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Silly gift ideas: gifts to die for and for those who already have everything

What to give to someone who already has everything? All that remains is to choose something from the web's silliest gift ideas and have a laugh together.

Stupid gift ideasThis is definitely our favourite topic. We are fed up with the usual pages proposing gift ideas seen and seen again, banality is not really our thing. was created to find an alternative to the gifts boring and discounted (i.e. discounted yes, but only in price). If you no longer feel like giving the same old recycled scarf from '72 follow our guides, we publish two a week on our blog.

Le funny gift ideas are our forte. We have selected the best silly gift ideas you can find on the web. They are all suitable gifts for your friends, your boyfriend, your classmates, for the lady across the street who screams every hour... in short, for anyone who wants to share a laugh with you.

Are you ready to split your sides with laughter? Sit back and let's get started having fun!

Silly and original gift ideas

Banana Bottle Cap

Banana Bottle Cap

The first gift idea is suitable for wine lovers and laughter. We are talking about the Banana Bottle Cap. A very special bottle stopper that will make everyone smile. It is perfect for making a low-cost birthday giftor even for a girls' night out to comment on the size of lovers. Once unwrapped, a real contest of silly jokes between jokesters will start and the evening will take a completely different turn. In addition to its memorable design, the bottle stopper is made of the best materials and fits into any type of bottle, keeping the wine fresh at all times. It is agift idea also good for a bachelorette party

Sudoku toilet paper

 Sudoku toilet paper

Do you know anyone fond of puzzles? Here is the perfect gift so that one does not have to give up one's favourite pastime even at such an intimate moment as bath time. La Toilet Paper Sudoku is truly one of a kind. How often do we get bored sitting in the bathroom, and already know the chemical composition of the shampoo by heart, this toilet paper is the solution besides being a really stupid gift idea

Toilet Golf

golf bath

For the next gift ideas it is not necessary to move from the bathroom at home. Another stupid gift idea but what will drive everyone crazy is the Toilet Golf Set. It is a truly original gift for colleagues, with whom you can organise golf tournaments in a truly unusual location. The golf set includes a mat simulating a lawn, a hole, two balls and a club. All in a mignon format suitable for any toilet. So you can finally become the Tiger Woods of the office bathroom. 

Chupa Chups bouquet

Chupa Chups bouquet

Let's move on to a romantic gift idea: the Chupa Chups bouquet. What girlfriend wouldn't want to receive a bunch of candy? No more flowers, more candy. Also, when your girlfriend is really upset because she's been chatting with Jessico Calcetto, you can sweeten her up with this bouquet (hopefully she won't throw it back at you!). It creates a really sweet and special moment. The bouquet contains 19 lollipops in assorted flavours and arrives already composed, ready to be delivered. If you have something to make up for (and if not, she will find it) or if you simply want to say in an original and funny way that you care about someone, do it with Chupa Chups. 

Box Sushi socks

sushi socks

Winter is coming and this stupid gift idea could not have been more apt. We are talking about the Sushi Socks Set. Sushi Socks are a gift idea for boyfriend perfect. They arrive in a box similar to what you get from restaurants but once you open it you realise that the rolls are socks. A gift suitable not only for sushi lovers, for those who like to dress in a original but also for foot fetishists.

Rude mug


This is areally stupid gift idea: the Rude mug. Once the drink is finished, a middle finger pops out! Let's say it is a more refined way of telling someone what we are thinking, especially at breakfast. But it can also be a suitable gift to play a joke on someone we adore. Either way, this rude mug will tear a smile to the recipient, or maybe some insults, hard to say. 

Trump toilet brush

trump wc

This stupid gift idea we like it very much (and we hope you do too): the Trump toilet brush. A toilet brush inspired by Donald Trump's iconic hairstyle, the bright yellow topknot. It is made of 100% recycled plastic, which makes it aeco-friendly gift idea. This gift idea is just right for everyone, especially Biden supporters. 

Silly (but honest) gift ideas for those who already have everything

Do you also have that friend who always has everything? How many times have you heard her say that the thought is enough (which isn't true) and she wouldn't want to give anything away?

Well, from today you can please her too by literally giving her the NOTHING. We have scoured the web for silly gift ideas that promise to give NOTHING away. No more racking your brains to find the perfect gift, even (half-heartedly) telling you that you don't want to give anything as a present. Give the gift of nothingwe are sure you will make everyone happy.

Book The thought is enough

Book The thought is enough

How many times have you heard yourself say "The thought was enough"when you bring a gift to a party. Here they will think twice next time. On the web you can find the THOUGHTBOOK to give as a present to those who punctually repeat this phrase on every birthday. Actually, it is a handy notebook that can be used for the office or school. Its fantastic cover will leave the birthday boy speechless and tear a smile to all.

But let's get to the real joke, at the next opportunity gives in Nothing and look at the birthday boy's face! Everyone will die laughing, except him.

On Amazon there are different types of NOTHING nice to give awaywe have dissected the most beautiful ones for you. After these proposals you cannot say that we are not really stupid gift ideas!

Box NOTHING like you said, for the person who has everything

no box

Jay the gift of NOTHING

nothing 2

Empty box and certificate of receipt of NOTHING


Are you still in the chair or have you already fallen down laughing? We had a lot of fun selecting these for you stupid gift ideasperhaps because we of we are a bit (CianfruSilvio a bit more).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to give as an original gift?

There are many original gift ideas. Surely one can give an experience, such as a day relaxation or in a spa, a'culinary experienceor (for the more adrenalin-fuelled) a flying experience o an action-packed adventure. You can also give a card as a gift, for a museum or for a tour. Or, if you want to give something material that will put a smile on the recipient's face, there could be a nice mug, a sexy bottle opener or take a look at our list with more than 50 original gift ideas.

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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