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Another budget another challenge: finding gifts under 20 euros? We accept!

There is no precise amount to make a perfect giftwe are convinced that even with 20 euro you can find some original gift ideas and not at all obvious. Often those who seek inexpensive gifts always chooses the same boring things, we are experts not only in low-cost gifts but also in non-trivial gifts.

If you are looking for gifts under 20 euros that still know how to impress their recipients, you've come to the right place. In this section you will find many guides with gifts under 20 euros for all occasionsbirthday, graduation, Christmas, anniversary or Valentine's Day. The gift ideas you will find here are also suitable for gifts for girlfriends or friends. gifts to colleagues.

What could be nicer than celebrating a loved one? Doing it without spending a fortune! Here is our section dedicated to presents 20 euros 👇🏻🤑

Gifts under 20 euros on Amazon

Our best ally for finding cheap gifts is definitely Amazon. On Amazon, in fact, you can find gift ideas of any category and for any price range. You can decide whether to receive the gift at home or have it delivered directly to the recipient's home with a personalised card.

Every day, the following are uploaded new low-cost gift ideas and we always point you to the best ones. Here you will find a selection of the latest trends in gifts under 20 euros ⬇️

20 euro gifts: graduation and birthday

La degree and the 18th birthday are certainly the occasions for which we are most often asked to find 20 euro gifts. Usually one always spends a little more for this type of celebration, but it is not a rule. Sometimes a thought is enough or you don't know the birthday boy or girl very well and so you opt for a low-cost gift idea. Don't worry, there are cheap but impressive gifts for these occasions too.

If you too are looking for a gift graduation girl 20 euro or a gift for a boy's 18th birthday for 20 euroswe can give you some ideas. You and your wallet will thank us. 

Graduation gift 20 euro

Here are some original idea for graduation of a girl:

1. Funny T-shirt

graduation gift t-shirt 20 euro

Fun graduation gifts are often also the cheapest and this T-shirt with 'I've finally graduated' print  is perfectly within the budget of 20 euros. It will put a smile on the face of the new graduate receiving it and save you money on the gift.

2. Steel charm bracelet

graduation bracelet

You didn't think that with a budget of 20 euro you could give a jewel as a gift? This Lucky Bracelet is a real gem. People often give auspicious pendants as graduation gifts but it is not easy to find them cheaply. This inexpensive gift will solve all your problems.

3. Customisable pen

Giving a pen is a great classic among graduation gifts but this one has something special. Not only does it cost less than 20 euros, but it is a Customisable pen. It is sold in its case and you can engrave any phrase, even auspicious words for the achievement.

Gift 18 years 20 euro

If, on the other hand, you are looking for 18 birthday gift ideas for less than 20 euroswe have collected a few ideas. You will find many more in our dedicated guides, which are linked at the end of this paragraph.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker graduation gift 20 euro

Tech gifts for graduation are always the most popular and this Bluetooth Speaker Speaker is perfect as boy's 18th birthday present for 20 euros.

2. Casio Digital Watch

casio watch gift 20 euro

An iconic watch for less than 20 euros? It exists and it is the Casio Digital Watch. You'll look great with this because nobody expects a watch like this to cost so little. A really nice gift for a boy's graduation.

3. Slim Wallet

The Slim Wallet is a current trend among graduation gifts for boys. There are so many colours and models, but the one we are recommending costs less than 20 euros.

🎁 If you are looking for more gift ideas for these occasions, have a look here: Graduation gift ideas or GIFT IDEAS 18 YEARS

Gifts for less than 20 euros for every occasion

There are gifts under 20 euros for all occasions? Of course, and we are here to point them out to you.

Over time we have created several collections of inexpensive gifts divided by occasion or recipient (man, woman, friend, boyfriend and more).

Here are the guides that might be useful to you in your search for 20 euro gifts:

Whichever gift you choose, always remember that it is the gesture that counts (it sounds like a catchphrase we know, but we kind of believe it too 😉).

Gifts 20 euros: where to find them?

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Then take a look at the Amazon Shop of Junk where every week we report on the best low-cost gift ideas for every occasion and at our section Cheap Gifts where you always find new guides to the perfect gift!

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