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Grandparents' Christmas gift ideas: what to give grandma and grandpa?

grandparents' christmas gifts

No more slippers and pyjamas! Here are the most original Christmas 2022 gift ideas for grandparents, the most special people in the family.

Every time December arrives and we start talking about Christmas presents, there is a grandmother who says: 'No presents for us grandparents, Christmas is for the children!' However, it's always nice to have the grandparents find a little something under the tree, not least because they always drop the fifty-fifty on you, looking like drug dealers.

To help you choose the perfect gift For this occasion, we have written a list of Christmas gift ideas for grandparents with lots of interesting ideas. 

When looking for a gift for an elderly person or gift ideas for mum, dads and grandparents often fall into the banal and risk being repetitive. Don't give your grandparents great classics like a pair of slippers or pyjamas, but take a cue from this article.

We have selected original, heart-warming gift ideas for grandparents. The important thing is to choose from the heart and let them know how important they are to us. 

Christmas gift ideas for grandparents

On web there are so many Christmas gift ideas for grandparents but we have tried to select the most original ones. We start right away with gifts that are good for both grandfather and grandmother. You can also make just one, a gift for the couple. They will appreciate it anyway.

Don't forget to match your Christmas gift even a nice handmade card, a drawing, a letter or promissory notes. Your gift will thus acquire immense value for grandparents who love such surprises. Let's start right away with the best Christmas gift ideas for grandparents

Personalised Christmas ball

Christmas ball

 The first gift idea is for the grandparents of very young grandchildren. It is the Customisable Christmas ball with the imprint of their nephew or niece, especially if they are little punks, so they are registered from an early age. It is a gift adorable and very cuddly. The set includes the ball of Christmaspaint and brushes to customise it as you like. A gift for grandparents really special that will surely be appreciated because it was made by one's grandchildren. You can decorate it with a cast of the children's hand or write a greeting message for Christmas. The ball is available in different colours choose the one you like best and decorate it before giving it to your grandparents. 

Couple cups

Couple cups

Le Christmas mugs for grandparents by Gifffted are gorgeous and will make the recipient feel really special! They are decorated on both sides with inscriptions dedicated to the grandparents. For those whose level of English is 'the pen is on the table', a cup is dedicated to the grandmother and is engraved on it Best Grandma Ever i.e. the 'best grandmother ever'. The other mug with different colours is dedicated to the grandfather and is engraved above Best Grandpa Ever i.e. the 'best granddad ever'. The mugs are dishwasher- and microwave-safe and this will surely appeal to all grandmothers. These mugs are a Christmas gift that will make your grandparents

Electric neck and back massager

masseur gift ideas christmas grandparents

I grandparents must be pampered. They often complain of muscle pain and need a good massage (more or less the same applies to those over 30). That's why we offer you Christmas gift idea a Electric neck and back massager. This model of massager has 8 massage rollers and is used to relax shoulder and back muscles at home without the slightest effort. It can also be used on legs, calves and arms, making it one of the best sellers on the web. Each massage pad has three levels of intensity, the lowest one is always recommended for the elderly, otherwise you'll smash your grandpa. It also has a heat function that helps relax muscles naturally and eliminate stress. This gift is a real pampering that all grandparents will love. 

Baby Frame

Baby Frame

We arrive at one of the Christmas gift ideas for grandparents sweeter: the frame for grandchildren's impressions with clay. This gift is especially for newborns. This kit, complete with frame, allows you to make a perfect cast of the baby's or little girl's feet and hands. The impression is then framed and can be kept and displayed as a simple photo. It is also perfect to show off in front of other elderly people following the work on the site. A gift for grandparents that will get them excited. If a new member has recently arrived in the family and you are not sure what to give them, follow our guides on what you give when a baby girl is born e what you give when a boy is born

Bonsai kit

Bonsai kit

This gift idea è grandparents with a green thumb. Lo starter kit for growing a real Bonsai in the house is an ecological gift idea and sustainable bonsai that will also appeal to environmentally aware grandparents or those who simply like to take care of plants. The starter kit contains bonsai seeds, suitable pots for growing, bonsai scissors and all the instructions for starting your own home bonsai. A Christmas gift for the grandparents really original, hurry up and buy a kit for them. The kit for making your own marijuana plant, however, is not yet available.

Granny Christmas Gifts 2022

Every year at Christmas she is the queen of the kitchen: the grandmother. What would be the Christmas without the (very hearty) traditional dishes of grandma. This is precisely why it is right to give her special attention and a nice gift.

