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Birthday friend gift ideas for all ages and experiences

friend unwrapping birthday present

Your best friend has a birthday but you don't know what to get her? Choose from more than 20 original best friend birthday gift ideas and unforgettable experiences to share.

Find friend's birthday gift ideas perfect can be really challenging. If you have known a person well for many years you may think there is nothing original to give them, or if your friend is one of those people who already has everything you are discouraged from looking for the perfect gift. Don't worry, we can find as many original and non-trivial birthday gifts as you want!

As always, we have selected from Amazon and beyond the best gifts that will solve the problem that everyone has at least once in their life: what to give a friend for her birthday?

The a friend's birthday is always a perfect occasion to show how much we love her and why she is important to us, as well as to remind her that she is ageing badly. On this occasion it is essential to choose an original, unique and special gift just like her.

We are sure you will find the right gift to impress your friend. In addition, we have divided thegift dee birthday friend into age groups so as to guide you even better in your choice. 

Birthday presents for a friend's 20th birthday 

When one is young, exchanging gifts between friends is a lot of fun especially when it comes to a special occasion as in birthday to celebrate all together. For a girl aged 15 to 20, there are plenty of fun gift ideas but it is not always easy to get the right present. To choose the birthday present for 20-year-old friend Follow our advice, we are sure you will look great. Let's start with our list of gift ideas!

Polaroid instant camera

instant camera birthday gifts friend

The carefree, legendary drunkenness of one's twenties no longer returns and must be immortalised. What could be better than a instant camera to print memories of your friendship, even the most embarrassing ones? Receiving an instant camera for a birthday will surely make any friend of yours happy, a little less so for embarrassing photos. You can have fun together taking the polaroid and create unforgettable memories. Great gift idea also for the photo and photography enthusiast friend who wants to experiment or just have fun.

Straw bag

straw bag birthday present friend

Le Straw bags are the trend of the moment among girls in their twenties and are friend's birthday gift ideas perfect. If your best friend you still don't have one wait and give it to her! They are very beautiful and refined hand-woven bags. They can be used for any occasion and, although they started out as beach bags, are now also used in the city or for fashion shows at university. A very capacious straw bag to carry mobile phone, wallet, cosmetics, the thermal water bottle (another trend of the moment among the very young), keys and anything else you can't find when you look for it.

Thermal water bottle 1 litre

thermal water bottle 1 litre birthday gift friend

We have already said that the thermal water bottle is one of the trends of the moment. Le 1-litre thermal flasks are perfect for carrying around, to the office, to university or on the road and allow you to keep your beer always fresh. It is an environmentally friendly, inexpensive and very trendy gift idea. To make this regal for your friendChoose a particular colour or pattern so that it always stands out. Perfect gift idea also for the young friend who does sports or often goes to the gym just to take selfies in the mirror. La stainless steel thermal bottle which is one of the eco-friendly gifts most loved by women.

Adult anti-anxiety colouring book 

colouring book birthday presents

Is your friend stressed about university exams or work having a birthday? It takes a anti-stress and anti-anxiety gift. No, it is not a punching bag with a picture of the teacher. There is something less violent. The perfect gift is theAnxiety colouring book for adults. Colouring is a very effective relaxation technique, but colouring out phrases is much more so. Unfortunately, the Veneto version is not yet available. It is the perfect birthday gift for any friend needs to let off some steam but you don't want to listen anymore. An original, inexpensive gift idea that won't go unnoticed - in fact, we're sure you'll buy it for yourself!

Lace bra brassiere 

bra gift birthday friend

Yours best friend's birthday or has a hot date? Why not treat her to something more intimate, very intimate. We have selected this Lace brassiere suitable for all body shapes. Lace brassieres are a trend of the moment. Elegant, feminine and comfortable, they add an extra touch to a simple look. Available in different colours to match your wardrobe. Take advantage of them to make a original gift for a friend's birthday at a low price.

Gift ideas for 30th birthday friends 

I 30 years are considered by many women as a real achievement and are often celebrated with big parties. Then there are those like me, who start to feel the first aches and pains, and recovering from an alcoholic evening takes a week. But that's another story. If your amica turns 30 you must not be found unprepared! There are many gift ideas for this occasion but only has selected the perfect presents for a friend's 30th birthday. The selected gift ideas are suitable for 30-year-old girls working, studying, sporting, new motherstruckers... let's just say there is something for everyone. 

30th anniversary mug 

30th birthday present mug

Let's start with a great classic that we propose in a more original key. Le cups are always a welcome gift, especially if they are personalised. Thirty years is a beautiful milestone in a woman's life and remembering it through a fancy gadget such as a personalised 30th birthday mug. The one we chose features the funny phrase 'It took me 30 years to become so fantastic and almost perfect' that will make everyone, or almost everyone, smile. The gift mugs have great value for money, funny messages and bright colours. A original giftunique and durable for everyday use. Perfect for pouring coffee with sambuca to give you that morning boost. It is high-quality ceramic cups and are very durable, suitable for even the most careless and troublemaking friend. 

