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How to give an Amazon voucher: the perfect gift for every occasion! 

guide on how to give an amazon voucher

Complete guide on how to give an Amazon voucher for any occasion.

If you are also looking for a perfect gift and you want to know how to give an Amazon voucher then you have come to the right place! In the tangled thicket of possible gifts, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right gift. Often, however, the person to whom we have to give a gift already has everything and so the voucher not only becomes theperfect idea for any occasion but it is also very easy to give as a gift.

To learn more continue reading our article, because we at will give you all the information and tips on what a gift voucher is, how to use it and how to give it as a present.

Amazon voucher: what is it and how does it work? 

The Amazon voucher is a gift card customisable in which you can freely choose the amount in euros to give to the person concerned. When you don't know what to give to the person who already has everything, this gift idea is perfect not only because it fits any person, such as a friend, mother or girlfriend, but also for any occasion and budget. 

Imagine that your lifelong friend has a birthday but after 34 years of gift-giving you no longer know what to come up with, a prepaid gift card is the perfect idea that will make everyone happy. In this way, the recipient of the gift card can choose to use the amount you have decided to give as a gift for purchase what you most desire. In fact, once you choose the gift card with the amount you prefer, it can only be used by the recipient. The great thing about this gift, moreover, is that it is valid for 10 years from issuance, so your friend can choose with all the peace of mind in the world.

How to give an Amazon voucher online

amazon voucher how it works

Now that you know what a voucher is, you must be wondering how to give it! Don't worry, we'll tell you. Amazon allows you to give its gift cards in both paper and digital form. Giving an online voucher is easy!

Go to, log in with your credentials and click on "Gift Vouchers". A page will open where you can choose between physical vouchers or digital vouchersor the Amazon vouchers online that we are interested in. Once inside the Amazon digital vouchers page, all you have to do is choose the amount you want, pay, and you're done! The site will ask you to enter email or the telephone number of the recipient so that your online voucher can be immediately delivered to the person concerned by email or text message.

The service also allows you to customise the various gift cards according to the occasion of the gift: birthdays, general thanks, congratulations, etc. The minimum amount is 20 euros.

How to give a physical voucher

If you want to give a gift card and are wondering how to do this, read on! The procedure is the same as above but, this time, instead of choosing the 'digital' section you can opt for a voucher in a greeting card or in a box set. Here you can select the customisable voucher you prefer, enter the amount and decide whether to deliver it yourself, having it delivered to your home, or enter it directly the address of the recipient and have it delivered to his or her home. Amazon also gives you the option of print yourself the voucher and give it away in person! Simple as that, right?

How to give an anonymous Amazon voucher

If you are wondering whether it is possible to give a good anonymous the answer is yes! To do so, simply do not give your details when preparing the voucher. If you have decided to give a digital voucher and you want to send it by e-mail you can do so anonymously without specifying your name. The same applies to good physicists because these will also be delivered without sender specifications.

Is it possible to give an Amazon Gift Card abroad?

I vouchers can also be given to theabroadwhether we are talking about online Amazon vouchers or physical Amazon vouchers. In the first case, it is possible send them easily and immediately via the email address or telephone number, in the second case via the physical address. The only caveat is that the Amazon voucher sent abroad can only be redeemed within the store that issued the voucher. Thus, if the Amazon voucher was purchased within the Italian store, it can only be used within it.

The 5 best Amazon vouchers to give 

Here are for you the 5 beautiful gift cards! Amazon, in fact, not only allows you to buy online and physical vouchers, but also gives you the opportunity to personalise them, so as to make the gift cards even more original. 

Amazon voucher for birthday

amazon birthday voucher

This birthday voucher arrives in a colourful pop-up gift box. Inside you will find the gift voucher ready to be used by the lucky birthday boy or girl.

Christmas goodie box

Amazon voucher box for Christmas

I Amazon vouchers are also perfect for Christmas. If the Amazon voucher is inside the Christmas box, outside you will instead find a sweet reindeer to hang on the Christmas tree.

Amazon voucher for travellers

amazon travel voucher

For travel lovers we have thought of a perfect gift voucher for travellers. The Amazon voucher will arrive inside a beautiful tin box in the shape of a suitcase.

Women's gift box

amazon women's voucher box

If the voucher you want to give as a gift has as its recipient a womanthen this is for you. An elegant and refined box that contains inside not a shiny ring but a very useful gift card!

Digital Amazon voucher for all occasions 

digital amaozn voucher

I Digital Amazon vouchers are perfect for all occasions because the service offers you plenty of ideas for customising your Amazon voucher as a gift. For every occasion or for every person, don't worry, there is a suitable voucher!

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