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Gift ideas under 5 euros: cheap gifts for her, him and children

gift ideas 5 euro

We have selected the best gift ideas under EUR 5 for women, men and children. Save money while making your loved ones happy!

Making a gift to the people we love is always nice but sometimes, especially after Black Friday, the wallet begs for mercy. Don't give up on making your loved ones happy, we have selected some fantastic 5 euro gift ideas suitable for everyone, to make a good impression even as a poor person.

We propose the list complete e updated of the most beautiful low-cost gift ideas and we promise that you won't spend more than EUR 5 on the perfect gift. We have chosen perfect gifts for every category, for her, for him and even for the little ones.

Let's discover together the best gift ideas under 5 euro you can find today. The thought counts more than the expense, always remember itbut if you give them a Rolex, I don't think they will be offended.

Gifts for her for 5 euro

If you have to make a gift to a friend, a sister, a girlfriend, a secret loverbut you don't have a high budget, we have selected some gift ideas that will not make you spend more than 5 euros. Always remember that the most important thing is the thought, try to choose the one from our proposals that seems the most suitable for the person you are giving the gift to, the fact that you thought of her will make her happy (probably). Don't be trivial, even with a few euros you can make a original gift. If our gift ideas are not enough for you, find more ideas in our article on the best cheap gifts for womenThere, too, you might find interesting insights.

Elegant scrunchies 


Everyone is crazy about the scrunchiesbut few can pronounce it, so why not give one as a gift? But what are scrunchies? They are soft, super-coloured hair elastics that all girls want to have. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are very convenient because they allow you to do many hairstyles without tearing or damaging your hair, without sticking a pencil in it. The one we have chosen and recommend as a gift idea is a elegant scrunchies because enriched by the detail of a pearl, suitable not only for a girl but also for a woman refined. 

Bag organiser

bag organiser gift ideas 5 euro

Do you have a messy friend? To help her find her things quickly you can give her this fantastic bag organiser. Made of a strong and durable material, it allows you to better organise any handbag or backpack. There are several pockets where you can put your mobile phone, handkerchiefs, wallet, case, books, car, travel, newspaper... that every woman carries in her handbag. A gift idea under five euro useful and original!

Bandana set

bandanas gifts 5 euro girl

When summer is approaching, why not give this beautiful Set of 3 Bandanas. even in 2021 they are a real trend. But compared to other fashionable must-haves, bandannas are inexpensive. For only 5 euros you can give 3 super trendy bandannas as a present. They have a classic Paisley pattern and a double-sided print. Ideal for use as a scarf, headband, scarf collar, tie, scarf, hat, handkerchief but also for sport (if you have lots of sporty friends, read HERE the gift guide for sports enthusiasts).

Cocoa butter Coca Cola

coca cola lip balm gift ideas 5 euro

A very nice gift to give a friend or sister is definitely a chapstick. Lip balm allows you to moisturise lips split by alcohol and weekend cigarettes, and take care of yourself in a few simple gestures. What we offer you today as gift idea is the Coca Cola and Vanilla Lip Balm and with its very sweet taste will immediately win over the recipient (but warn him that it is not for eating). In addition, it has moisturising emollient properties that will give immediate softness to the lips. 

Equilibra Sweet Almond Oil

oil gift ideas 5 euro

Let's move on to a cheap beauty gift idea that is always popular with skincare enthusiasts: sweet almond oil. This little oil has a lot of properties, the main one being moisturising the skin. It can be used in so many ways, our favourite is to use it as a massage oil after a shower. You will give a true moment of cuddle. Also take a look at the Most desired beauty gifts of 2021.

Cactus Boxes

cactus boxes gift ideas 5 euro

This gift idea under 5 euro is suitable for all young girls going to school or university. Printed pencil cases cute are a real trend for this back to school 2020 (Azzolina permitting) and precisely for this reason why not include them in our list of inexpensive gifts. The cactus print cases are our favourites and we are sure they will be very popular, especially because of their soft colours. Moreover, they are of excellent quality and easily washable. If you don't know how to wash them, ask your mother. 

