Pension gift

Is the long-awaited retirement finally at the door? Ah no, it is not you who is retiring but one of your colleagues and you not only have to 'rejoice' but also choose the perfect retirement gift.

We know how traumatic it can be and that is why we have done this work for you by making a selection of the best retirement gifts.

Retirement Gift Etiquette: What are the rules?

Receiving a retirement gift is always something very welcome, but there are a few rules to observe: the retirement gift etiquette.

First of all, the gift should not be given too early, otherwise the future pensioner might think you can't wait for him to leave (although it is better not to let him know this).

If you choose to make a important pension giftand you have to make sure that all colleagues participate and you also have to ask the boss if he wants to do it. If a retirement party is organised, it will be easier and you can deliver the retirement gift on behalf of everyone on that occasion.

Another rule is to never give an embarrassing or vulgar object at work, even if you are retiring it is never nice.

The last rule applies to retirement gifts as it does to everyone: choose a gift with the person and his or her passions in mind, only then will you do something truly pleasing.

What to give a colleague when he retires?

This is the question to which with our lists of women's retirement gift ideas e men's retirement gifts we try to respond. You will find many ideas, funny retirement giftsimportant and expensive but also low-cost gifts.

Choose what to give to someone retiring or for a retirement will be much easier. You can also give the gift of an experience like a dinner, a trip to a museum or a tour. It all depends on the type of pensioner and how familiar you are.

Sometimes the gifts for a pensioner can be boring or too serious, remember retirement is a celebration! That's why we have selected fun retirement gifts and many original gift ideas.
50+ Gifts for Retirees
Not sure what to get your retiring colleague or friend? Take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for retirees.

Or read our guides and find the perfect one for your next lucky colleague to leave the office.

men's retirement gift ideas

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women's retirement gift ideas

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