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Epiphany stockings on Amazon: the best ones and which to choose for children and adults? 

befana stockings hanging by the chimney

We have found the most beautiful Epiphany stockings to give to young and old for Epiphany!

The most anticipated moment after the mountain of Christmas presents under the tree is when we unwrap the Epiphany stocking to feast on sweets, candies and chocolates. The next Epiphany will fall on Friday 6 January, and to make sure you are not unprepared, we have chosen the most beautiful and original Epiphany stockings that you can buy directly from Amazon.

Epiphany stocking: why is it a gift? 

Next epiphany will fall on 6 January 2023and you too will surely have wondered at some point why you give yourself the Epiphany Stocking. La tradition of the stocking and sweets dates back to the night when the baby Jesus was born. It is said, in fact, that the Magi did not immediately find the cave and asked an old woman for directions, who refused them help. She soon regretted it, however, and set out to find the Magi and visit Jesus. She prepared a basket full of sweets and set off in search of the Magi without, however, success. The old woman then stopped at every house she came across, hoping to find the baby Jesus there, but in vain, and in every house she left sweets for the children. 

The tradition of the stocking dates back to Numa Pompilius and ancient Rome. It is said that the king of Rome, during the winter solstice, hung a stocking to receive gifts from a nymph.

Epiphany stockings on Amazon: here are the best ones

Since theepiphany all festivities take away, to sweeten this hard time at the end of the holidays we have selected the best Epiphany stockings for sale on Amazon. For the little ones, the Befana stocking is one of the much-awaited moments, but let's not forget that sweets are good for everyone, after all, you are never too old to eat chocolate!

Epiphany stocking to personalise 

amazon customisable befana stocking

If you don't want to buy the usual Epiphany stockingthis from customise is perfect for you because you can fill it with your favourite sweets or presents. The package includes 3 x 48, 3 cm stockings!

Kinder stocking 

befana kinder stocking

La Kinder Epiphany stocking is one of those great classics that never goes out of fashion. This one has 234 grams of sweetness divided between kinder bueno, kinder cereal, kinder maxi and kinder cioccolato.

Frozen 2022 Christmas stocking

befana frozen stocking

For little Christmas cartoon lovers Frozen Hasbro has created a themed Befana stocking. Inside are various toys inspired by one of everyone's favourite cartoons.

Spiderman stocking

spiderman stocking

If among the little ones there are those who love the friendly Spiderman neighbourhood, how can you blame them! For their happiness there is a Befana stocking entirely dedicated to him, signed Hasbro, and containing many themed games.

Epiphany stocking of Me against You 

Epiphany stocking of Me against You

La Epiphany stocking of Me versus You is another one of the children's favourites. This one from Giochi preziosi includes many gadgets and games that will make whoever unwraps it go crazy with joy!

Stockings to be customised with name

Stockings to be customised with name

Three la customisable Epiphany stockings we offer you this one that you can customise by adding the name of the person you are giving it to and the content you prefer!

Barbie dream stocking

Barbie dream stocking

Who has never played with Barbies raise your hand! We all have, haven't we? La Barbie dream stocking is another one of those classic but always popular stockings! This one is dedicated to puppies and contains lots of accessories, a sticker album and an activity book!

M&M's Epiphany stockings 

m&ms sock

If you want to take a Epiphany stocking and you don't want to make a mistake, this M&M's is perfect! It includes 3 Epiphany stockings containing 8 packs of 45g Peanut M&M's and 3 packs of Mixed Minis of 20 bars. Our mouths are already watering!

 Stockings with Haribo sweets 

Stocking with Haribo candy

Even the Haribo theme song says so, a goodness to be enjoyed at any age! This stocking with Haribo sweets in fact, it is perfect for both young and old.

Epiphany stocking for cats 

Epiphany stocking for cats

If you also want to think of your cat for Epiphany, there is the perfect cat stocking. It contains many delicious snacks that will make your puppy lick its whiskers.


Befana stocking Ferrero Collection 

Befana stocking Ferrero Collection

La Befana stocking Ferrero Collection is another must-have to choose with your eyes closed. Available in two different colours, it contains 5 pieces of which 2 ferrero rocher in a bag of 3 pralines, 2 ferrero raffaello in a bag of 3 pralines and 1 ferrero rondnoir in a bag of 3 pralines. A delicacy for true Ferrero connoisseurs!

Woolen Epiphany stockings 

Woolen Epiphany stockings

Le woolen Epiphany stockings Just looking at them will remind you of a lit fireplace, a good book and a blanket. The pack includes 4 stockings in two different colours, which you can hang wherever you like and customise with your favourite gifts or sweets!

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