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Halloween gifts for kids 2022: gift ideas and scary costumes!

halloween gifts

Looking for Halloween presents for kids? The scariest holiday of the year is coming. Here are the most popular gadgets!

You are looking for gifts by Halloween for children? The scariest party of the year (almost as scary as a wedding anniversary) is coming and you should not be unprepared.

Kids love this party! Pumpkins, witches, ghosts and skeletons begin to populate the houses and themed parties begin, but maximum of 6 people or else the cops come to trick you. In fact, in addition to selecting the best gifts from Halloween for children we have found the Halloween costumes more original and cheaper.

Are you all ready for this party? We at we are ready for an epic trick-or-treat challenge. Whoever collects the most candies and chocolates wins a kiss from CianfruSilvio! 31 October is only a few days away, let's start right away with the Halloween gifts for children.

10 perfect Halloween gifts for children

We have selected 10 gifts and gadgets that are perfect for your children's Halloween parties. There are lots of fun and very 'scary' games, here's what to buy for an unforgettable 31 October!

Assorted Halloween masks

halloween masks

Does the terrifying reign of indecision still reign at home? These felt masks then they will be suitable for your children! 15 pieces all different so that you can impersonate a favourite character or, why not, several characters in the same evening. They are made of felt and are comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable elastic cord. Each mask by Halloween is different and colourful: there is the Jack Lantern mask, the pumpkin mask, the spider mask, the clown mask and many more. Run and discover them all!

Glow-in-the-dark Halloween tattoos

halloween tattoos

Your children will go crazy when they receive these Halloween-themed phosphorescent temporary tattoos. The Tattoo Set contains 20 sheets with cobwebs, skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, cats, skeletons in the wardrobe, etc. They are perfect as gifts for Halloween for your children and their friends. The stickers are made of high-quality paper and adhesive material, non-toxic, waterproof, sweatproof and can be used safely by children. We are sure that on 31 October they will force you too to get a fun and scary glow-in-the-dark tattoo, directly on your forehead! 

Halloween sack race

Halloween sack race

If you are lucky enough to be able to spend the fhalloween esta outdoors we have the perfect gift for your children: the Halloween-themed sack race game. The set includes 4 pieces of jute sacks, 4 eyeballs, 4 spoons and 2-piece leg racing bands. The sack racing bags measure approximately 102 * 60 cm. Set off a challenge between siblings, friends or between quarrelsome housemates, the children will have a great time. This outdoor game for children is really funny and will be loved by everyone, even those who will lose a couple of incisors when falling. 

Magic Springs


Le Halloween magic springs will bewitch children of all ages. This set includes no fewer than 36 of them, making them the perfect gifts for some children at a party of Halloween. They come in different colours. They can also be substituted as gadgets for trick-or-treating instead of the usual sweets, which children like so much and parents not so much. Children of all ages will love this gift for Halloween. They are also great for replacing the springs of the broken mattress you sleep on.

Trick-or-treat bags

Trick-or-treat bags

We have found for you and your children some Halloween treat bags really special. Every year at Halloween children enjoy knocking on every door in the apartment block or neighbourhood to make trick or treat (a bit like the police do with private parties) and they need a special bag to collect their tasty loot. This set contains 6 different Halloween bags made of felt with themed designs. Pumpkin, ghost, skeleton and witch but not only, each child will have their own special bag. Make a useful gift e original for Halloween to your children. And if you can't go trick-or-treating door-to-door this year, fill your own bags with treats and gifts! 

Hair colouring chalk set

Hair colouring chalk set

Halloween for children also means disguises! That's why we chose this Set of Hair Colouring Chalks. Changing hair colours to Halloween will be super fun, and also a bit punkish. The set contains 8 coloured hair chalks: red, yellow, purple, orange, blue, violet, silver and green. Using them is very easy, just wet the hair strands and colour. The chalk will dry quickly and your children's hair will be coloured. After the party, just shampoo and everything will disappear. They are tricks designed for children as they are completely hypoallergenic and do not damage the hair. 

Skeleton led gloves

LED gloves

When your child sees its new Led Halloween Gloves will go crazy with happiness and turn off all the lights in the house to try them out, so watch out for the edges. It is one of the gifts by Halloween for children most desired, will make them feel really special. The LED gloves create coloured light effects and are perfect for recreating a magical and frightening atmosphere during the Halloween party. The lights work in 6 different modes, your children will have a lot of fun discovering them all. They are made of breathable and elastic cotton. 

Pumpkin carving set

 Pumpkin carving set

The  Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit is one of the best Halloween gifts for family and grocery store fun. Children together with their parents will be able to carve and carve their pumpkin effortlessly using these tools. The set contains no less than 10 different faces that can be modelled on the pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Do-It-Yourself. It contains 5 different tools: 1 large saw, 1 small saw, 1 shovel, 1 drill and 1 mallet. In addition, it has 2 LED candles to illuminate your Halloween pumpkin. This is a perfect gift idea for spending time together as a family. 

Playmobil Monster Laboratory

 Playmobil Monster Laboratory

For children with a passion for monsters and Halloween, the perfect gift is the Playmobil Monster Laboratory. This game will recreate a scary Halloween-themed setting for the characters in the kit to play in. One of the two characters is a scary vampire who walks around without a mask. During the holidays of Halloween your children can invent a thousand stories with these fantastic gifts

Original Halloween costumes for children

Finding the costume by Halloween seems an impossible task for every mother. There are children who Halloween would like to dress up as a princess, a fireman or a virus, but we have much cuter and cheaper proposals. In fact, you don't need to spend much for a children's Halloween costume and you can find plenty of options on the web. We have chosen our favourites and we are sure they will drive your little pests crazy. Sometimes the Halloween presents for children most beautiful are the costumes. 

Halloween headbands

Halloween headbands

Let's start with an accessory, just add a black sweatshirt and jeans and the costume is done. We are talking about the Halloween headbands. For a Halloween party at home are perfect and suit all ages, even for 30-year-olds who go to bed at 10, like me. We are sure that even mums will steal one to take some cute selfies. Bats or pumpkins smiling? Let your children choose which one they prefer. They are really adorable.

Original Halloween Girl Costume

Girl costume

This girl Halloween costume as a witch is adorable. She is a costume by Halloween consisting of two pieces, a decorated waistcoat and a wide tulle skirt. It has an elastic waistband so it is very comfortable even for the most lively little girls who also run on the ceiling, and is suitable for any party by Halloween. Your little girl will be the queen of the party with this costume. It is available in all sizes and from 1 to 6 years. 

For many more costumes, have a look here: Halloween costumes> the best disguises for women, men, couples, children and dogs!

Pumpkin costume 

pumpkin costume

We close on a high note with the Halloween costume most beautiful costume ever! We are talking about the costume of Pumpkin Halloween for children. You will receive a pumpkin-shaped costume and a headgear (which is not a pumpkin) at home. Your child will look really adorable in this outfit. It wears from 1 to 3 years and measures 90-104 cm. This costume is really beautiful, every child will love it!

Need more gift ideas? Read all our guides to the perfect gift on our blog and follow us on all social media! 

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