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Gifts for sportspeople: find the perfect gift for sporty people without breaking a sweat!

man woman sports lovers gifts

Is your boyfriend or best friend a fitness enthusiast? Surprise them with a special gift, we have selected the best gifts for sportsmen and women!

Is the super sporty friend who makes you feel like a chronic lazy person, and makes you feel guilty when he catches you with an arancino in your hand, having a birthday? You can give him 1kg of chicken, which he will surely appreciate, or you can think of something original.

We came up with a crazy list of gifts for sportsmen that will please all your fitness freaks (you won't have to sweat a bit we did it all!).

Among the many ideas, you will find gifts for the gym, technologic giftsi which allow physical activity with cutting-edge technology and generally a lot of sports-themed gift ideas. There are many people who are passionate about sports (not us at!) and today we wanted to think of them, or rather, of the friends, girlfriends and relatives who every time do not know what to give a true sports lover.

Giving a gift to someone who loves sport is not as easy as you think because you always have to keep up to date with current trends in gifts for sportsmen and women. If looking for a gift for a sports person is causing you stress, no more stress!

Here is our list of the best sports gifts by category and type!

Sports gifts: gift ideas for a sportsman

We begin immediately with a selection of best sports giftsso you won't have problems with finding the perfect gift idea for those who work out or go to the gym. You will find a selection of gym gifts especially for truly original men.

You will also find some crossfit gift ideas for those who practise this sport. Later we will also talk about technology gifts for sportsmen and women and fitness gift ideas for women.

Now we start with the gift ideas for a sporty man or boy ­čĹç

Smartbox for adventures

Smartbox for adventures

Let's start with our favourite: give an experience. Sporty types never stand still (not like me, who has difficulty even getting off the sofa) and love to experience new adventures, which is why the SMARTBOX Sports Experience is a perfect gift. The box contains everything you need to independently book the experience you want, it is a very special gifte. You can choose from 5300 different experiences such as water sports, driving or flying activities. Each activity can be carried out by 1 or 2 personsand, it is also an original gift for a couple

Pilates ball and elastics set

elastic pilates ball set

This set with fitness ball and elastic bands is complete enough for those who want to do pilates or for those who want to start getting into shape, perhaps after their holidays in the south. It includes a 25 cm fitball and a set of elastic bands with different resistances, perfect for making your own small gym at home.

It's a great gift idea, also because it includes an e-book with a series of exercises and lots of useful information!

Set of elastic bands Crossfit gift ideas

Fitness elastic sets

If, on the other hand, you are not interested in the ball, the Fitness Elastics are the most popular among the crossifit gift ideas and are a real trend between the gifts for sportsmeni. Today we train a lot at home and have a complete set of sports elastics is a trainer's dream. So you can finish your lasagna in the fridge without feeling guilty. There are five elastic bands, five colours representing different tensile forces. Each level offers a level of training suitable for a variety of sports purposes for women and men, such as gym, yoga, training. It also contains a portable tote bag and an instruction manual. 

Fat-burning supplement

ULTRA BODYSLIM - Fat Burning Supplement

Anyone who does sport knows how important it is to help their body with the right supplements during physical activity, that is why ULTRA BODYSLIM could be the perfect gift for any sportsman or woman. It is a powerful and fast fat-burning supplement with an innovative formula rich in L-carnitine, glucomannan, green coffee and black pepper. The formula is completely vegetablesugar-free and preservative-free, making it the perfect Healthy and Natural way to manage weight. Each pack contains 100 capsules for 50 days of treatment. Really anyone can take it and already so many sportsmen and women love itwhich is why it could be the best gift a sportsman could ever receive!

Elastic bands

 Elastic bands

Le Elastic bands are a very useful piece of equipment for training at home. They serve for a training full body. I confess that I bought it too and they pump you up enough to take a post-workout photo with the hastags #workhard #nopainnogain. Depending on the level of fitness and the level you want to achieve, you can easily choose different resistance bands to reach your muscle-building goal and pump yourself up. A true sportsman will know how best to use them, with this gift you will not go wrong. 

Rope sports gift ideas

training rope

La Training rope is one of the sporting trends of the moment. Many lovers of fitness have integrated it into their training. This model is long 2.8 metres and is suitable for men and women of all heights. In addition, it has high-quality integrated ball bearings to ensure that the rope rotates quickly and smoothly without twisting or tangling. While the handle is very comfortable and does not cause calluses. This rope is the most desired on the web.

