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Gifts for new fathers and gifts for future fathers: ideas for the first Father's Day

father and baby hands

Not sure what to give as a Father's Day present? Don't worry, we have selected the best gifts for new dads and dads-to-be!

You are looking for Gifts for your dad or for a new dad, we can help you find the perfect gift for the first Father's Day! Like every year, the Father's Day will be 19 March and it is a particularly important occasion if it is the first..

It will be a very exciting day and find the perfect new dad gifts is not as easy as it looks! But our team came up with some really original and crazy ideas and the gift for dad will no longer be a problem.

We have also selected some gifts to give a new dad (or dads-to-be who have not yet fled to Mexico) and if you want more advice, you can also creating a birth list for new parents

Most of the dad will say he doesn't want anything for their party, but we'll let you in on a secret: dads love to receive a nice present. But remember it is only one of many ways to tell him that you love him, a embrace is always the most welcome gift. But since we have to invoice, follow our guide. 

Shall we start? You will find a list of gifts for new fathers!

Gifts for new fathers: which ones to choose for the first Father's Day?

You never forget your first Father's Day, especially if it is your first child! In fact, it is very important to choose a gift for a new dad with care. Having a baby is always a new adventure, which is why it is important to celebrate this milestone.

The gift for the first Father's Day will remember him forever. That's why it is so important to choose it well, let's see some suggestions together. You'll find plenty gift ideas for new fathers.

Illustrated Book

Book New Father Gift Ideas

Circles of gifts for new father really sweet? What could be better than Illustrated book Stay close to me, Dad. Artist Snezhana Soosh has illustrated these pages with beautiful drawings that will touch the heart of all dad and in particular of new fathers. This is a really sweet gift full of love (diabetics refrained). Moreover, it is a really nice book to read together with the children once they have grown up. 

Bracelet for new dad

Bracelet New father gift ideas

The Bracelet with dedication for dad is a precious gift for every new dad. The bracelet is colour silver and made of alloy steel. It never gets damaged, even in contact with water, but maybe under a 15-tonne truck it does. Are we sure that a new father can really appreciate this thinking

Baby body

body Gift ideas for new dads

We close with a fun gift the Body suit - You can do it Daddy ! A gift really tender. It is a jumpsuit for newborn with imprinted instructions for a new father novices with clothes and offspring. The Baby Body baby short-sleeved American neckline is made of cotton and the fabric is hypoallergenic. It is available in different colours: grey, pink, light blue and white. 

Coordinated newborn and daddy set

baby set Gifts for new dads

Looking for a tender and super Instagrammable gift? Here is the coordinated newborn daddy set is exactly right for you. Two T-shirts in 100% cotton with coordinated prints for dad and baby. We think this is a really sweet gift idea. Who wouldn't melt in front of dad and baby dressed alike? However, we are not responsible for the possible revenge of the children in future years when they look at the family photos.

The New Father's Practical Guide

New Father's Day gift guide

Is the end of your pregnancy approaching or has a baby recently joined the family? Do you fear that the sweet nights of sleep are irretrievably over and don't know what to do? Here we have thought of a gift especially for you, a the new father's practical guide full of useful tips for facing the challenge of parenting with nerves of steel. Get it? Steady nerves. A guide with practical advicestudied by experts and tested by other new parents.

Gift for a future father: which one to choose?

There comes a time to choose from the thousands gifts for dad on the occasion of their party! Then when it comes to having to choose a gift for a future father, the matter seems to get complicated. But don't worry! Just go for original gift ideas for dads! We've selected a few!

In this section you will find some original, useful and low-cost gifts! Here are our best gift ideas for a future dad!

Future dad mug

Gift mug for new dads

We begin with afun and humorous gift idea that will bring a smile to your dad's face: the Dad's ATM mug. Children always joke about it and we are sure that your dad by opening this gift will get a fat laugh, and reduce your pocket money. Besides, a cup is always a useful gift idea and will accompany your dad through his days. 

Deluxe razor set

Shaver setGifts for Dad

The Gillette Razors Sets for men is a real treat. It is a limited edition suitable for a dad of any age. This set will enhance the shaving moment of the recipient and is a gift not only beautiful and refined but also very useful for those in the habit of always keeping the beard perfectly tidy and not like that scruffy CianfruSilvio. For dads with a well-groomed beard we recommend other  gift ideas for beard carewhich we are sure will be appreciated.


star wars t-shirt gifts dad

Do you have a somewhat nerdy dad and have just finished the Star Wars rewatch? Surprise him with the Star Wars T-shirt perfect. The perfidious Darth Vader will deliver a sweet message for you: best dad in the galaxy! And let's face it... which one future father does not want to be told he is the best. A short-sleeved T-shirtin cotton, with a classic cut perfect for your biggest hero. So what are you waiting for? Make your dad as powerful as a Jedi! 

Customised bottle

customised Father's Day bottle

For lovers of good wine, we have come up with a very special gift: a personalised bottle of Sangiovese for the future o new father. Choose the label, squeeze your brains for a nice dedication and you're done. After all, you know, an alcoholic gift is always welcome! Now all you have to do is think of the right words to make your sweet dad's heart melt or to give him (or maybe uncork?) a good laugh. Then all you have to do is prepare the glasses.