Vase Bulb

gift idea vase 5 euro

This gift idea is perfect for those who love plants and decoration. The bulb-shaped vase is a very pretty and inexpensive home decoration that will enrich the room with class and simplicity. If you have to make a gift to a grown woman, a neighbour whose light you scrounge, or someone you don't know well, this vase could be a good solution because it can please just about everyone. Moreover, it can also be a perfect gift idea for a friend who has recently moved, occupied or bought a house. It has a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 14 cm.

Cat cushion

cat cushion gift ideas 5 euro

The cat-shaped cushion is the perfect gift for those who love animals or simply for those who like to stay on the couch (like me, although I prefer beers to cats). Do you have a friend who loves to watch movies and TV series snuggled up on pillows? Well, you have found the perfect gift. This cushion is extremely soft and can add a touch of personality to any sofa. It comes in several colour variations, but remember not to give the black one to your superstitious friend! 

Stress-free colouring book

colouring book gift ideas 5 euros

The last gift idea under 5 euros for her we propose is a anti-stress colouring book. Adult colouring books help relieve stress, increase concentration and improve mood without telling anyone off. We are sure that you too have that friend who is always stressed and never manages to carve out time for herself: give her this colouring book as a present. any stressed person at any age can benefit from it. With a few euros you can make someone close to you happy. Help her clear her mind. 

Gifts for him under EUR 5

Do gifts to a man or to a boy is always a challenge! Sometimes you just don't know what to give or you think you are giving the same things over and over again. An additional difficulty arises when you don't have a high budget (like always). It was quite a challenge to find gift ideas for him under 5 eurosbut we did it and we hope you like them. You will find 6 gift ideas for men or boys for five euros trying to satisfy all tastes. If you are looking for more gift ideas for a boywe have created a list of perfect gifts for him for every occasion. 

Men's wallet

wallet gift ideas 5 euro

The first cheap idea for him is a great classic, a wallet. However, it is not so easy to find a nice men's wallet and modern design for less than 5 euros, which is why we have included this model in our list of gifts. It has a banknote clip inside and, being very compact, can be placed in a pocket without being bothersome. It is a suitable gift idea for a boy, a man adult but also a elderlyLet's say it is suitable for any occasion and any age. It will be a much appreciated gift, we assure you. Unfortunately, the money inside is not included.

Perfumed aftershave

aftershave gift ideas 5 euro

Also the second gift idea for 5 euros is a great classic among men's gifts: a scented aftershave. Many men still enjoy shaving at home and taking care of it, which is why aftershave is always a welcome gift. This one we have selected is one of the most famous but enriched with oat and green tea extracts, ingredients that give moisture to the skin without attacking it. In fact, this version of the famous Proraso aftershave is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Travel Monopolies

monopoli gift ideas 5 euro

This is one of the 5 euro gift ideas which can be enjoyed by fans of board games or simply those who enjoy having fun in company. We are talking about the Travel Monopolies. The classic game can now also be played while travelling in a new version, cards. Carrying around a pack of cards is certainly easier than carrying the whole game. This fun and inexpensive gift will make whoever receives it happy.

Multiple smartphone cable

cable gift ideas 5 euro

For a friend or for the boyfriend who loves technology this nice tool could be a really appreciated gift. we are talking about the Multicavo usb which allows several different devices to be charged at the same time, also because they know when the worst time to discharge is. It is a 3-in-1 cable with iP cable, microUSB cable and USB C cable. Convenient to use in the car or at work, it allows you to take many cables with you. Perfect gift also for those who are passionate about technology and own many devices such as smartphones or cameras. We chose it in red but it exists in many colours. 

Swimming pool or beach flip-flops

flip-flops gift ideas 5 euro

This gift we chose it because it is truly universal, everyone can need a new pair of flip-flops for the pool or the sea. The model we have selected is very classic but elegant and glamorous. Also nice to throw at your children to educate them. There are different colour variants, our favourites being blue or black. it is a simple and inexpensive gift, but can be very useful. With simple things you never go wrong, and you spend little!

Beard template

beard template gift ideas 5 euro

We have already seen what to give to a man who loves to shave, but we could not fail to suggest this gem: the beard template. made of durable and reliable material, this beard template is designed to last and that is what makes it a perfect gift. In addition to being a cutting rule, it also functions as a comb. The beard comb is designed for curved cuts, straight cuts, step cuts, cheek line, neckline, jawline, moustache, forehead, goatee and sideburns. Also good for shaping private parts (no, I'm joking). The side is curved for easy styling and quick beard trimming, also ideal for professional symmetrical lines. Also available in black, choose the one you prefer.

