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Need to give a gift but don't have a big budget? Don't worry! We have come up with a wide range of inexpensive gifts that will allow you to make a good impression while spending very little. After all, the beauty of a gift is not measured by its price. Here you will find many low-cost gift ideas perfect for different occasions. It may seem impossible, but it is true. We have selected many inexpensive gifts perfect for men, women or children and designed for various occasions. You will find options for all budgets. For a small thought let yourself be inspired by our gift ideas 5 euro. You can find lots of inexpensive gift options for adults and children. Even with a very small outlay you can find gift ideas. In our guides you will also find 2 euro gift ideas. So if you are wondering what I can buy on a budget of 5 euros, you are in the right place. We have also selected numerous gift ideas 10 euro. Proposals to make men and women happy at a super affordable price. Finding cheap but still satisfying gifts can be difficult, but we've really thought of everything. With our guides you can stop the last-minute gift rush and surprise your loved ones at a fraction of the cost. Among our cheap gift suggestions you can also find gift ideas 20 euro original and personalised. So who said that you have to spend a fortune to make a good gift? Now all you have to do is start your shopping and browse through our inexpensive gifts the one that suits you. 

gift 10 euro girl

Gift 10 euro girl or friend: + 25 cheap gift ideas

If you are stingy but forced to give a gift to a friend or girlfriend, we have selected 25 women's gift ideas up to 10 euro
cheap mother's day gift ideas

Mother's Day Gifts: gift ideas for less than 10 euros

If you don't want to spend too much money on Mummy either, here are 10 Mother's Day gift ideas for less than EUR 10.
woman gift 20 euro

Women's gift under 20 euros: cheap ideas for girlfriends and friends

No money but a big heart! For you the guide to women's gift ideas under 20 euros.
Gift ideas at 20 euros for a girl

10 €20 gift ideas for girls: cheap gifts for women

You only have 20 euros and a gift to give your girlfriend? Here is a selection of the best 20 euro gift ideas for women.

15 cheap children's gifts: 5 euro gift ideas for all ages

You can make your little screaming brats happy for only 5 euros! Don't believe it? Read our list of 15 cheap gifts for kids!

Gift ideas for men up to EUR 5: low-cost gifts for men

Is your wallet crying but you need to give your man an original gift? Don't worry, we have found lots of men's gift ideas down to EUR 5!

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