Resting pillow for Dad

daddy office cushion

All dads or future dads have one thing in common: the fatigue! If your dad is a workaholic, all office and work, or if he simply spends many hours at his desk, we have thought of a gift that combines comfort and well-being: the memory chair cushion. It is a memory foam cushion that is perfect for every physique and ensures greater comfort during the hours. The cushion fits every type of chair and in addition to ensuring a good back supportIt improves the quality of all types of seating. The cushion also has a breathable cover to prevent sweating.


daddy perfume

Certainly one of the timeless Father's Day gifts is a good perfume. We have selected for you an intense and long-lasting fragrance, perfect for a classic and timeless gift. The excellent value for money will allow you to make a big impression and show how much you care about him. Because, let's face it, every now and then it's nice even for a dad to feel pampered and surprised with a nice gift. 

Gifts for the first Father's Day: tech and original gift ideas 

If the new father in question is a technology lover, you can also choose to give a personal gift that reflects this passion for his or her first Father's Day. In any case, it must be considered that the 19 March is a day completely dedicated to dads and they should be happy with the gift they receive!

This is precisely why we have come up with a selection of best tech gift ideas that are perfect for a special occasion like this. Here is what we recommend for your dad who loves technology!

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker gifts for dad

If your dad is a technology lover, we can recommend this Bluetooth Speaker. It is one of the best-selling on web and everyone speaks very highly of it. It has some  powerful speakers 3W + 3W HD that allow optimal sound diffusion and also make it suitable for listening to music outdoors, as long as it is not Gigi D'Alessio. For the technology lovers and the music is really a must-have



Lo Smartband is the perfect gift for a dad who loves the technology and the sports! This watch for the fitness has several functionalities: pedometer, to monitor heart rate, to count the caloriesto measure distance travelled, sleep quality. It can be controlled via app. It is very easy to use, even for those who are not very familiar with it! Perfect also to measure calories and check the power supplyor at least try to. 

Mini drone


You know those beautiful aerial videos that make your eyes sparkle on instagram? Your dad could be the one to make them using a mini drone with a 720p HD video camera. The perfect gift for dads who like to capture the most important moments and then watch them over and over again. A tool small and manageableperfect to take on holiday and very easy to use. The drone is compatible with iOS and Android and allows real-time sharing of footage via Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth turntables

Father's Day record player

For fathers who love good music, we have come up with a truly crazy gift idea: a bluetooth turntable with a slightly retro yet technologically advanced flavour. A turntable that will allow him both to listen to his timeless collection of vinyl reminiscent of the golden age, but also to stream his favourite tracks from other devices thanks to the wireless connection. A gift certainly original and wanted for the Father's Day!

Electric screwdriver

electric screwdriver daddy work at home

For the handyman dadboth those really able and those who would be better off never going near DIY, we thought of theBosch electric screwdriver. Two start options, easy to handle, up to 360 rpm, maximum precision. So your dad will have no more excuses to put off that tedious household chore he's been saying he'll do for months but hasn't done yet. It happens in every family!

 Scanner printer

printer for dad

In the wake of the technology we have come up with a gift idea that combines the useful and the enjoyable: an HP printer perfect for printing, photocopying and scanning. The ideal gift for renovating your dad's home officeIt is very good value for money and compatible with all major operating systems. This way you no longer have to worry about printing that all-important document at the last minute or printing your holiday photos (but this only applies to old fashioned, paper-loving dads).

Air purifier 

air purifier as a gift

In recent years we have all become much more aware of our surroundings and air quality, even in our own flat. That is why we offer you a air purifier with activated charcoal filter, designed to quickly filter out pollen, dust, animal hair. The purifier is designed for small and medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, studies, offices or kitchens. Particularly suitable for dads suffering from allergies.

Did you find what you were looking for? For more Father's Day gift ideas you can also look for something in our list of the most original!

50+ Father's Day Gift Ideas on Amazon

Couldn't find the right gift for your dad? Don't worry, we have created a list with more than 50 gift ideas on Amazon that will make you and your daddy happy.

Happy Father's Day Cianfrusacci ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you give to a man who has everything?

When you have to give a gift to a man who has everything there is always someone who goes crazy, but finding the right idea is much easier than you might think. For example, have you ever thought of a dinner with tasting? Or to race car ride? Indeed, giving an experience can be the perfect gift for a man who has everything. If you're not crazy about this idea, you can also take a look at our original gift guideswe always unearth interesting goodies that few people know about. If it is the birthday of a man who has everything or you are celebrating an anniversary, our advice is to always choose a gift from the heart, he will appreciate whatever you decide (if, on the other hand, what worries you is spending too much for someone who already has everything he will not appreciate, opt for one of the best low-cost gift ideasso if he's not happy, at least you've spent little).

What to give a special man?

What to give a man who already has everything?

Some gift ideas for a man who already has everything could be an experience, such as driving a sports car, a wine-tasting experience o a flying lesson with a professional instructor. Other options could include a beard care kit, a whisky tasting set or a case of barbecue tools. Finally, take a look at the list with more than 50 original and fun gift ideas for him.

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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