We have selected the Christmas presents for grandmother most beautiful in the web. You will find many gift ideas that will make her happy, but remember: a kiss or a sincere hug will always be the best gift that every grandmother can receive. In fact, the real gift is that you get to eat the entire lunch of Christmasotherwise you might hurt his feelings irreversibly.

Oven glove

 Oven glove

La grandmother is the queen of cuisine not only in Christmas which is why we thought as a first gift idea of a Grandma Chef's Oven Glove. È a nice gift idea that will make you realise how much we all appreciate Grandma's special, essentially fried food. The glove is made of cotton and polyester with a heat-insulating layer, so it is absolutely safe to use in the kitchen even at high temperatures. The graphics are reminiscent of MasterChef, the famous TV programme, but a grandmother in the kitchen is worth more than any chef! Grandma's cooking always brings us home and makes us happy. Our triglycerides are happy too. You make her happy with a gift of Christmas that will make you smile. 

Shopping bag


The second Christmas gift ideas for nonna is super eco-friendly. It is the Canvas shopping bag for grandmothers. The embroidery above bears the inscription 'What a world would be without my grandmother'. A sweet dedication that every grandchild can give to their grandmother. So you remember to buy Nutella. Fabric shopping bags are a real trend and will make your grandmother the coolest lady in the supermarket! They are environmentally friendly and reduce the consumption of unnecessary and polluting plastic bags. A ecological gift e super cheap that every grandmother will love. 

Bracelet Grandma

 Grandmother bracelet

You are looking for a elegant Christmas gift and refined for your grandmother? We thought about the Grandma bracelet by MAMIJUX. A stainless steel bracelet that lasts. A simple but meaningful bracelet, the pendant encloses a flower with the inscription grandmother. It arrives in its own personalised box that makes it a truly delightful gift idea. It is perfect if you want to make a Christmas gift really special to your grandmotherbut also to the billionaire lady whose inheritance you hope to take.

Natural Candles


The last gift idea for grandma we also offer you is this eco-friendly 100%. We are talking about the Set of Scented Candles with Soy Wax. This colourful set contains 4 candles of different fragrances. One candle can burn for up to 30 hours, providing a warm and fragrant atmosphere for a long time. Also perfect to put under your Padre Pio picture. They are made from a mixture of natural soy wax and natural essential oils that do not produce smoke and do not emit unpleasant odours. The fragrances have an aromatherapeutic action that allows you to relax and eliminate stress. They are a great gift idea for a grandmother who spends his days at home, are a real cuddle.

Grandpa Christmas gift ideas

Let us not forget the grandfather! It is only fair that there should also be a Christmas gift under the tree. The grandfather is a fundamental figure for each of us.

There is the gruff but kind-hearted grandfather, the sweet grandfather and the all-round grandfather who always has something new to teach us. There is also the one who curses if you try to throw the ace of trumps in first gear, but that is another story. We have selected some Christmas gift ideas for all types of grandfather. Choose the one that suits you best.

We have already said it, but repeating it costs us nothing, remember that the Christmas gift most beautiful thing you can do is to show him your affection. I grandparents they expect nothing, just your affection, but also that you introduce them to your girlfriend. Let's find out together what the 3 best Christmas gift ideas for a grandfather.

Grandpa mug

Grandpa mug

We start with a fun gift idea for Christmas: the Super Grandpa mug. A mug that says in a nice way how important grandparents are to us. The mug is made of fine ceramic and is printed with the words 'I love my super Grandpa'. A declaration of affection that the grandparents they are not used to hearing but will warm their hearts. We are sure that since receiving it for Christmas it will become his favourite mug and he won't want to use any others while he sips his coffee in front of the construction site. Grandparents are real superheroes, even if they don't know it or no one ever tells them! 

Kitchen apron


What if the queen of the kitchen was ousted by a king in the kitchen? Your grandfather is the best in the family at cooking? Nobody grills wild boar like him? We have found the Christmas gift idea right for him: the Grandpa Chef Apron. This apron bears the inscription '1 classified' to remove any doubt as to who is the best in the kitchen. A nice gift idea for grandpa that will make everyone smile and maybe even start a nice cooking challenge between grandma and grandpa. We grandchildren eat everything anyway. This is a gift to celebrate a grandfather with great talents, not only culinary. 

Foot massager

foot massager

Why not take care of your grandfather with a Christmas gift dedicated to its well-being. The HoMedics Foot Spa masseur is the perfect gift for an older person who still likes to take care of themselves and the health of their feet. The foot massager allows for a professional foot bath that is as effortless as a Maundy Thursday, and has four hydromassage sections. It will be like having a small spa at home that grandparents can use to relax. A well-deserved pampering for any grandparent. 

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