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10 €20 gift ideas for girls: cheap gifts for women

gifts for girls

You only have 20 euros and a gift to give your girlfriend? Here is a selection of the best 20 euro gift ideas for women.

You know there are so many 20 euro gift ideas for women and girls? Besides, who said that to give a woman a gift you have to wait for birthdays, holidays or anniversaries? Like the ones that say "women are celebrated all year round, not just on 8 March gne gne". In this article you will discover how to give a girl a present to surprise her for her birthday or any other occasion.

There is a beautiful sentence that goes "practise absolutely meaningless acts of beauty", that's what we at Cianfrusaglie want to invite you to do here and now: a beautiful, kind and unexpected action like a gift. Cianfrusaglie also dispenses pearls of wisdom.

So, if you have chosen to have a budget that is not too high and are trying to make your way through the countless web pages advising you what to buy, take a moment, sit back and enjoy our 20 euro gift ideas for women and girls. We specialise in finding low-cost gift ideasdon't forget that.

In this article you will find ideas perfect for you: from incense burners for creating dreamy atmospheres to accessories and home furnishings. What are you waiting for to follow our advice?

Here are the ten 20 euro gift ideas for women and girls you were looking for!

20 euro girl gift: which one to choose?

Who said that spending little money can't make a good gift? That's not true, these prove it 10 boy gift ideasall for less than 20 euros. You can always opt for an experience together, a dinner or a guided tour but it is always nice to have a package to unwrap, especially if it is his birthday.

When choosing what to give a girl as a present, it is important to set a budget but also to look for an idea that suits the taste of the person receiving the gift. This is why we have selected 10 different gift ideas for girls with different passions and interests.

See 10 20 euro girl gifts perfect for any occasion!

1. Incense burner

incense gift ideas 20 euro woman

Creating relaxing and exotic atmospheres is not for everyone, but if the woman you have in mind loves fragrances, natural smells and relaxation outside the canonical box, what we recommend is a Incense burner. Aromatherapy has undeniable beneficial effects and with this product you will be able to give her not only the burner, but also 120 reflux incense sticks and 30 simple incense sticks, each lasting about 15 minutes with no less than 7 different fragrances. Purifying the air has never been so good, you will only need a little more than 20 euros! 

2. Bluetooth speaker for shower

shower case girl gift ideas 20 euro woman

Among the 20 euro women's gift ideas, this is the one that brings everyone together. Everyone sings in the shower: when we close those doors behind us, we enter big stages and off we go with rock concerts, pop... even opera! Some turn out to be great singers, others deserve the harsh comments of Mara Maionchi. So, if you are dealing with an untalented aspiring singer, best to let the Bluetooth Speaker for Shower so go with music at full volume and zero vocal cues! Waterproof, powerful and cheap: a perfect gift idea for her!

3. Girl Bracelet Kits

bracelet kits

Remember those summer afternoons as little girls spent making dubious bracelets with her? If the answer is yes and strangely enough her passion for handmade has never faded, what she does for you is a Girl Bracelet Kits! The product contains 20 metal beads, 15 pendants, 8 rhinestone crystals, 3 adjustable silver-plated chain bracelets of about 25 cm, all enclosed in a beautiful multi-coloured bamboo box. There is always time for a dip into the past, what do you say? 

4. Sports Bra

sports bra gift ideas 20 euro woman

Sport is a very serious thing and if you continue to think of yourself as a non-practising believerit is not our business! Rather, welcome the goodwill of those around you and encourage it, how? With a practical and always useful Calvin Klein Sports Bra. We offer you a model without padding and lightweight, which is better for training: it is made of 95% cotton and 5 % elastane with a branded elastic band underneath. You can't go wrong with this one, trust us! 

P.s.: don't forget to check out our article on the gift ideas for sports enthusiasts, if you are interested! 

5. Overhead projector

blackboard gift ideas 20 euro woman

One of the most beautiful accessories for a new flat or bedroom is the Luminous Whiteboardwhich is why we recommend you give it as a gift. Personalising your home environment is always important and absolutely fun: with this product you will receive the overhead projector, 105 black letters, 105 coloured letters and 90 emoji in 16 colours to change thanks to the lamp! It is easy to use, inexpensive and original. Then, admit it, you can't wait to write something on it yourself. 

