5 euro

Someone said gifts under 5 euro? Yes, we are not joking: is it really possible to find gifts so cheap.

Now we must dispel another myth: the 5 euro gift ideas are not trivial or poor quality objects.

To find goodies, however, you need to know where to look, and if you've come here, you've come to the right place, we are the specialists in low-cost gift ideas. 

We here at Junk have a mantra to suit the occasion: Have fun while saving!

Our team has been busy scouring the web for the best cheap gifts and offers truly unmissable, scroll down to discover our dedicated tips and guides ⬇️

Gifts under 5 euro

Do gifts for less than 5 euro is not just for cheapskates or those who are broke, quite the contrary! Everyone could use some little thoughts or make a simple gift.

If you also have this need, the best place to find inexpensive yet impressive gifts with little is definitely Amazon.

Here you will find a constantly updated section of 5 euro gift ideas 👇👇

Gifts for less than 5 euro: some original ideas

To show you that even with a few euros you can make original and impressive giftswe have selected a few ideas suitable for all occasions.

1.Women's bag organiser

This idea perfectly combines originality and economy. L'Women's bag organiser costs 6 euro (the price is often reduced) but it is really useful. There are several pockets where you can put your mobile phone, handkerchiefs, wallet and everything else that every woman carries in her handbag.

Beard Shaping Comb

As you can see, there are gifts for less than 5 euros for both men and women and this Model Beard Comb is proof of this. Suitable for all hair types and hairstyles, it helps men style and keep their beards tidy.

Coffee scrub

Even when it comes to beauty gifts you can find plenty of low-cost ideas for just a few euros. Lo Coffee scrub from Organic Shop is a guarantee. Everyone likes it!

4.Fun colouring book

If you want to make 5 euro gifts that will remain in history, choose these Funny colouring books that will help your friends send bad thoughts to hell. They serve to relax and are really too much fun.

These gift ideas I hope have shown you that finding gifts for less than 5 euro it is not as difficult as you think if it is where to look.

You will find many more gifts for less than 5 euros in our guides that we will present in the next section ⬇️

Gifts 5 euro for every occasion

As we've already told you, we at Knickknacks are very attentive to the needs of those who want to make inexpensive but still original gifts.

We have created 5 euro gift guides for all occasions:

  • 5 euro gifts for children: you will find a selection of gifts and educational games that are ideal for a child's birthday present or as a little gift.
  • Gifts for the home at 5 euro: selection of original gift ideas suitable if you are invited to dinner and want to bring a gift to your hosts.
  • Gift ideas under 5 euros for men: the perfect guide for girlfriends who are pissed off but won't give up giving something to their partner.
  • Gifts for all: is the web's funniest under EUR 5 gift collection with lots of gift ideas for everyone.

But we have a surprise for you! This time we've outdone ourselves by also looking for 1 euro and 2 euro gifts > 🤑 1 or 2 euro gifts for the cheap and the broke

Gifts under 5 euro on Amazon

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Then take a look at the Amazon Shop of Junk where every week we report on the best low-cost gift ideas for every occasion and at our section Cheap Gifts where you always find new guides to the perfect gift!

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