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Kindle paperwhite 2021: what's new and how to order it?

kindle paperwhite amazon 2021

Want to buy a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon edition 2021? First read this guide and find out everything you need to know about the new e-reader models.

For digital reading enthusiasts Amazon has in store not one, but two new generations of e-readers. The eleventh-generation 8GB Kindle Paperwhite and, for the most voracious readers, the 32GB Kindle Signature Edition.

Kindle paperwhite 2021: what's new! 

We discover together the first juicy new features. When you get it in your hands you will immediately realise an important difference: the size. It goes from one screen of 6" to one of 6,8" equipped with ideal anti-reflection for optimal rendition in any shade of light. You can also adjust the white-on-black mode so as not to strain your eyes. Amazon knows that reading is a pleasure and not an effort!

If this doesn't seem enough for you, think that the screen is surrounded by a frame of just 10.2 millimetres and that the hard battery... Come on, take a guess, I'll give you a few moments.

All right I'll tell you: the battery lasts 10 weeks.

Think of the longest trip you want to take during which you will never have to recharge your Kindle.

The news doesn't end here (did you have any doubts?).

The interface has been refreshed with a new navigation menu to easily access the library on the home screen or return to the book being read. A USB Type C port has been introduced that recharges the e-reader in 2½ hourswhile the IPX8 certification remains unchanged: water splash resistance and immersion to a depth of 2 metres also for the new Kindle Paperwhite.

All Kindle models: how much do they cost? 

But let us not forget the great classics Kindle. The ebook reader is the trusted ally that accompanies the reader whether studying or relaxing.


As with everything, the e-reader should be chosen according to your needs. Whether you are a novice digital reader or a voracious page-flipper, the solution is just a wave of the hand away.

Listed here are all Kindle models available on Amazon.

  • Kindle Baseperfect if you are going to try digital reading for the first time without much ambition, available at a price of EUR 79.99, it has an internal memory of 4 GB; 
  • Kindle PaperwhiteThis advanced model offers a higher screen resolution than the Kindle Base and a double choice of memory (8 GB or 32 GB), all for EUR 109.00;
  • Kindle OasisBuying it will be like reaching the pinnacle of e-readers on the market, providing you with an incredible reading experience with the possibility of adjusting not only the intensity of the light, but also the tone at a price of 249.00. a

Kindle 2021: new models features and price

The costs are low considering the functionality of Kindle devices: there are many advantages and buying the more advanced versions does not involve spending a lot of money.

New Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB)

new Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB)

This model has a 6.8" screen, memory of 8 giga and thinner edges than the previous generation. The 300 ppi anti-glare screen and the adjustable light shade from white to amber will not strain your eyes. You will feel like you are reading printed paper even in direct sunlight. You can take it with you on your holidays by the sea or get engrossed in a thrilling murder mystery in your bathtub without the risk of it falling into the water and breaking: the IPX8 certification with which it is equipped makes it resistant to accidental immersion. Once the battery has been discharged (after a good 10 weeks), you can charge it with the practical and convenient USB-C.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB)

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB)

In addition to all the features of the version described above, Amazon has also thought of the most demanding readers. Those who eat a book a day, for whom 8 gigs is not much.

This version has well 32 gigs of memory to save thousands of books, magazines and audio books without giving up anything. Every reader jealously guards his or her books, and with this version you can also do so digitally. This model also adds the wireless charger (compatible with Qi technology).

Free Kindle subscription: how to do it? 

Want more books, and especially free? Once you have purchased your Kindle ebook reader, sign up now for Kindle Unlimited to get 3 months of free subscription. Simply register with your account on your new device and you will receive an e-mail with all the details to enjoy the 3-month free subscription.

What does it mean? Basically it means having limited access to millions of e-books to read wherever and whenever you want. Paradise for every reader!

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