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Curve prepaid card: opinions and reviews

Curve prepaid card: opinions and reviews

It is not a current account, but a card to dominate all others. Discover the Curve Card and leave all other cards at home!

Hey, here Silvio the founder of Junk.

Before writing this article, I tried this paper for a while and downed half a bottle of my uncle's wine to write more fluently.

Curve paper: what is it?

Today I want to talk to you about Curves, the paper that is revolutionising the world of prepaid cards.


We'll get right to it.

If you are wondering what junk is just give me a moment and I'll tell you everything...

Junk is the largest Telegram group in Italy dedicated to discounts on items from the web, junk in fact. 

I, as I told you, I am Silvio, or rather CianfruSilvio, and I am the founder. 

What will I talk about in the article instead?

I will tell you how Curve works, how it can help you in your everyday life and yes, I will also explain how it allows you to earn money while you blow your salary on Amazon.


Let us begin.

What is this Curve?

One card to link them all

Curve is a card to pay for everythingbut it is not a current account. You open the app, connect all the Mastercard and Visa cards you have and . then leave them at home. 

When you are out boozing just choose from the app which card you want to charge the beer to and physically pay with Curve. 

So if you lose your wallet, as usual, no problem. Just block the curve and you're done. 

The other cards are safe and sound at homeincluding the two euros and twenty cents in it.

I know what you are thinking, 'here is yet another card that offers everything for free and then does nothing and even makes me pay for it'.

I will explain immediately why this is not the case.

There are currently two versions: one blue and one black.

If you are poor blue is perfect for you (in fact, it is the one I took):

- Load all cards from the app Mastercard and any Visa you have;

- You can withdraw from all ATMs (up to EUR 200 per month is free)

- You were drunk and you got the wrong card to charge?

The function 'Back in time' allows you to change your debit card for up to 14 days.

I wish the same worked with girls....

- Cashback! It is possible to select 3 different stores from a list and every time you shop Curve reimburses you 1% to spend.

Yes, you got it right, it fully and directly reimburses 1% for your expenditure.

Do you think it is little?

Let me give you an example:

Let us assume that between household expenditure, travel and various items purchased on Amazon you get to spend 200€ per week.

Considering this average value for 52 weeks (of which a year is composed), you would be able to get reimbursed (not save, but reimburse) as much as 104€.

Of course, if the figures are higher, you just have to adapt your reasoning.

Considering also that Curve's cashback is cumulative, the figures soar.

What do I mean?

On a daily basis, I publish confidential discount offers on junk, which can save you as much as 90% on individual products purchased.

Well, even on products you buy on super-discount you can get 1% of Cashback.

Do you understand what I mean?

It is a bomb mechanism, if used properly.

Curve paper: how much does it cost?

For Curve, I personally chose to buy on Booking, Amazon and Lidl.

So you can earn, like me, while shopping on Amazon or while stocking up on cheap alcohol at Lidl.

- Yes, it is totally free. Basically, Curve earns money from every purchase you make using Mastercard or Visa. In any case, it does not ask you for anything.

If you order the card now, you will also get £5 complimentary by entering my code:

The code to be entered is: DO6J2OKE.

Hurry up and use them before the pound depreciates because of the Brexit and you can't even buy us a goleador

Don't worry about the exchange rate, I paid with Pos in euro and there is no need to convert anything. The card does everything automatically.

The Black version, on the other hand, is for those with Big MoneyIn fact, it costs 9.99€ per month but has many more functions:

- You can withdraw up to 400 euri (that's what my grandmother calls them) without commission;

- Cashback is foreverand not only for the first 90 days;

- International travel and health insuranceso you can travel peacefully, not caring about the coronavirus or luggage lost in some port of call in some Slavic country.

- Insurance against loss or theft of electronic devices in generalso you no longer have to get up on Sunday morning to check whether you have lost your mobile phone and wallet during the legendary binge the night before.

Returning to the app, I must say that is really cool.

Just scroll through the cards and click on them to tell the app which one to charge next.

It also gives you an account of how much you have spent in total and per card (but Sunday morning perhaps avoid doing so).

Moreover, it is sufficient to set one pin for the app, for the card and thus for all the cards you put in it.

Perfect if, like me, you have 32 kb of memory in your head and can't even remember your home address.

We are at the final lines of this article, guys!

I can honestly tell you that Curve is the ultimate cardfor ease of use and because it avoids the risks and inconvenience of carrying cards around.

I'm not sure it will be free + £5 bonus forever, so I recommend activating it if you want to stop going crazy with all the cards 😀

So hurry up and order your Curve, you only need 4 minutes!

Here is the link:

Click here -> <-

Don't forget to enter the code DO6J2OKE, to get £5 free which, even if they are few, sossordi.

See you soon Cianfrusacci 😉

A hug,


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free prepaid card?

There are now a lot of prepaid cards. After trying out a number of free prepaid cards I can recommend Buddy Bankwhich also gives a bonus to those who sign up, Hype or Revolut. If you want to use cryptocurrencies then I would definitely recommend Coinbase. Finally, if you don't want to have all these cards with you all the time, you can have just one that combines them all, namely Curves.

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