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If you are wondering whether it is possible to make inexpensive gifts for five euros or less you are in the right place. We have selected for you gifts 5 euro to help you find the right gift for very little money. Our team is committed to scouring the web for the best cheap gifts and truly unmissable offers. In our guides you will also find 2 euro gift ideas for a truly low costbut no less appreciated. We have come up with inexpensive gifts for men, women and children that are perfect for all occasions. It may seem impossible but there really are cheap gifts for children. Giving a gift to a child can often be expensive and complicated, but we want to show you that it doesn't have to be that way. But if you want to surprise your dad, brother, friend or boyfriend but your budget is really tight, we have selected for you men's gift ideas up to five euros. Our guides with lots of inexpensive gifts are proof that it is possible to give a gift for very little money and without stress. Our suggestions will help you choose the perfect gift for your needs without breaking your budget. You can also find a range of home gifts 5 euro perfect for that friend who just moved away or for the dinner at the in-laws' you don't know what to get. We hope we have convinced you that budget is not an issue and that even a inexpensive gift can be truly appreciated by the recipient. 


15 cheap children's gifts: 5 euro gift ideas for all ages

You can make your little screaming brats happy for only 5 euros! Don't believe it? Read our list of 15 cheap gifts for kids!

Gift ideas for men up to EUR 5: low-cost gifts for men

Is your wallet crying but you need to give your man an original gift? Don't worry, we have found lots of men's gift ideas down to EUR 5!

Gift ideas under 5 euros: cheap gifts for her, him and children

We have selected the best gift ideas under EUR 5 for women, men and children. Save money while making your loved ones happy!

2 euro gift ideas: gifts for the cheap and the broke

Minimum spending maximum yield: discover fantastic 2 euro gift ideas for women. Cheap boyfriends or broke friends, this guide is for you.

5 euro gifts for the home: 15 original and inexpensive ideas

Friends moving or buying a new house and you haven't even finished yours on The Sims? Don't worry. Here are 15 home gifts for less than €5 to make a good impression when you get invited!

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