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Always on the lookout for original gifts? We at Cianfrusaglie are attentive to new tastes and trends and carefully select the gifts for enthusiasts of cinema, technology, beauty, furniture and much more. So if you are looking for a roriginal hegal read our guides and save yourself a lot of time and money. Yes, even money. In our selections you will find many low-cost giftsbut not trivial. When you give a gift, the secret is to think about the person you have in front of you and try to indulge their tastes as much as possible. For technology lovers, for example, we have come up with lots of hi tech gift ideas. The itechnological gift goddesses they bring everyone together. They are perfect for men, women and children. Technological is not synonymous with expensive. In our lists gifts for enthusiasts you'll find plenty cheap technology gifts perfect for making a splash without breaking your budget. For fans of films and TV series, we have come up with gift ideas for movie fans. Here you will find plenty of ideas for a Marvel or Harry Potter themed gift and much more. I cinema-lovers gifts are so many and allow you to find original gifts that are sure to be super appreciated. By consulting our guides you can find the right gift idea according to the passions and tastes of the person who is to receive the gift. There is nothing nicer than receiving a gift that reflects our personality and aptitudes. So now we advise you to take a few minutes to read through our lists and find the original gift that is right for you. 

camping gift ideas

Camping ideas and accessories: 10 original gifts and essentials

You love camping and outdoor adventures, this article is for you. Discover the 10 most original and useful camping gift ideas for camping lovers.
special men's gift ideas

Special and personalised men's gift ideas to impress him

Looking for special gifts for him? You're in the right place! Here are +20 special gift ideas including designer products, eco-friendly and totally unexpected gifts.
do-it-yourself gifts

DIY gifts and DIY gift ideas for those who like to make original gifts

Make original DIY gifts to impress your loved ones and discover the best gift ideas for DIY enthusiasts.
gift for new house

Gift for a new house: what to give a homebuyer?

Do you need to choose a gift for your friends' new home but don't know where to start because you still live with Mum and Dad? Don't worry, we have found the perfect ideas!
cycling gift ideas

Cycling gift ideas: gifts for cyclists

Looking for gift ideas for cyclists? Here is the definitive guide to the 11 best gifts for cyclists.
kitchen gift ideas for those who love to cook

Kitchen gift ideas: gift guide for those who love to cook

Is your aspiring chef best friend having a birthday? Choose one of these original kitchen gift ideas. He'll be so happy that you can scrounge up the next dinner party!
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