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Wedding gifts: what to choose and the most original ideas

best wedding gifts

Complete guide to choosing wedding gifts. Lots of original ideas for any budget.

Choose the perfect gifts for a wedding is always a dilemma. The wedding season is now year-round: stival weddings, Christmas weddings, weddings abroad. Certainly the most dreaded are those in AUGUST with 40 degrees.

Despite everything and whatever the period, it is very important to choose the perfect gift to make the bride and groom happy. 

Start reading the web's most comprehensive guide to wedding gifts!

Wedding gifts: what to give?

Have you ever received a invitation for participation for a wedding? There are several types: traditional printed ones and delivered to the home or hand-delivered with all the necessary frills, digital ones arriving via message or are on a website. In addition to having the bride and groom's names in the centre, they contain important information that constitutes the focal point of the wedding invitation itself: the part dedicated to the gifts. These derive from customs and personal preferences. But usually what the bride and groom ask for as a gift? There may be wedding listthe request for honeymoon contribution o, the most fearsome thing, a free gift.

Things to give at a wedding range widely and depend on a multitude of factors. The list of items to give at a wedding we propose is for all budgets and contains alternatives for different degrees of knowledgethat you are the witness, a dear friend, an acquaintance o a distant relativeyou will find what is right for you. Or rather what is right for the bride and groom.

Wedding gifts from 50 to 100 euros 

OK your budget is limited, but you know what? You can still give a gift worthy of the name and, trust us, make a good impression in the eyes of the bride and groom. All you have to do is read through the 5 proposals (not wedding proposals, although that's the theme) to find the right gift!

1. Air purifier

purifying wedding gifts

Mens sana in corpore sano. As the ancients used to say, the well-being of one's body comes from a healthy mind, but above all from the quality of the air we breathe. To fulfil this task, we give the newly married couple the air purifier. The powerful action of ozone kills the harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus, mould and escherichia coli and prevents its formation for 24 hours. The result? A guaranteed sterilisation for the whole house!

2. Table service

wedding plate set

A colourful and cheerful plate setThis is what it takes to set the table for the couple of friends about to get married. The brand Villa d'Este Home Tivoli consists of 18 pieces with a total weight of not even 10 kilos. The set includes 6 flat platesi 27 cm, 6 soup plates by 20 and 6 fruit plates from 19 cm: everything microwaveable and machine washable.

3. Electric pot 


Whether small or large appliances, Electrolux has always been synonymous with quality and efficiency and your friends deserve the best. Give them this versatile electric pot to cook food slowly for healthy eating and at the same time withhold vitamins and nutrients of raw materials. I 6 different cooking programmes, 6.6 litre capacity and glass lid will allow anything to be baked while controlling the progress of the cooking process.

4. Smartbox newlyweds box set

smartbox wedding gifts

The honeymoon has already been taken care of, but why not treat yourself to another romantic getaway? The newlyweds can choose between 2800 stays by one, two or three magical nights with different stay options. They will not have to consume the A Thousand and One Nights of Wonder box set immediately, but they will be able to do so by 3 years and 3 months after coupon activation. Whether to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, romance is guaranteed!

 5. Upright iron


How many clothes I have to iron! Not to mention the shirts! Whether it's the groom or the bride who complains about it, the right gift is the Rowenta iron! The reason is simple: it irons clothes, even the most delicate ones, effectively and in very little time (25 seconds and it's ready to use). In addition, the intense source of steam kills up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs. It is equipped with tank water removable 190 ml e power cable of more than 2 metres, automatic switch-off e 2 modes for steam regulation. Need anything else to convince you?

Wedding gifts over 150 euros

And if you have a slightly larger budget, here are a series of gift ideas to always amaze that couple of friends of yours who are about to face the most beautiful day: their wedding day!

1. Complete food processor

robot wedding gifts

Everything you need for chopping, mincing, blending, mixing by Braun. The minipimer Braun Multiquick 9 Gourmet minimises the effort needed to process ingredients thanks to Active Blade technology. The 1000 watt motor will achieve a perfect result at the touch of a button. Supplied with a 1.5l food processor, wire whisk, one potato masher and masher, 350 ml mini food processor and a 600 ml graduated beaker made of BPA-free plastic.

2. Robot hoover


This gift idea is for that couple who doesn't want to lift a finger to clean the house. Technology fortunately assists us with IRobot Roomba. The robot learns cleaning habits and suggests programmes to meet cleaning needs of all kinds. Multi-surface brushes capture everything from fine dust at large debris by removing it from carpets and floors. Roomba's 30 years of experience in providing thorough cleaning under and around furniture and along wall edges.

3. Coffee machine

coffee machine

There are some people who, if they don't drink their coffee in the early morning, are intractable all day long. The couple of friends who are getting married will not have this problem! The coffee machine De Longhi dedication makes it possible to prepare tasteful coffees and cappuccinos. Si heats up in just 40 seconds e goes out automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. It works with both ground coffee and coffee pods. It is equipped with a easy and intuitive panel and a one-litre tank for water.

4. Design chair

chair wedding gifts

La design chair Kartell Masters is made of coloured modified polypropylene. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and the feel to the touch is an effect soft touch. Give it to the couple of friends who want to redecorate the dining room with a hint of style and elegance. The chairs are stackable up to a maximum of 4 pieces and are also good for the veranda in the garden.

5. Electric oven


He loves to cook, she bakes cakes all day: the sad truth is that the kitchen is too small to contain an oven. Lo De Longhi bakery overcomes the problem. With its capacity of 32 litres and the you are different cooking functionsis ideal for cooking all the newlywed couple's recipes to perfection thanks to the adjustable thermostat from 80 to 220°C. It is also easy to clean because of non-stick interior. Among the included accessories two chrome grilles e an enamelled drip pan.

Cheap wedding gifts 

wedding gift ideas

Do wedding gifts really cost that much? Unfortunately yes! But if you have a really small budget or would like to add a thought to your gift, we have written an article dedicated precisely to the low-cost wedding gifts

We thought that even with a not too high budget you can make a good impression and make the bride and groom happy. 

Here is the guide dedicated to cheap wedding gifts> CLICK HERE and start saving!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to give to a person who already has everything?

You can give an experience, like a trekking on Etna or some gastronomic experience. An always welcome gift is a card, for some museum or event. You can give an amazon voucherso he buys what he wants. Or take a look at our list of Stupid gifts for those who already have everything. If he is never happy, you can give him a nice package of Nothing.

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