daily habit. A beautiful gift for every woman and for the planet is to avoid the waste of polluting materials like make-up remover pads: for this reason we recommend the Ecological Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. They are cheap, they cost very little, are reusable, help you take care of yourself without waste. It is exactly the gift everyone would want to be in step with the eco-friendly fashion of the moment.

16. Unicorn stationery set 

unicorn pens

Need to give a gift to a stationery addict? Maybe it's your lucky day, because today we offer you a Unicorn Stationery Set. The product contains 10 bright pens in different colours that have a very smooth stroke. They are all decorated with a unicorn and flamingo theme and contained in a very cute, not too big and very durable case. The package also includes the pencil case and the biros with ten colours. If you were looking for a inexpensive gift to do to your lady of the heart, is this!

17. Headband set

cheap hair bands

For the girl who always likes to have neat hair, the perfect gift could be the Set of Headbands in printed boho style. These are 4 bands perfect for every season, colourful and 48 cm in circumference. Made of super comfortable cotton, wearing them will be comfortable and pleasant for you. A gift original economic and absolutely useful!

18. LED lights with photo kit

lights cheap women's gift ideas

You must have seen, at least once in your life, those bedrooms in American comedies with lights and pictures on the walls? Cosy, original, personalised. Beautiful, aren't they? How about giving your best friend the chance to give her room such a unique atmosphere with Led Lights with Photo Kit? The product includes 5 metres of warm LED lights, 25 photo clips and 10 nails to hang everything in the shape you prefer. What are you waiting for to collect all your best photos? Agift idea unless of ten euros super cute! 

19. Jewellery box 

women's gift jewellery box

Are necklaces, earrings and rings scattered all over the house? All you do is hear her complain because "can't find that pair of beautiful earrings he bought last summer in Apulia"? A solution exists for you and it is the Jewellery box. An excellent multifunctional container, elegant and suitable for holding necklaces, rings and earrings: all perfectly placed in the right place. A gift for her with which you will hit the jackpot and save money! 

20. Beach Bag 

woman bag

Fine weather is here and with it the sea, holidays, heat and the beach. What to give your girlfriend right now? Easy: Beach Bag, an essential accessory for every woman on holiday! The one we are proposing is fresh and super fun, comes in different patterns and also includes a zipped coin purse that is very useful when we are at the beach. Large, roomy and super stylish: for only ten euros you'll make her happy!

21. Semi-permanent nail polish set

girl enamel

Summer does not only mean beach and sea, but also and above all colour! How about giving a nice, money-saving gift to your favourite woman on the planet with a nice set of Coloured Semipermanent Nail Polishes? The product contains six beautiful coloured glossy semi-permanent gels. Just apply them carefully and they will last on your nails for more than twenty days. They are safe, contain no toxic substances and do not have the classic strong smell of nail polishes: a great way to shine naturally this summer! 

22. Scalp Massager

scalp brush gift ideas woman 10 euro

A really useful and inexpensive gift that everyone could enjoy is the Scalp Massager! The high quality organic silicone head is soft, high temperature and cold resistant, environmentally friendly and safe, will not damage your hair or nails wet or dry. Scalp treatment brush can massage and clean the scalp, promote blood circulation to the head, help hair growth, relieve hair loss, perfect exfoliating treatment and no dandruff, relieve stress and scratch. A great gift idea! 

 23. Nail Lamp 

nail lamp led gift

This is a gift for true beauty addicts. We are talking about the UV LED Nail Lamp 48W. For very little money you will buy a lamp with 4 timer modes, a hygienic design and a top quality product complemented by useful accessories at the end of the nail polish application. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Moreover, like everything we have recommended so far costs 10 euro.

24. Eyeshadow Palette

girl eye palette

If make-up is your girlfriend's real passion, what you need is a Maybelline New York Eyeshadow Palette! The product contains 5 matte and 7 shimmer eyeshadows ranging from beige to golden and coppery. The nude look will win you over: powder eyeshadow palette with 12 nude colours for a natural and timeless look. It is suitable for all complexions, has a silky texture, a pigment-rich formula and is easy to blend as well as resistant and long-lasting! What are you waiting for? 

25. Beach Hat

women's hat gift 10 euro girl

Last but not least, it seemed only right to us here at Knickknacks to end with a trendy accessory during this summer 2021: Fishing Cap perfect for the beach! It is nice, comfortable, stylish and very useful for sheltering from the sun. You can choose your lady's favourite from four colours: yellow, pink, black and white. This one is really not to be missed: don't miss out on such a juicy opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find cheap but impressive gifts?

On the web you can find many inexpensive gifts but impressive and special gift ideas even for a few euros on Amazon. If you are on a tight budget and afraid of not finding a cheap gift that is also impressive and able to impress the recipient, you need not worry.

Whatever your budget, you will find the perfect gift (on Amazon you will also find gift ideas from 2 euros!). For any occasion there is always the low-cost alternative, it depends a little on what you are looking for. In our guides you can find: cheap gifts for the home, women's gifts 10 euro, men's gifts up to 5 euro and much more.

You can also find lots of inexpensive but impressive gifts on the Amazon Shop of Junk where every week we report on the best low-cost gift ideas for every occasion.

What to give and spend cheaply?

There are many low-cost gift ideas for those who want to spend little. For example a box of chocolates, a anti-stress book, or others cheap junk. Or take a look at our lists of gift ideas for spending less than 20 euro, 10 euro, 5 euro and (for the cheap) less than 2 euro.

What is an original gift for a woman?

A unique experience, such as a museum ticket, a culinary experience o a trek on etna. Or, a unique design object, such as a artistic lamp or one mermaid tail. Finally, you can take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for her.

What to give a woman who already has everything?

An experience, such as a cooking course or a relaxing massageor a personalised gift that shows you have taken the time and effort to look for it. It is said that the thought is enough. Other examples of women's gift ideas could be a photo album or a handmade painting. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 women's gift ideas. We are sure you will find the right gift, if not, it is also fine a whole lot of nothing.

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