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Revolut review: how the platform works and how to open an account

Do you know Revolut? It is a new investment platform. Discover how to open an account in minutes from your mobile phone, a real revolution.

Today we are talking about Revolut, the revolution of financial platforms, bank accounts and credit cards, even if you are fond of your Postepay with that four pennies in it. Today it has more than 12 million customers worldwide. This platform has really revolutionised the world of online payments because you can make big money because you can buy Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and gold and manage your money through a live analysis of your spending. So you can find out why you find yourself broke every Sunday morning. 

In this review, we will take a closer look at how it works, how to open a Revolut account and what the advantages of their credit card are. Let's discover this fantastic service together. 

Revolut: what is it and how does it work? 

Revolut was founded in 2015 in the UK but only in 2018 did it begin its success when it went public. In a few simple words we can say that it is a digital bank that allows financial investments to be made directly from your smartphone. Precisely because of this tech aspect, there are many young people using this platform today, including CianfruSilvio, even though he is not exactly 'young'. 

To begin with DOWNLOAD THE REVOLUT APP on your smartphone in a few simple steps. There is both the Free version and that some subscriptions customisable. Let's see them together. 

Revolut subscriptions: how does it work and costs?

There are several subscriptionseach subscription corresponds to a different current account with increasing benefits. Each subscription is paired with a different credit card. The four Revolut subscriptions are: 

revolut subscriptions
  1. STANDARD: this option is free. My favourite. In a few minutes and via app you can open a current account and a debit card will arrive at your home. You can also send money abroad. 
  1. PLUS: coast 2.99 euro per month. It puts a premium on standard services and for example you are covered up to €1000 with insurance which lasts one year from the time of any purchase (for example, if you buy the phone and lose it as usual, you can take advantage of Revolut's insurance. Or you get the refund of articles between €50 and €300 if the retailer does not accept the return. These are fantastic advantages and there are many more. 
  1. PREMIUM: coast 7.99 euro per month. In addition to the advantages of high subscriptions, it allows you to have:  medical care and emergency dentistry worldwidethe refund for delays at journey and luggage, directly to your Revolut account and travel insurance offered by Revolut Travel Ltd. In addition, you can collect up to 400 € every month in free withdrawals from international ATMs, with a small fee of 2%. But there are other advantages to be discovered!
  1. METAL: coast 13.99 euro per month. With this subscription you can start earning money every time you spend, in fact you can get up to 1% cashback in any currencyincluding cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can withdraw up to 800 € every month in free withdrawals from international ATMs, also perfect for those who ran away to Mexico after their girlfriend told them she was pregnant. But the really cool thing is that if you set aside £30,000 in a Money Box Deposit (to have them...) you get an annual interest of £120, i.e. your annual plan pays for itself. 


We have summarised the major advantages of the various subscriptions of Revolut but there is much more, offering many other services, as the picture shows.

revolutive services

Discover all the services suitable for you and enter the magical world of Revolut now. We have obtained a INVITATION FOR YOU TO JOIN REVOLUT

How to open a Revolut account

For open a Revolut account you don't have to go to a filing cabinet or fill out thousands of papers and documents. Everything can be done via the app in minutes and sorted out directly from your phone. 


I steps to open an account are simple, let's see how it is done step by step:

  • Download the Revolut app;
  • Choose a access code and connect your smartphone via verification code;
  • Enter your personal data and the email where you will receive the "Welcome";
  • Activate the profile by following these steps: "More>Profile>Personal Details".fill in the identity verification form and make a selfie of recognition (even if you are ugly, no problem);
  • Make a photos front back of documents and wait for validation.

After following all these steps to activate the account, it is necessary to make a recharge of only 10 euro and you can start using the account from the application. 

Once you have opened an account and purchased a subscription, you can send and request money free of charge to other users in seconds, transfer it in over 30 currencies, precious metals or cryptocurrencies, and withdraw up to EUR 200 per month from ATMs without fees, but these are just a few of the many services and advantages Revolut offers. 


We of We have been using this service for a long time and our review is absolutely positive!

Don't you trust it? Try Revolut and then let us know. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free prepaid card?

There are now a lot of prepaid cards. After trying out a number of free prepaid cards I can recommend Buddy Bankwhich also gives a bonus to those who sign up, Hype or Revolut. If you want to use cryptocurrencies then I would definitely recommend Coinbase. Finally, if you don't want to have all these cards with you all the time, you can have just one that combines them all, namely Curves.

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