6. Stationery Kit


If you are a real pen, pencil and paint addict, the right gift idea for you is a Stabil Stationery Kito. For very little money you will get a 13-pack: 6 swing cool pastel, 3 point 88, 3 pointMax and 1 stencil ruler. Drawing, writing, colouring, taking notes and annotations for her will never be so organised, perfect; for you, super cheap: what are you waiting for? 

7. Heart-shaped mug 

heart mug gift ideas 20 euro woman

What did we entice you to do at the beginning of this article? "Practising absolutely meaningless acts of beauty"remember? There, the perfect representation of a spontaneous and gentle demonstration of love is a beautiful Heart-shaped mug. You can use it in the morning for a good coffee, in the afternoon for a great tea. With its 300 ml capacity and beautiful white ceramic, it is a truly perfect gift idea for a woman! 

8. Wooden Vase 

vase gift ideas 20 euro woman

We promised you a decoration gift idea and here it is: a Vintage wood pot for hydroponic plants. Just think, the structure is made of solid, solid and stable wood. Inside you will find elegant bottle-shaped borosilicate glass pots in which you can plant your favourite seeds. A perfect gift for lovers of greenery in the home, with a touch of elegance and sophistication. If you are interested in discovering more igift ideas for garden loversdon't miss out this article

9. Essence diffuser 


If we failed to convince you with incense, we are sure we will succeed with the Essence Diffuser! This product produces a fine mist that can be enriched with aromas through the addition of essential oils. The diffuser will make the air fresh and moisturised even in a 60 m2 room. LEDs in seven different colours will help create a relaxing atmosphere and you will look great. We are almost at the end of this guide to 20 euro women's gift ideas.

10. Aromatherapy candles 

candles gift ideas 20 euro woman

To end this journey through fragrances and exotic atmospheres, we finally offer you the Aromatherapy candles. Made of natural soy wax, this candle is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, healthy, sustainable and clean. The cotton wick does not produce smoke, instead it has the known power to soothe and relieve anxiety for more than 55 hours, which is the total duration time. If we couldn't even convince you with this one, we give up. What have you decided to do? 

What to give a girl?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for women. We are sure you will find something interesting and fun that will suit you.

Girl gift ideas: for all price ranges

We at strive every day to find on Amazon the best inexpensive gift ideas to really make your life easier! You no longer have to hustle around shops or spend hours on Amazon and other e-shops to find the perfect gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find cheap but impressive gifts?

On the web you can find many inexpensive gifts but impressive and special gift ideas even for a few euros on Amazon. If you are on a tight budget and afraid of not finding a cheap gift that is also impressive and able to impress the recipient, you need not worry.

Whatever your budget, you will find the perfect gift (on Amazon you will also find gift ideas from 2 euros!). For any occasion there is always the low-cost alternative, it depends a little on what you are looking for. In our guides you can find: cheap gifts for the home, women's gifts 10 euro, men's gifts up to 5 euro and much more.

You can also find lots of inexpensive but impressive gifts on the Amazon Shop of Junk where every week we report on the best low-cost gift ideas for every occasion.

What to give and spend cheaply?

There are many low-cost gift ideas for those who want to spend little. For example a box of chocolates, a anti-stress book, or others cheap junk. Or take a look at our lists of gift ideas for spending less than 20 euro, 10 euro, 5 euro and (for the cheap) less than 2 euro.

What is an original gift for a woman?

A unique experience, such as a museum ticket, a culinary experience o a trek on etna. Or, a unique design object, such as a artistic lamp or one mermaid tail. Finally, you can take a look at our list with more than 50 gift ideas for her.

What to give a woman who already has everything?

An experience, such as a cooking course or a relaxing massageor a personalised gift that shows you have taken the time and effort to look for it. It is said that the thought is enough. Other examples of women's gift ideas could be a photo album or a handmade painting. Or take a look at our list with more than 50 women's gift ideas. We are sure you will find the right gift, if not, it is also fine a whole lot of nothing.

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