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2 euro gift ideas: gifts for the cheap and the broke

Minimum spending maximum yield: discover fantastic 2 euro gift ideas for women. Cheap boyfriends or broke friends, this guide is for you.

If you are reading this article it is because you are as poor aselammerd* and need some really low-cost gift ideaswhich do not even exceed 2 euros. Whatever the reason, you are in the right place! We have selected well 12 gift ideas for women for less than two euros!

Whether you are a chronic cheapskate or you don't want to spend a lot on your presents this year, you will find in this list lots of cute gifts to do without emptying your wallet. You will find a little bit of everything there, beauty, jewellery and personal items. 

Some Gift ideas cost less than a coffee (a normal coffee, not from Venice)! Let's begin.

12 €2 gift ideas for women

This list of Gift ideas for women you'll be amazed. we've uncovered some real gems at rock-bottom prices. Can you believe it? All these fantastic items to give to a woman do not cost more than 2 euros!

Do not expect additional costs, you will pay very little. Sometimes even by spending little you can making nice gifts to a woman. After all, we believe that the important thing is always the gesture and the thought.

Now we start with the women's gift ideas for less than 2 eurosclick the links and buy now!

Feather bracelet

Let's start with a very delicate gift suitable for women of all ages. The silver-coloured feather bracelet is too cute, even for those a little chubbier. Simple and elegantIt suits all kinds of looks. It will become a faithful companion for any woman who receives it. It is made of silver-coloured copper, made of a high-quality material that will make it last. A low-cost gift for women top!

Ring with initial

Ring with initial

Do you think that making a personalised gift with 2 euros is not possible? You are wrong, theRing with personalised initial is alow-cost gift idea unique. All letters of the alphabet are available. Perfect to give to all girlfriends, so it is easier to remember their name. L'ring is adjustable, fits most finger sizes. The material used is copper coloured with silver and brilliant rhinestones. In our opinion, it is a perfect best friend Christmas gift if you want to spend little. 

Hand balm cream

hand cream

Organic Shop is a brand of skin care natural cheap but really good. La Hand Cream with organic cherry extract helps to moisturise hands split by amuchina and strengthen nails. The packaging is simple but very cute, which is why we have included it in this list of 2 euro gift ideas. This hand creamlike many of the brand's other cosmetics, is made for the 99% with ingredients of natural origin and that is why even lovers of organic and ecological gifts they will love it. 

Pillowcase with initial


We found another personalised gift for less than two euros: the Pillowcase with initial. This pillowcase is really pretty, it has a classic and elegant style. It can be used for cushions of sofaof the bed or a young girl's bedroom, but perhaps even better for grandma. The floral print makes it romantic. A real treat. The dimensions are: approx. 45 cm x 45 cm. Don't let this one get away gift idea for only 2 euros.



You can never go wrong with jewellery and this Necklace with pearls is just too pretty. It costs very little, and you don't even have to go and rob a jewellery store. Usually women love jewellery and this one is really elegant and delicate. You can give it to either a girl than to a adult womanyou will look great either way. In our opinion, it is the perfect gift for a mother or for a grandmother, and if you are looking for similar ideas, read our guide on what to give your mother.

Single-dose face mask

face mask

Back to the beauty gift ideas with this Single-dose mask. Face masks are a real trend, everyone loves them. This one from Niviea is enriched with hydramine, which serves to purify the leather of the face. Just leave it on for a few minutes and your skin will immediately reap the benefits. Give the gift of a cuddle inexpensive. Perfect for the friend who loves to smear all kinds of cream on her face.

Button earrings

button earrings

These Button Earrings I am a great classic that never tires. If you are not familiar with the woman to which you have to do the gift or has difficult tastes, with these earrings you're on the safe side. So if the girl leaves you before Christmas, it is very easy to place them with someone else. They are simple but at the same time elegant and delicate. In its simplicity it can be worn both during the day and in the evening, a evergreen jewel

Travel clutch bag

You have to make a gift to friend always in journey (maybe a little less now) but don't want to spend so much? This Travel clutch bag is thegift idea you were looking for. It exists in so many fantasies and they all cost less than 2 euro. The clutch bag is made of cotton and linen, two fine, natural materials. It is roomy but very light, and will become a faithful companion of journey for the recipient. Dimensions: 21*13*3cm

Make-up blender

Make-up blender

This is the perfect gift for a make up addicted. The Set of 6 make-up blenders will be very much appreciated by all make-up lovers. Le blender are sponges that are used to apply the make-upfoundation, in particular, easily and evenly. Perfect for grooming yourself before meeting up with colleagues on Zoom. Use the pointed side to get into hard-to-reach places, such as around the eyes, mouth and nose. This kit contains as many as 6 and costs no more than 2 euro.

Have you read our blog? We published a guide to cheap gifts for women you'll love it!

Glitter Eyeshadow


Want to make your friends sparkle in the dark? Give this Glitter Eyeshadow by Wet and Wild. This eyeshadow is one of the most popular on Amazon, hundreds of girls have already bought it and speak highly of it. It exists in different colourschoose the one that best suits the person who will receive it. Small expense, maximum yieldthat is the case. 

Lip balm

lip balm

The cocoa butter allows you to moisturise lips split by alcohol and weekend cigarettes, and take care of yourself in a few simple gestures. What we offer you today as a gift idea is the Coca Cola and Vanilla Lip Balm and with its very sweet taste will immediately win over the recipient (but warn them that it is not for eating). In addition, it has moisturising emollient properties that will give an immediate softness to the lips

Heart necklace

heart necklace

The last gift idea for 2 euros we have selected is this beautiful Necklace with little heart. It is made of copper gold-platedelegant and delicate. Truly suitable for all ages. A low-cost gift really cute and romantic. Also suitable if you are a penniless boyfriend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find cheap but impressive gifts?

On the web you can find many inexpensive gifts but impressive and special gift ideas even for a few euros on Amazon. If you are on a tight budget and afraid of not finding a cheap gift that is also impressive and able to impress the recipient, you need not worry.

Whatever your budget, you will find the perfect gift (on Amazon you will also find gift ideas from 2 euros!). For any occasion there is always the low-cost alternative, it depends a little on what you are looking for. In our guides you can find: cheap gifts for the home, women's gifts 10 euro, men's gifts up to 5 euro and much more.

You can also find lots of inexpensive but impressive gifts on the Amazon Shop of Junk where every week we report on the best low-cost gift ideas for every occasion.

What to give and spend cheaply?

There are many low-cost gift ideas for those who want to spend little. For example a box of chocolates, a anti-stress book, or others cheap junk. Or take a look at our lists of gift ideas for spending less than 20 euro, 10 euro, 5 euro and (for the cheap) less than 2 euro.

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