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Do-it-yourself and customisable Valentine's Day gifts: romantic ideas to make with love

valentine's day felt hearts

Lovingly create something for your man or woman, choose one of the most romantic DIY Valentine's Day gifts!

Valentine's Day is approaching and if you are thinking of a gift romantic but different than usual, you have landed on the right site! Here you will find many romantic ideas to realise do-it-yourself gifts o customisable made with love. Receiving a gift is always nice, but it is even nicer if it is designed exclusively for the person for whom it is intended. With our advice find the right Valentine's Day gift to personalise has never been so simple!

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Love should be celebrated every day, but 14 February is that extra day to take time away from our busy schedules and dedicate it to our other half. One way to tell the other 'you are special' is to give a do-it-yourself gift o customisable realised with all the love and affection we have.

A romantic idea, certainly, but also and above all unique because it is designed to make our better half happy. Ready to read our proposals of DIY Valentine's Day gifts?

Jar of memories

jar of memories

If we were to think of a romantic do-it-yourself gift to donate what would come to mind? A jar of memories to build together! With this original and customisable idea you give the happy. In fact, the package includes a cute glass jar, some white slips of paper and a pencil. Whenever something good happens to you or you have a happy thought, you can write it down and add it to the jar. After a year you can open it and read all your happy moments again!

Chalkboard mug

Chalkboard mug

You know those mugs with dedications on them? Here, forget them! With this blackboard mug we are already at a pro level of mugs with dedications! Every morning you can write your favourite sentence to dedicate to the person you love or, conversely, she/he can make "implied" requests in a funny way by writing them on the mug. The chalk is also included in the package. An original and super cute gift!

Our Adventure Book 

Our Adventure Book
Our Adventure Book

What is more DIY than a memory book with all your adventures and travels? With theour adventure book you can recreate your journeys with the most important and most entertaining stops. The package includes a album embossed cover with vintage, unbound pages so you can add more in the future. Also inside you will find postcards, stickers and ribbons to embellish your photo collage!

Surprise box

Photo surprise box

Do you want to give a box that looks like it contains a gift but is actually the gift itself? With this surprise box you can do it! It opens like a flower and you can personalise it with photos or dedications on the sides and, why not, you can even put some little presents inside. It is made of environmentally friendly and safe materials and its assembly is very easy, trust us!

Valentine's Day Sticker Stamps 

Valentine's Day adhesive stamps

If you need gadgets and decorations to embellish a Valentine's Day gift or letter, these romantic-themed adhesive stamps are suitable for the occasion! The pack includes 16 wooden stamps in red, pink, purple and blue with different symbols, and 60 sheets with lots of Valentine's Day-themed stickers. This way you can decorate anything you want, even your sweetheart!

Message in a bottle

message in a bottle

Sometimes the best cure is simple words and sincere thoughts. With these messages in a bottle you will not only find your partner a personalised Valentine's Day gift but also, and above all, lots of sweet thoughts dedicated to him and to be unwrapped whenever he feels the need. The gift includes a glass bottle inside which you will find 90 capsules with a blank piece of paper to fill in. A sweet gift, isn't it?

 DIY photo album

DIY photo album

Do you want to unleash your creativity and create a super customised gift? This DIY photo album contains the right tools to achieve this! An empty photo album that can include from 80 to 160 photosThey will arrive together with different types of stickers that you can use to decorate and embellish your most beautiful memories. An exciting and lasting gift!

Customisable pillowcases 

valentine's day pillowcases

If your partner during the night takes up almost the entire bed and you are looking for a nice way to delimit your space, these customisable pillowcases are definitely for you! Two cotton pillowcases with a white background depicting two romantic little men holding a puzzle piece. The cutest thing about them is that you can put the name on the pillowcase. Maybe this way he will finally be able to sleep in his own half of the bed without encroaching on space!


DO YOUR GIN do-it-yourself valentine gifts

The do your gin kit is the perfect DIY Valentine's Day gift for all those people who love to enjoy a good cocktail! The kit includes 12 bottles containing different types of spices suitable for making your gin, whisky or schnapps-based cocktails tasty and spicy. Inside you will find pink pepper, juniper berries, rose flowers, hibiscus tea and much more. There will also be instructions for making 4 cocktails and last but not least, the entire gift is made from 100% recyclable materials!

 DIY Candle Kits

Spark plug kit

You want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with a romantic dinner cooked by you and embellished by homemade candles? With this do-it-yourself candle kit you can make as many candles as you like with the scents your sweetheart might like! The pack includes 4 essential oils for scenting the wax, 100% pure beeswax, 8 tin candle holders, 50 wicks and much more. You will also find instructions for the correct procedure and how not to make a bad impression!

Plaster Hand Mould Kit

Plaster Hand Mould Kit

Some ways to make certain moments eternal and unique are photos or art in general, which is why this hand-moulded plaster mould kit is a gift romantic e customisable suitable for Valentine's Day. The kit includes everything you need and instructions on how to make the hand or foot mould down to the smallest detail. Also included are two different types of paint to decorate your creations when they are ready. A gift idea that will allow you to spend time together recreating the symbol of your love.

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