Abdominal roller

Abdominal roller

This is one of the gifts for sportsmen only to be done if you are really trained! We have tried it and believe that the Abdominal Roller is a real torture. Yet there are plenty of crazy sportsmen who use it in their workouts. It is used to do crunches and sculpt the abdomen. You can change the direction of the wheels to have a tighter support for abdominal exercises more advanced and challenging. 

Kinesiology Tape

Yes, it's good to be a sportsman, provided you're not over 30. Past that threshold you know very well that all it takes is a workout without the right warm-up, a failure to stretch at the end, or simply getting up from your chair without an oopsie, you can get hurt very easily.

This kinesiology tape aids recovery and you can stick it on the knees, shoulders, elbows of your sportsman friend who is too much of a show-off in the gym.

Tech gifts for sportsmen

Doing sport also means being up-to-date on new technological devices that help us in our physical activity, and those who love sport know this well. That's why among the gifts for sportsmen and women there are also many technological options.

Sport and technology now go hand in hand! In this section you will find crazy ideas for an 18-year old gift for a sporty young man or a wonderful gift idea for a sporty 50-year old man.

Here is 3 tech gifts for sportsmen with which you can't go wrong!


smart band xiaomi

Lo Xiaomi Smartband is the best-selling watch on Amazon ever! This watch for the fitness has several functionalities: pedometer, to monitor heart rate, to count calories, to measure distance travelled, sleep quality. It can be controlled via app. It's so easy to use! It can also be used for swimming or water sports because it is waterproof. We can say that it is the perfect sports technology gift!

Heart rate monitor Gift for gym

 Heart rate monitor

We close with one tool useful for all sportsmen and women: the Heart rate monitor. This model has the integrated chest strap to detect the heartbeat more accurately. It connects automatically with the smartphone to keep everything under control. The sensor is equipped with a replaceable CR2032 battery; battery life is 10-12 months. In addition, it allows you to monitor the calorie consumption in real time and realise how many kilometres you have to do to burn off the lasagna you ate last Sunday. A real gem among sportsmen's gifts. 

Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Among the most popular sports gifts of all time are the Bluetooth Sport Headphones now essential for any physical activity, especially running. This model we propose is designed exclusively for sport and for those who enjoy outdoor physical activity. They guarantee a flawless connection (60% more stable than the last generation) so perfect for those who move around a lot. These headsets can be connected to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including IOS, Android Smartphones.

Women's fitness gift ideas

We close this guide with a selection of women's fitness gift ideas, you might find some really good gifts for a friend or your girlfriend if she is a sports lover.

True, there are many sports, but we have selected gift ideas for sporty women that are really good for any kind of physical activity.

Here are some perfect ideas for a gift for a sports-loving woman!

Sports bra

Sports bra

For true sportswomen who don't want to miss out on the trend, here is the perfect gift: theSports bra with pocket . This bra is one of the most popular on the web. It is made of 85% polyester fibre and 15% spandex an innovative fabric for elasticity, lightness and quick-drying. Perfect gift for a sporty woman who cannot finish the run without documenting it on instagram and runtastic.

Looking for more gift ideas for women? Click here!

Sports bag

Sports bag

Another popular sports gift is the Sports Baby Carrier. This fanny pack allows you to carry your necessities when doing physical activity or running outside, like change for a post-training beer. The running pouch is made of reflective material so that you are clearly visible on the road even in the dark. A super useful gift for those who enjoy outdoor sports.

Thermal water bottle 

 Thermal water bottle

La Super Sparrow thermal water bottle is one of the most popular models among sportsmen. An excellent gift for those who do so much sports and always needs water, especially on Sunday mornings. It is available in 5 colours and is made of high-quality natural latex material. Use the thermal water bottle reduces the consumption of plastic bottles and is therefore a sustainable gift that every lover of sports cannot fail to appreciate. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What to give as an original gift?

There are many original gift ideas. Surely one can give an experience, such as a day relaxation or in a spa, a'culinary experienceor (for the more adrenalin-fuelled) a flying experience o an action-packed adventure. You can also give a card as a gift, for a museum or for a tour. Or, if you want to give something material that will put a smile on the recipient's face, there could be a nice mug, a sexy bottle opener or take a look at our list with more than 50 original gift ideas.

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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