Airpods hamburger case

airpods case gift ideas 5 euro

This gift idea is the nicest one we have proposed so far: the hamburger-shaped airpods case. This shape is truly unique and adorable, making the airpods a real accessory to show off, but not to eat. It has a dual function, in fact, it can also be used as a keyring embellished with a cute banana-shaped pendant. Be careful though, before giving an airpod holder make sure the recipient has them and what model they have so you can choose the right size.

Children's gift ideas at 5 euro 

Who said that to make a nice gift to a baby or to a baby do you have to spend a lot? Gift-giving to children has never been easier thanks to our tips. We have selected the 5 perfect toys and board games to make a cheerful gift for both boys and girls. All of our suggestions are no more than €5 but the fun is guaranteed!

We promise that even the most wayward children will love these gifts and you will be satisfied that you have made them happy. We have chosen toys for children who are old enough, from 3 to 10 years old, but they are also nice for 30 year olds like me. Need to give a gift to a newborn or younger child? Don't worry, you can follow our guides on what to give when a baby is born e what to give when a baby girl is born.

Indian Playmobil

playmobil gift ideas 5 euro

Playmobil are a perfect gift for children from 4 years up. There are so many characters, sets and combinations but we have chosen the playmobil Indian chief's special set. The set contains six pieces and in addition to the character includes extra accessories such as the Indian chief's friendly bird (don't be mischievous). Each child will first have fun building the character and then inventing new stories and adventures while playing together. A low-cost toy but which will make every child happy. We would like to point out that even costing so little, the quality of the materials is really high and meets every safety standard.

Superhero glass

glass gift ideas 5 euro

With this Superhero glass your children will feel really special (and will make all their classmates envious!). A simple, inexpensive but very useful gift for children: they can take it everywhere. You can fill it with your child's favourite drink. Also suitable for parties, as a little gift for a boy.

Educational Game

educational game gift ideas 5 euro

The second gift idea for children that we propose is a educational and entertaining game. The game is called 'Mums and Puppies' and consists of many cute pairs of mums and puppies to match, to guide the little ones to discover the world of animals. The game includes 24 coloured tiles. The child can learn the animals and their names while having fun. This game is suitable for ages two and up.

If you like playing with your child but want them to learn something at the same time, discover the List of inexpensive educational games for all ages to give as a gift!

Disney Cocoa Butter

Disney cocoa butter gift ideas 5 euros

How cute is this princess lip balm? Too much! It is the perfect gift idea for a little girl cheerful and a little dreamy. this lip balm is blueberry-flavoured, it will drive any little girl crazy. But explain to her that it is not edible. We chose Cinderella because she is our favourite princess but there are many characters in the collection such as The Little Mermaid, Minnie or Snow White.

Magnetic erasable board 

blackboard gift ideas 5 euro

Your children do nothing but draw and you spend a lot of money on sketchbooks? The solution is this inexpensive Magnetic Board. Just a few washable markers and you're done. In addition, the magnetic surface can be used to suspend lightweight objects for presentations with powerful magnets.

Colouring book

colouring book gift ideas 5 euro

L'farm colouring book is a great classic that is always loved by all children. Besides colouring and having fun, they can learn the names of animals and farm objects. Perfect for future farm workers. The colouring books are a gift idea you can't go wrong with, the child who receives it will be delighted and start playing with it right away.

Mime cards

mime cards gift ideas 5 euro

The last gift idea we propose is also the most entertaining. These are the playing cards for mime, one of the most fun games to play with the whole family. The game contains 50 cards with cute characters portrayed in funny grimaces and poses that each child can reproduce by becoming friends. No, there is no CianfruSilvio card. Le Clementoni mime cards will drive the little ones crazy.

Coloured Markers

gift markers 5 euros

What is the price of children's happiness? Less than 5 eurothanks to these beautiful Coloured markers. Children can draw endlessly. They do not stain and are not toxic at all. They are really safe to play with. I markers are a inexpensive gift for children really brilliant, lots of fun but minimum expense!

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