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Gaming gifts: gift ideas for gamers and those who love video games

Video game enthusiast or professional gamer? Here are the best gaming-themed gifts to give in 2022 to those who love video games and consoles.

We have created a list of the best Gaming Gifts to make your gamer friend happy, your girlfriend a fan of video games or your son who at 40 is still playing around instead of getting a job. Here you will find plenty of ideas for both professionals and municipal employees who want to beat the office record. In short, with these gifts you will make any nerd!

But who are the Gamers?

Today we hear more and more about gaming and the gamer. Gamers are a category of people who spend most of their time playing video games and have made careers in this area, especially during distance learning. There are professional gamer teams or lonely gamers who manage to earn really big money! He thinks that I am still among the assholes who get up early in the morning to go to work.

Being a gamer is the dream of many tech and video game enthusiasts today. Just for them, we have created this list of gaming gift ideas and for those who love video games.

If gaming is your passion and you are just looking for something to buy, we would like to remind you to don't overplay your handcan be addictive, a bit like junk. Just don't overdo it to really have fun with video games! 

Gaming gift ideas: the must-have tech devices

Often those who play the video games consistently or those who have made a career out of it, are also passionate about technology

A gamer to declare himself as such must have the right technological equipment, only then can he play really well. We chose the higher-performance devices but also more favourable you can find on Amazon for the gaming

Gamer keyboard

Gamer keyboard Gaming gifts

One of the first things every gamer must have is the Keyboard from gioco. This one we have selected is the WisFox backlit keyboard, every gamer's dream. The colourful LED-backlit rainbow creates an atmosphere of game perfect. The entire WisFox keyboard is made of high-quality, shock and wear-resistant metal material. It is very easy to install and also costs very little, as you smash one every time you miss an online game. 

 Ergonomic mouse

 Gaming Mouse Gifts

Another accessory technology essential to give to a gamer is the Mouse from gioco ergonomic. It too has backlighting and a high-precision sensor. Also great for clicking that tiny 'X' to close advertising banners. It is compatible with all PCs and works well with all major brands of gaming computers and gaming laptops MSI, Dell, Corsair, Alienware, Razer, Xbox One, Asus and others. One of gaming gifts plus economic but also more appreciated by the players. 

Mouse pad

Mouse mat Gaming Gifts

AIRENA Gaming Mouse Pad is a really nice gift idea. It has 14 lighting modes and a rainbow mode to create a very special atmosphere. This mousepad is the most desired by gamer and is the best-selling mat on the web. The measurements are larger than those of a normal mat to allow free movement during the game. The super glow fibre and soft fabric surface with non-slip rubber base ensure precise control of the mouse and constant stability on the desk. A really nice gift to be made to a PC and video game enthusiastespecially those who pull all-nighters and then wake up in the morning groggy.

Gaming headsets

Gaming Headsets Gaming Gifts

Let us now turn to another great classic among the gaming gifts: the Gamer Headsets. These headphones compared to others allow you to delete all external sounds, like your mum screaming all the time, and play only the sounds of the scene of game. Using these headphones is like being immersed in that reality. Le gaming headsets Stynice are compatible with PS4 / PS4 pro / PS4 slim, PS5 / Xbox one, Xbox one S / Xbox one X, NS / N New 3DS / N New 3DS LL and of course all pc from gaming. They also have a microphone for communicating, for example, with other competitors without distracting from the game. The ultra-soft leather earmuffs have a good seal to cover the ears perfectly. They are among the most cheap gaming headsets we found on Amazon but they are really nice and comfortable!

Gaming chair

gaming chair Gaming gifts

We close with an object that all gamer wish: the Professional Gaming Chair. A professional gamer spends several hours a day sitting at a computer, which is why it is important to have a chair that is comfortable and does not damage your back prematurely, like that of a 30-year-old. This model has a design inspired by racing car seats. It is comfortable and can be adjusted for height easily. This is one of the gaming gifts most popular and desired of the web


Gamer gifts: accessories and gadgets 

I gamer and the enthusiasts by video games are some nerd! They love to surround themselves with gadgets from their favourite video games.

If you have to give them a gift, in fact, you only have to discover what its favourite gamewhatever will make him happy. We have selected a few gifts and gadgets for gamers of popular video games that can appeal to all enthusiasts.

Let us begin. 

Minecraft T-shirt 

Jersey Minecraft gaming gifts

We start with a great classic, the T-shirt with the video game favourite. We chose the one from the video game of the moment: the Minecraft T-shirt. It can be the perfect gift for both a boy and a girl who are passionate about this video game. All the main characters of the game. In addition, it is in 100% Cotton and a lot of people have already bought it on Amazon and given as a gift. A perfect gift for all fans by Minecraft because it has official licence, it is an original product! Also good for you, if when you stay at home you use the usual perforated shirt with gravy stains from '72.

Playstation Lamp

Playstation gaming lamp

This decoration for the house is nerdy, we are talking about the Playstation LED lamp. It is a really beautiful lamp to display in one's own room, in the living room next to the console of the Playstation or on the desk from gamer. This multicoloured lamp is the right gift for those who love the video games but does not renounce design and loves home accessories. So you can invite your friend up to 'see the lamp'.

For others original gift ideas for the home, Click here!

Gamer Monopoly

Gaming monopolies

The Monopoly special edition Fortnite is the perfect gift for all enthusiasts of this fantastic video game. The world's most famous board game and the most popular video game of recent years come together in this beautiful, all-game edition! There is one more rule than in the normal game: you have to succeed as much as possible to win, just like in the video game. This is one of the most original gaming gifts we found on the web. But like any board game, it causes family quarrels and destroys lasting friendships.

Gaming socks

Gaming socks gaming gifts

Le Tuopuda Men's Gamer Socks are fantastic socks to give as gifts to true fans of gaming. they are very nice and very cheap! The perfect gift if you want to make a nice little present from an enthusiastic friend by video games. On these cute socks it says: Do Not Disturb, I'm Gaming. A phrase that every true gamer would say! They are warm cotton socks. Great if all the ones you have are holes or mismatched.

Gamer room plaque

Gaming room plaque

A professional gamer always has its own space dedicated to the gamewhich is why this could be a really nice gift idea: the Vintage Gaming in Progress plate. hanging outside your gamer's room will ensure that you are not disturbed during the most important games and by your mother constantly stressing you out. It is a decoration that every gamer should have in his room. Why not give him one? 

Retro gaming consoles

Retro gaming consoles gaming gifts

I unlock a memory. The last of the our gaming gifts is a somewhat unusual object, but one that might appeal to true fans of video games. We are talking about the Retro Portable Console. This console, with its vintage style reminiscent of the 1990s, contains 500 games. There are many different games: strategy, action, intelligence and logic. An original gift that true video game console lovers will appreciate! 

gaming gifts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to give as an original gift?

There are many original gift ideas. Surely one can give an experience, such as a day relaxation or in a spa, a'culinary experienceor (for the more adrenalin-fuelled) a flying experience o an action-packed adventure. You can also give a card as a gift, for a museum or for a tour. Or, if you want to give something material that will put a smile on the recipient's face, there could be a nice mug, a sexy bottle opener or take a look at our list with more than 50 original gift ideas.

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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