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Star Wars Day 2022: what it is, official date and Amazon offers


Star Wars Day 2022: find out the official date and the best deals in the Amazon event section. You know what they say? "May the force be with you!", even in shopping!

"May the force be with you". If you too have not yet recovered from your daily use of the phrases of Star Wars in the most unthinkable situations we can only say to you: welcome to the club! Surely you are eagerly awaiting the Star Wars Day 2022dedicated to the true fans of the saga that marked an entire generation (or maybe even more!). Prepare like a true Jedi to celebrate the Force on the day that unites all true Star Wars fans. A world event perfect for a rewatch, one of those marathons that keep you glued to the screen as if it were the first time. But who are we kidding? We know perfectly well that you might as well recite the lines from memory. And don't be afraid, because you know, fear is the way to the dark side. But when is Star Wars Day 2022? Let's find out together. 

Star Wars Day: what it is and the official date

Have we piqued your curiosity? We think you are already dusting off your Yoda or by Darth Vaderto better prepare you for the Star Wars Day 2022. The perfect day to revisit the entire saga in the company of only trusted Jedi. The film made by George Lucas in 1977 still has an avid and loyal fanbase over the years. So don't make any plans for the 4 May, prepare beer and popcorn and don't worry if you meet Chewbacca on the street, it's all regular. Wondering why 4 May 365 days from now? Let's find out why together.

The official date of Star Wars Day: why 4 May? 

The official date of Star Wars Day on 4 May is. There if you read it as if you were Yoda you are a true Star Wars fan. But why 4 May? The date was chosen from a play on words and assonances. You surely know one of the most famous phrases of the saga: 

"May the force be with you" which by assonance becomes "May the fourth be with you". Thus playing on the double meaning of may and the assonance of 'force' and 'fourth', this date was chosen to celebrate the saga. 

Star Wars Day on Amazon: all the offers and what to buy

star wars day amazon

Amazon knows it too: Star Wars is no laughing matter! For Star Wars fans, Amazon has created a special section with lots of gadgets, to make Star Wars Day even more eagerly awaited: from the unfailing DVDs for real collectors, ready to face the umpteenth marathon, to themed puzzles, electronic gadgets and much more to satisfy the demands of the most avid fans. We understand if you now feel the urgent need for a stormtrooper pendrive. Check out all the offers from Amazon to celebrate the Star Wars day 2022 and may shopping be with you!

Let's see all the offers in detail! Here are the 10 gift ideas and gadgets to buy on Amazon for the Star Wars day 2022.

Original USB stick 

star wars day USB stick

How can you resist the call of a USB key with your favourite Star Wars character? A perfect technology gadget to add to your key ring and to carry with you at all times, to add a touch of cheer to your study or work days. It has 16 GB of memory and is compatible with the main operating systems. Maybe it's time to start collecting and move over to the dark side... of shopping! 

 Collector's puzzles

star wars collector's puzzle

Anakin Skywalker used to say 'life seems easier when you can fix something', but in our opinion life seems easier when you put the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle in its place. So if you like the combination of jigsaw puzzle and The Mandalorian we suggest this one jigsaw of 500 pieces by Ravensburger. Sounds like a great way to celebrate Star Wars Day 2022, don't you think? So arm yourself with patience and start assembling cards of the saga's most iconic characters. 

Interactive Baby Yoda 

interactive baby yoda

There are those who love Baby Yoda and those who lie. If you have seen The Mandalorian you cannot resist the call of Interactive Baby Yodachampion of tenderness. Stroking the top of his head activates the reactions of your personal Yoda: laughter, enthusiasm, babbling and expressions of tiredness. If you lay him down he falls asleep, after all, as you know, the Force requires a great deal of energy. And that's not all: your Yoda opens and closes his eyes, moves his ears and looks at you with cuddly expressions. We know, now you can't wait to activate the Force. 

Funko- Pop Star Wars-Darth Vader

Funko- Pop Star Wars-Darth Vader

Among the most popular Star Wars-themed gadgets is the Funko-Pop of one of the saga's most controversial characters: Darth Vader. A stylised miniature of about ten centimetres in vinyl for a true collector. If you too can't stop thinking "no, I'm your father", you have no plausible excuse for not having him. It also seems like a great gift idea for that slightly nerdy friend who you never know what to get as a present.

Star Wars headphones 

star wars day headphones

We at have also thought of the youngest Star Wars fans: the Star Wars over-ear headphones are perfect for studying or for leisure time. Your children will love sporting Baby Yoda on their headphones and you can sleep soundly thanks to the parental control, which allows you to set the volume limits to safeguard the health of your children. The headphones are compatible with all smartphones, tablets and PCs. But how cute is baby Yoda? 

Toy Laser Sword

Toy Laser Sword

If you want to become a real Jedi on Star Wars day, you absolutely cannot miss a lightsaber. The design and sound effects are inspired by the saga, but there's more: you can record new sounds to fight your own battle. With the toy lightsaber you can organise fun role-playing games and feel as strong as Obi Wan Kenobi. Also perfect for the little ones and for fun themed parties!

 Welcome to the dark side' carpet

star wars day carpet

It happens to everyone at least once in their life to turn to the dark side or at least to give it a thought. And if the house really is a mirror of its inhabitant, we suggest an amusing carpet printed with Darth Vader welcoming you to the dark side. The 40x70 doormat is made of coconut fibre with a non-slip vinyl backing. Who knows what your guests will think before they cross the threshold of your home? We're sure they'll all stop and take a super Instagrammable photo.

LEGO Star Wars Helmet of Darth Vader

LEGO Star Wars Helmet of Darth Vader

For Lego fans, we have reserved a super tip: the kit for building the Darth Vader's helmet collectibles. Arm yourself with patience and fill your afternoons with 834 pieces. The result is truly impressive! The helmet is part of a series of collectable Lego helmets. Also perfect for display. Have fun with one of the most popular games for young and old, which has accompanied the adolescence of entire generations. We also recommend it as a gift idea. 

LED lamp


Light up your galaxy with a colourful led lamp  with a Star Wars theme. You can choose from five different models: Death Star, Millennium Falcon, R2-D2 Robot, Warship and BB-8. But how does it work? You can use it either on battery power or with a USB port and it has a remote control to adjust colour and brightness intensity. So decide the colour and set it from the remote control and the LED lamp will light up your room in a gentle way. The light source is LED so it guarantees low energy consumption and a long life. Also perfect as a gift idea for the little ones.

Star Wars Day sticker 

star wars day sticker

To finish off - a Star Wars lover - we have reserved a real treat: theadhesive for switches of light in your home. Very easy to apply and remove, it has a lifetime of at least 7 years. The sticker features a fun caption "dark side" and "light side". Which do you prefer? Will your Jedi house turn to the dark side? At the risk of repeating ourselves, we can only end by saying: "May the Force be with you!". 

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