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Male communion gifts: what to give on this special day?

male communion gift ideas

If you too have been sent to a communion but don't know what to give, here are 10(+1) perfect gifts for a boy's first communion!

Today we talk about what are the gifts to give for a boy's communion. A lot of people nowadays celebrate communion with big receptions and if you were 'lucky' enough to be among the guests, you can't turn up empty-handed!

Remember that when you take communion you are still a child, we thought about gifts for children ad hoc and today we are going to talk specifically about gift ideas for boys. Let's start right away with the list by gifts to do to a male child receiving First Communion.

Boy's communion gifts: 10 ideas (+1) for a child 

You know, we at Junk don't fail to make lists of gift ideas for any occasion because we know how difficult it is to find the right gift for a specific event. You no longer have to worry about thinking about the perfect gift for the communion you have been invited to. Above you saw the gift list for a child's Communion. Now read the description of each gift idea and choose the one that suits you best!

Child's watch

children's watch

This watch encompasses many of useful functions in a very small quadrant. In addition to the LED backlit display, stopwatch, alarm clock and aimpermeability to splashes of water and rain, this sports watch has a soft and comfortable strap and above all it is shockproof: I anti-resin mirror of glass is breathable and durable with excellent wear resistance. Great for a lively 10-year-old boy about to receive his First Communion.


male communion gift visor

Virtual Reality Glasses Heromask will make known the universe of mathematics to the most curious children in fun and interactive way. But its function does not stop there. In fact, the 3D viewer can also be used to watching videos or playing games to other virtual reality games. Suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years who will learn multiplication tables and mental arithmetic thanks to this original, educational and surprising device!

Mini Drone

mini drone

Flying experiences to entertain the little ones? Don't worry, nothing dangerous. We are talking about the mini drone for beginners with a fantastic LED lighting e 3 speed modes. The take-off and landing are easy because they at the touch of a buttonIt is just as easy to control the direction of the aircraft. Its design is compact and lightweight, made of soft plastic allows its use both inside and outside the home.

Team backpack

backpack team gifts communion male

Is the grandchild about to receive Communion a Juventus fan? Good news because you know what to get him! Lo Juventus backpack è extendible thanks to side zips. The numerous pockets with which it is equipped will allow him to keep his water bottle on the side and all the things he will need at school. The epaulettes are padded at breathable fabric and meshwhile the backrest è preformed and customised with rigid bottom. Last treat the matching watchStrictly black and white!


male communion gift scooter

The Yoleo scooter  is stable and reliable. To mount it, simply insert the handlebar, which is 40 cm long and 60 cm high, and tighten the screws. It will rotates 360° to perform stunts both on the road and in the skate park. I ABEC 7 bearings are very stable and durablewhile the rubber handles offer a better grip on handlebars. The ability to maximum charge is of 100kg for aheight between the 120 and 150 cm.

Lego Minecraft

minecraft lego

For the little Minecraft fan who is about to receive Communion, there is no better gift than the Lego game Minecraft the Nether Bastion. The set includes numerous video game charactersincluding a Piglin brute and a Strider, but also scenic objects such as a crimson root, mushrooms, a black stone, gold, a Minecraft sword and a fishing rod. Everything you need to unleash the creativity building a fantasy world, brick by brick.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

Listening to music has always been fun for him. Now that he is about to receive Communion, give him the Sony wireless headphones. Comfortable and practical if you can always take them with you for listening to music or watching videos on the smartphone. They charge in no time and guarantee the operation up to 35 Hours. Let us not forget the black colour and the compact on-ear designa dynamic and winning combination.

Portable speaker

Portable speaker

If, on the other hand, he prefers to listen to music in company or in the tranquillity of his room, JBL Go 3 Speaker is a valid alternative. Available in different colours, è water- and dust-resistant. Its small dimensions do not affect the high quality of the reproduced sound and the durability of the battery In fact, the mini-box offers up to 5 hours streaming playback from any device with Bluetooth.

Nintendo Switch Light

Nintendo Switch Light

With this gift for First Communion you will have earned the attention and complete adoration of the child who will receive it. Nintendo Switch Lite is a compact, lightweight console with integrated controls. È portable and pluggable with other Nintendo Switch family consoles to play up to a maximum of 8 players in multiplayer mode by co-operating or challenging friends. In the package is including also the charger.



This is the alternative to the scooter, if he prefers 4-wheelers to the two, give him the Wellife skateboard. La table in wood is composed of 9 maple layers selected and the printshot-made, are durable over time. I ABEC 7 RS bearings. The deisgn is concave with a double kick allows excellent rideability and is ideal for beginners, suitable for stunts and basic tricks.

Extra gift idea:Amazon voucher for communion

Amazon Gift Voucher for Communion

Finally, if you really don't know what to give, don't do it and give a voucher. Choose the amount and donate the gift card in this elegant blue box decorated with a blue bow tie. You can deliver it yourself or make it deliver within one day. È valid 10 years from the date of issue. The good is only usable on

Our list of Communion gifts for boys draws to a close. Today we have expanded a little and instead of the usual 10 we have come up with one more. Mind you, the last gift idea includes thousands more. The choice is yours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, such as a hot-air balloon ride or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

What to give as a gift for children?

There are many options of gifts for children depending on age and interests. Some ideas may include books, construction games, board games, plush, artistic sets or handicrafts, educational electronics or experiences such as a ticket to an amusement park or one day at an educational farm. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for children.

What to give a child who has everything?

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