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Would you like to be a real expert in Amazon and its services but don't know where to start? Don't worry with our amazon guides we explain all the secrets of the most popular online shopping platform. You will always be up-to-date on new promotions and services offered and shopping will be child's play for you. But that's not all. Amazon offers you numerous opportunities: from shopping to watching films, listening to music or audio books and much more. Still not convinced? If you have a company, for instance, you might be interested in an account amazon businessBut if you are a student, the platform has also thought of you with amazon prime student. We of junk in our amazon guides we tell you all the secrets: from how to use the discount codes on amazon to how theamazon prime day. If you pay attention to the best offers and promotions, amazon allows you to save money and realise your desires at the best price. Throughout the year there are also several amazon events, such as Black Friday, which allow you to shop really well. You also have to learn to wait for the right time to shop to grab the best offers. In our articles you will find tips on how to use the main amazon services best suited to your needs such as amazon prime video, audible, amazon music, amazon wardrobe and much more. We are sure that after reading our amazon guides you will be a true pro of the most popular platform. 

amazon price errors

Amazon price errors: Here's what they are and the Telegram channel where to find them

A price error occurs when the supplier makes a mistake in entering the product he is offering for sale. There is a channel on Telegram that reports them before the supplier notices and corrects the price!
guide on how to give an amazon voucher

How to give an Amazon voucher: the perfect gift for every occasion! 

Complete guide on how to give an Amazon voucher for any occasion.

Audible: download and try it for FREE for 30 days

Do you know Audible? It is a podcast and audiobook platform. If you download it now, you can mooch the service for FREE for 30 days

Amazon Prime Student: how does it work, how much does it cost and how to sign up for free?

Discover all the benefits of Amazon Prime Student, you get all Prime services at 50%. If you are a student sign up now.

Amazon Music Unlimited: how does it work and how to use it for free?

Listen to your favourite music all day long: get Amazon Music Unlimited for free and find out how it works!

Amazon Prime Video: how it works and how to sign up for free!

Want to watch unlimited TV series and films? Try Amazon Prime Video for free and find out how this streamig platform works.

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