Vitamin C facial serum

facial serum gifts birthday friend

A thirty years you start to look at building sites with interest and take care of your skin with more dedication. That is why a skincare product is aperfect gift idea for a 30-year-old girl. We have selected one of women's favourite products, the Organic face serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. A product of the highest quality but at a reduced price, it is a gift idea for a friend's birthday with less than 20 euro. A perfect birthday gift for a 30-year-old woman

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Upright iron

upright iron birthday gifts girlfriend

Who loves ironing? No one and certainly not yours either friend turning 30 in a few days. One of the solutions to combat laziness, and go to work in a decent shirt, is to have a Portable upright iron. In just a few minutes and without effort, shirts, sweaters and dresses can be ironed to look perfect before going out, without mum's help. A perfect gift for a woman in her 30s who is always in a hurry and has many commitments. Also suitable as a gift for a friend who travels a lot because it is a portable iron that fits perfectly into a suitcase and weighs very little. Moreover, it is an inexpensive gift idea, costs less than 30 euro

Economical electric steamer 

steamer birthday present friend

We all have ahealthy cooking lover friend and perpetually on a diet, but then goes to the sandwich shop on the sly. Here is the perfect birthday gift for her: a electric steamer. The electric steamer is used to cook healthy, low-calorie meals quickly because it uses steam to cook food. We are confident that it is a good gift idea for a 30-year-old girl who loves cooking and wants to keep fit, or at least try to. La electric steamer that we have selected has three trays with diameters of 24 cm, 25 cm and 26 cm, and more food can be cooked in them at the same time.

Birthday presents for a friend's 50th birthday

The 50th birthday should always be celebrated! We're sure that all your friends are also of this opinion and it's up to you to choose the perfect gift for each of them. Sharing an important milestone with loved ones, in addition to photos with goodbyes, is very nice because it is a very emotional birthday for a woman. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the perfect gift for a 50-year-old friend.

There are plenty of gift ideas on the web, but we have created for you the best gift list for a 50-year-old friend. Don't believe us? Try giving one of our proposals as a present, any friend of yours will love them. Let's see what the most original gifts for a 50-year-old friend

Travel beauty set

beauty set travel gifts birthday friend

A Set of travel clutches is a useful and original gift for a friend turning 50. This travel beauty set includes make-up bags and clutches of different shapes and sizes to hold everything you need for a trip: beauty products, hair products and electronic devices. Moreover, they can be used for everything: make-up bags, coin purses, day bags, brush and make-up bags and to put in all the other junk accumulated over 50 years. That's why this set is the perfect gift for a birthday.

Essential oil and essence diffuser

diffuser essential oils birthday gifts girlfriend

The birthday gift for a refined and classy woman could be this essences and essential oils diffuser set. The set includes a electric diffuser e 6 essential oils pure with heavenly fragrances. The six essential oils are: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, sweet orange. Unfortunately, the one with the fragrance of mixed fried food is missing. This one we propose is agift idea which might appeal very much to afriend turning 50.

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Pandora 50 years pendant

birthday gifts pandora 50

For all women who have a Pandora bracelet, it is always a pleasure to receive a new pendant, even if they have so many that they make a tambourine effect. Each pendant tells a story and has a meaning, like the Pandora 50 years pendant. A small charm (assuming that's how you spell it) that reminds you of a special occasion and an unforgettable day such as your own 50th birthday. Idea gift perfect for the a friend's birthday or when you don't really know the taste of the birthday girl, a piece of jewellery is always nice and a safe bet. 

Soy wax candle set

candle set birthday gift friend

One of the most popular friend's birthday gift ideas is the Scented candle set with soy wax. The candles have four different fragrances and burn for 25 to 30 hours, but if you put wood on them they burn even longer. They are made from a mixture of natural soy wax and natural essential oils that do not produce smoke and do not emit unpleasant odours. They create a warm, relaxed atmosphere and are a great gift idea for a friend's 50th birthday. This set of aromatherapy candles is an ideal gift set for any occasion.

Gift experience friend

Among the most popular gifts among friends there are definitely the experiences to do together. Spending quality time together is always among the friend's birthday gift ideas the best choice. But what to do? There are beautiful experiences to give suitable for a friend's birthday.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the perfect experience gift for a friend:

  • Fun for Two box set lots of destinations where you can have fun and get to know new cities.
  • SPA experience + beauty kit relaxation and pampering for two in a beautiful spa.
  • Outingchoose a destination close to where you live and spend a day together.
  • Guided tour: choose a place of interest in your city and book a guided tours.
  •  Driving Experiencedriving in a racing car for brave friends.
  • Dinner with tasting: gift for lovers of good food.
  •  Indoor skydiving - FlyXexperience that literally allows you to fly!
  • Cinema ticketcheap but still perfect gift to spend a nice evening with friends.

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What to give a friend for her birthday?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then here is our list with more than 50 gift ideas for the birthday of your beasts.

We are sure you will find what you are looking for, if not, give it as a present a whole lot of nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an original gift for a woman?

A unique experience, such as a museum ticket, a culinary experience o a trek on etna. Or, a unique design object, such as a artistic lamp or one mermaid tail. Finally, you can take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for her.

What to give a woman who already has everything?

An experience, such as a cooking course or a relaxing massageor a personalised gift that shows you have taken the time and effort to look for it. It is said that the thought is enough. Other examples of women's gift ideas could be a photo album or a handmade painting. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 women's gift ideas. We are sure you will find the right gift, if not, it is also fine a whole lot of nothing.

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